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Digesting science: Six ideas about prebiotics

Post-menopausal bone health, metagenomics and mimicking breast milk were among our top six ideas on prebiotics discussed at this year's Probiota in Amsterdam. 

Six ideas about prebiotics

'Like recovery after a forest fire': IBD therapy could be engineered from wound-healing gut bacteria

Gut bacteria that adapt to their environment could be exploited as a therapeutic for disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease, a team of US scientists have predicted.


Judging data choice, extraction methods can help mark a meta-analysis as good or suspect, GOED attendees told

Not all meta-analyses are created equal. Trying to figure out which ones hold water and which are riven with holes was the subject of one of the most gripping sessions as the recent GOED Exchange meeting in the Canary Islands.

A handful of walnuts a day may help reduce cardiovascular risk whilst losing weight

A walnut-rich, higher-fat diet results in favourable changes to lipid levels associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease in overweight women, a study supported by the California Walnut Commission has suggested. 

Science builds for acai’s brain health benefits

The potential cognitive health benefits of açai (Euterpe spp.) may be linked to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, according to recent studies from scientists at Tufts University AIBMR Life Sciences.

Chocolate may have benefits but flavanols make no difference to pregnancy outcomes, says researcher

Chocolate may improve placental function during pregnancy but flavanol levels seem to make no difference to pregnancy outcomes, says a Canadian researcher.


NMR test method could revolutionize verification of omega-3 oils

Transparency rests on testing to verify ingredients, but proving where oils come from has been a problem for omega-3s. A new test from OmegaVeritas promises to close the gap.

Study supports shelf stability of Sabinsa’s probiotic for functional foods

Sabinsa’s Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 is shelf stable during processing and storage of functional foods, says a new study from the company.