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Flaxseed beats probiotics for improved insulin sensitivity & altered microbiota

A study comparing fibrous flaxseed with probiotics has questioned the latter’s ability to alter gut microbiota and improve obesity-related metabolic diseases. 

The probiotic group had 'significantly impaired' insulin sensitivity compared to the flaxseed group and a significantly lower bacterial gene count compared to the placebo group, study finds

Too much vitamin A may shut down the body's ‘trained’ immunity

Too much vitamin A may shut down the body's immune memory and leave its defences open, says study.  

EU copper intakes up for review

Stakeholders have until August 6 2015 to submit comments to EFSA on draft dietary reference values (DRVs) for copper in the European Union.

EFSA health claims

Table salt replacer not proven to lower blood pressure

EFSA has rejected a German health claim submission that a table salt replacer could significantly lower blood pressure even though a clinical trial showed significant results.

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