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Team aim to produce probiotic supplement for athletes

Strains for sports: Microbiome make-up is vital for athletic success

Researchers harvesting the microbiome of athletes have identified, and plan to commercialise, specific probiotic strains that could aid sports performance and recovery.

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Multi-nutrient rice set to address worldwide ‘hidden hunger’ challenge

A multi-nutrient type of rice bred to produce beta-carotene and increased levels of iron and zinc could help tackle malnutrition caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, also known as "hidden hunger."

Liquorice may interact with all sorts of medicines

Liquorice compounds commonly found in dietary supplements can interfere with how the liver processes medicines, warns a new study in European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Astaxanthin may protect skin health from within: Human data

Dietary supplementation with astaxanthin may protect skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation, says a new study from AstaReal.

Cure for peanut allergy imminent thanks to Australian scientists

A treatment that offers a long-term cure for children with a fatal peanut allergy could soon be commercially available, thanks to scientists in Melbourne.