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Protein-based supplement may aid in elderly muscle gains, study suggests

Elderly men who consumed a whey protein based multi-ingredient supplement increased both muscle strength and lean mass, reveals a new study conducted at McMaster University in Canada.

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Report outlines new recipe to nourish and nurture UK nutrition research

New proposals aimed at revolutionising nutrition research in the United Kingdom identifies basic understanding of nutrition and its translation to healthier products is beginning to fall behind.

Study underscores positive effect of vitamin D on female fertility

Vitamin D status may play an important in female fertility and reproduction, according to new research linking levels to regulation of ovarian hormones.

Jet acquisition helps fuel Walmart's surge in online vitamin sales

Walmart, not Amazon, was the driver of a 20% increase in online vitamin sales in 2016, according to research firm TABS Analytics.

Coffee consumption a counter to sarcopenia in elderly men: Korean study

Consuming at least three cups of coffee a day could lower the risk of elderly men developing sarcopenia, according to a Korean study.

Long-fibre prebiotics show promising sweetness, say scientists

How to keep things sweet without adding calories – is it a Holy Grail or could UK scientists have found a solution thanks to long-fibre prebiotics?