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Folic acid fortification linked to lower heart defect rates

Food fortified with folic acid has been found to decrease the number of babies born with heart abnormalities, according to research.

Study reveals caffeine’s link to preventing memory problems

Researchers have uncovered a direct link between caffeine-binding receptors in the brain and age-related memory problems, suggesting that caffeine may help reverse memory deficits.

Rising tide for seaweed phlorotannins in the EU?

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is looking at a novel food application for Ecklonia cava phlorotannins from Korean firm Botamedi.

FTC seeks injunction against prolific publisher of 'predatory' journals

The FTC has taken action against the publisher of a large number of what it calls ‘predatory’ scientific journals. The complaint alleges the publisher lies about the journals’ quality and influence, and charges undisclosed fees.

Green tea EGCG backed to prevent life-threatening ‘artery explosion’

Drinking polyphenol-packed green tea could help to prevent a deadly condition in the body's main artery, according to new research in rats.

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