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EFSA's big data: Huge cross-border study on choline intakes in EU

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has used its vast consumption database to look at average EU choline intakes for the first time.

EFSA puts its impressive database to use: 67,000 individuals, 33 surveys, 18 EU countries
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Tate & Lyle seeks polydextrose bowel health claim

UK-based Tate & Lyle has applied for a health claim for polydextrose and improved bowel function.

Maternal vitamin D status doesn’t improve child’s later risk of fractures: Research

Pre-conception vitamin D supplements don’t offer offspring protection against fractures, Danish research in over 30,000 families has suggested.

New lutein and zeaxanthin forms launched

Ingredient giants DSM and Kemin have debuted forms of lutein and zeaxanthin for use in tablets and soft gels via their partnership on the eye health carotenoids.

Calcium doesn’t strengthen bones, study concludes

Taking into account studies from around the world, a group of researchers have concluded that calcium does not make for stronger bones.

Reserveage Organics founder credits Gelita with firming up science supporting beauty-from-within

Reserveage Organics is expanding rapidly into the beauty-from-within category, which founder Naomi Whittel says is finally taking off in the US.

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