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Is the EU heading for a US-style protein spiking crisis?

Europe could be heading for a US-style protein spiking crisis if the region’s powers that be continue to ignore the issue of protein quality, says dairy protein firm Volac.  

'Protein quality written in law would help sports nutrition in Europe to avoid the emerging issue of ‘protein spiking’ that has hit the US market.'

September: Which supplements were blocked at the EU borders this month?

Impotence, additives and heavy metals. This month saw some usual supplement suspects cropping up on our border block radar. 

School milk programmes reach 140m children worldwide: FAO, IDF survey

Around 140m children worldwide currently benefit from school milk programmes, according to a survey conducted by the FAO and the International Dairy Federation (IDF). 

‘Palatinose is an innovative solution meant to provide new concepts,’ says Beneo

Beneo’s isomaltulose ingredient is winning over endurance athletes with its steady carbohydrate energy supply, but what next for the ingredient, and what about reports of GI discomfort?

More than half of EU countries set to opt out of GM

Sixteen countries have requested to opt out of GM cultivation in Europe – but while the Commission says the opt-out clause is necessary for such a complex issue, campaigners are calling it ‘Kafkaesque’ and one scientist warns Europe is walking 'an ethical tightrope'.

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