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Embarrassed by intestinal gas? Don’t worry, it could be healthy

A fibre-containing beverage may help intestinal production of hydrogen, a gas with anti- inflammatory effects according to a Japanese study.   

Embarrassed by intestinal gas? Don’t worry, it could be healthy

Industry calls for EU sport food clarification to shore up safety concerns

A quartet of sports food industry associations are calling for clearer product labelling and clarification for the safe use of sport and nutrition products within the European Union.

For botanical supplements, sound science beats celebrity endorsements

Botanical supplements come and go in public consciousness, receiving a spike of attention after a celebrity endorsement, and then fading away for one reason or another.

Industry must improve bioavailability measurement, study author concludes

Food businesses, academia and the government should club together to help fund research into improving the measurement of bioavailability amid consumers demanding heightened information about the supplements they consume, according to the author of a paper looking into emerging trends in food engineering.

Adequate magnesium intakes may boost bone health: Study

Increased intakes of magnesium from the diet may slash the risk of fractures for older women, but the benefits for older men are less clear, says a new study.

How much milk protein can stimulate muscle growth after exercise in middle-aged men?

Nine grams of milk protein is the minimum amount required to exert a stimulatory effect on muscle anabolism paired with exercise, according to study.

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