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EU botanical health claims: Plant-based dialogue finally blossoming?

European Commission work to achieve botanical health claim clarity may finally be on track after a seven-year delay, with a number of public and industry consultations reaching conclusion.


Omega-3 could aid Alzheimer's prevention: Study

People with high omega-3 intakes have an increased blood flow in the brain, according to research suggesting a link between omega-3 and Alzheimer’s disease.

Curcumin may play role in maintaining bone density: Pilot study

A curcumin-based supplement could be helpful in maintaining a healthy level of one density, according to a new pilot study backed by Indena.

Unique combination of prebiotic mixture and fermented infant formula helps prevent colic: New Danone Nutricia study

A trial on a novel infant formula appears to shows for the first time that a specific combination of ingredients can have a preventive effect on colic.

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UPDATE: EFSA maintains guidance on vitamin K

This news story has been updated: A new scientific opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has maintained existing guidance on adequate intake levels for vitamin K. 

Food flops in Sweden's Museum of Failure: When NPD goes seriously wrong

From Colgate's lasagne to Heinz's purple and green ketchup, Sweden's Museum of Failure opens next month with several food and drink products on display. We ask the exhibition curator and a market analyst how big companies can get it so wrong. 

Study links SDA, ALA to cognitive support, health of region in cerebral cortex

An intriguing study has linked three long chain fatty acids, including ALA and SDA, to the health of a structure in the brain and the effect on ‘fluid intelligence’ in older subjects.

Vitamin D deficiency linked to higher risk of asthma in children: Korean study

Children with asthma were found to have insufficient levels of vitamin D, according to a recent South Korean study, which also suggested this could be a contributing risk factor to developing the condition in the first place.

Coconuts for cognitive health: Chicago-based VitaMind launches liquid multivitamin for the brain

A neurosurgeon at the University of Illinois at Chicago always wanted to create a multivitamin for brain health. This year, he launched MCT-based liquid supplement line VitaMind.

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