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Maternal vitamin D may be vital to childhood development

Preventing vitamin D deficiencies in pregnant women might be important for ensuring normal development in children, say UK researchers.

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‘Breast milk-like’ formula may help babies sleep more and cry less, suggests study

Infants given formula milk containing high levels of SN-2 palmitate, sleep more and cry less than those given standard formula, reveals a study in Clinics in Mother and Child Health.

Lutein levels linked to a more agile and ‘youthful’ brain: Study

A high intake of lutein appears to slow down cognitive decline, a US study suggests, as findings appear to support previous outcomes linking this nutrient to improved mental health.

High-beta-glucan barley aids weight loss and fat reduction: Japan RCT

Barley high in beta-glucan can reduce visceral fat, as well as body weight, BMI and waist circumference, according to a new Japanese trial.

French people eat too much salt and not enough fibre: ANSES

The French population is consuming more processed foods, too much salt, and - “most importantly” - not enough fibre compared to ten years ago, according to a survey by the country’s food safety agency ANSES.