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UK teens not meeting adequate vitamin D levels, researchers find

High levels of vitamin D inadequacy have been observed in adolescents, as a study identifies the minimum level required by this group to maintain adequate vitamin D levels during the winter months.

According to the researchers, recommendations of 10-15 µg/d of vitamin D would mean around 40% of the UK adolescent population would not achieve 25(OH)D concentrations of 50 nmol/L during the winter. ©iStock

Firm champions sports nutrition on another (genetic) level

Beverly Hills-based FitnessGenes is bringing its DNA-driven personalised nutrition concept to sportspeople at all levels – and has moved across the pond to the UK and Europe. Is the sports world ready for personalised nutrition?

Better omega-3s test will help improve public health outcomes, developer says

A streamlined test for omega-3 levels in the blood will help consumers better understand this crucial risk factor, the test’s developer says.

EFSA considers Mitsubishi’s antioxidant salt following member state concerns

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has taken the reins in the safety evaluation of Mitsubishi’s novel antioxidant salt ingredient following member state toxicity concerns. 

Senior spotlight: Tetra Pak taps into what beverage makers should know about this key generation

For the latest edition of Tetra Pak’s annual Consumer Generations Whitepaper series, the packaging giant interviewed more than 40,000 people and gathered insights from 27 different developed and developing countries, and found that the senior population (aged 60 years and older) is the fastest growing consumer group in the world. 

Cargill’s ‘Hunger Action Season’ aims to tackle child malnutrition for 15,000 Asian children

Cargill has launched a three-month campaign to help fight child malnutrition in Asia in commemoration of World Food Day. 

French flavour firm buys nutrition partner

French flavours firm Robertet has completed its acquisition of melon extract producer Bionov, bringing products marketed to combat stress and cellulite into its portfolio.