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Fish oil molecule ups brain and eye cell survival odds from stroke

A molecule made from omega-3 fish oil could help damaged brain and retina cells survive in the event of a stroke or other neurodegenerative and eye-blinding disorders, a study has shown.

The findings establish a causal relationship whereby NPD1 modulates Iduna abundance and cell survival after neural injury/stroke, resulting in neurological protection. ©iStock/Serquan

Rogue supplements: Czech authorities withdraw batch over aluminium concern

A rogue batch of dietary food supplements with excessive levels of aluminium withdrawn from Czech Republic over health concerns.

EFSA consults on riboflavin draft opinion

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has launched a public consultation on its draft scientific opinion on dietary reference values for riboflavin (vitamin B2).

Could coffee polyphenols improve sleep and energy metabolism in obese people?

Chlorogenic acids – the most abundant polyphenols in coffee – may help people fall asleep and boost fat burning during sleep, suggests a new study from Japan.

Plant protein may prove a more effective diabetic defence: Study

Consuming protein from plants rather than meat greatly reduces chances of type 2 diabetes, new research shows.

Top public nutrition adviser faces criticism after receiving money from chocolate industry

A spate of recent reports have accused a top member of Scotland’s food standards agency of bias after revealing her financial ties to a major chocolate firm - is the junk food industry meddling with objective scientific research?

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