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Special Edition: Brain-boosting ingredients

Global brain health market pushing $2bn mark as Asia and supplements shine

Sales of brain health boosting food supplements like omega-3s, the B vitamin group, vitamin C and phosphatidylserine are driving the category toward sales of €2bn globally, even as brain-boosting foods...


Glanbia: We’re gearing up to meet ‘unrelenting’ Asian dairy demand

Irish dairy giant Glanbia has pinpointed infant formula-hungry Asia as “a key market” as it continues its preparations for the abolition of the European Union (EU) milk quotas.

Special edition: Amino Acids and Protein

Plant or animal: A global protein snap shot

From gym powders and shakes to German ‘evening’ breads to ‘brogurt’ – high-protein yoghurt marketed at men – to the rise of Greek yoghurt in the US, protein bars, meat...

Sugar tax ‘best option’ to limit escalating health problems, says Credit Suisse

A sugar tax is the best way to combat excess sugar consumption which doctors agree is partly to blame for growing global obesity and diabetes rates, according to a report...

European sports nutrition sector battles contamination ‘misconceptions’ with new book

The European sports nutrition sector is stringently regulated and not awash with contaminated products, the industry has confirmed in a new booklet aimed at public and politicians alike.

Westminster briefing

Vitamin D supplementation backed by UK parliamentarians

Tackling vitamin D deficiencies was the primary topic of discussion at Westminster in London yesterday as parliamentarians and industry alike debated that and other nutrition-related topics.

Exclusive interview

Does Callebaut's EU flavanol claim add health bite or bark to dark choc's image?

Barry Callebaut's R&D department talks to ConfectioneryNews after winning a blood flow health claim for cocoa flavanols in dark chocolate and cocoa beverages.

'Sustainability is not optional' says Naturex

A comprehensive new sustainability program from French ingredients giant Naturex plans to cover every aspect of its activities, says the firm.

Guest article

7-year gap: New nutrition concepts for a new elderly generation

The ageing population remains under-served in terms of functional food and drink products, says Euromonitor's Diana Cowland, despite 'elderlies' living longer and healthier than ever before.

Mo’ better supplements: Farah coach backs vitamins and amino acids

Mo Farah, the British track athlete who just bagged world titles in the 5000m and 10,000m in Moscow, takes amino acid and vitamin and mineral supplements his coach has said...

Eye on the EU supplements market: Italy shines brightest

Italy is the only major European food supplements market to grow between 2008 and 2012 according to Euromonitor International data.

Cricket protein bar maker seeks to ‘normalize the consumption of insects’

Two young entrepreneurs have developed a high protein bar using crickets that they say have superior nutritional qualities and can go a long way in making insect consumption mainstream in...

News in brief

From Paleo to Atkins: Which diet plans are popular in different regions of the world?

With more than half of consumers in developed countries over the age of 14 now classified as overweight or obese, and obesity rates in China and India expected to double...

Emerging market healthy food 'faux pas': Too much pleasure, too soon

“The most common mistake by western fast moving consumer good (FMCG) companies who launch new food and beverage brands in emerging markets is that they jump straight in to a...

Whey concentrate prices double in two years

Chinese demand drives whey above €7/kg – but is it over priced?

Soaring whey prices are changing the face of the protein concentrate market, but hefty Asian-driven premiums won’t signal a flood to plant proteins, says an analyst.

Weight loss and sports nutrition lead Malaysia’s health market growth

Malaysia’s consumer health market has been growing significantly over the last five years buoyed by a rise in weight management and sports nutrition, according to new research.

Nestlé creates ‘turnaround plan’ for underperforming Jenny Craig

As Nestlé put a brave face on underwhelming first half results that fell far below market expectations, its Jenny Craig weight management brand was singled out as being one of...


No boys allowed: What’s so girly about yoghurt?

There’s a marketing experiment going on in the yoghurt aisle. Two yoghurt brands recently have positioned themselves as ‘yoghurt for men’. Is ordinary yoghurt really so girly?

Croatia’s food supplements sector confronts EU membership

The EU’s newest and 28th member state – Croatia – will see few immediate changes in its food supplements sector as its laws already mimicked those of the bloc but an...

High protein trend to hit Europe – whether we need it or not

Most Europeans get enough protein in their diets – but a craze for high protein foods and drinks looks set to sweep across Europe. Could more protein be beneficial?

Yoghurt brand aims to develop ‘dairy for men’ category in UK and Ireland

A yoghurt brand targeted at men is gearing up for launch in the UK and Ireland early next year. FoodNavigator asks: What makes yoghurt manly?

Functional confectionery niche continues to grow, says Naturex

The functional confectionery market remains niche but is growing rapidly as candy makers look for new ways to differentiate their products, according to ingredients firm Naturex.

Snack choice – not frequency – matters most for weight management

Snacking frequency is not related to BMI, according to a new study published in Public Health Nutrition.

‘Perfect storm of science’ for low-GI fruit ingredients, says Taura chief

A new EU-approved health claim for fructose-containing foods and scientific backing of glycaemic index (GI) information on food packaging are the latest signs of a perfect storm of science around...

Mint confectionery oral care claims rising, says Mintel

Around a quarter of recent product launches in the tablet confectionery category have made claims for breath freshening or oral care. Mintel explores the latest flavor trends and health claims...

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