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Biofortis - Nutrition and Health Development and Innovation Services


BIOFORTIS - Nutrition and Health Development and Innovation services

Present in Europe, the United States, China and Brazil, Biofortis offers a comprehensive approach to their clients.

BIOFORTIS CLINICAL - Health Benefits Demonstration

  • Study of the scientific literature, claims research
  • Scientific boards management, definition of primary outcomes, protocol writing
  • A full integrated solution for the clinical trial management (mono-, multi-centric) compliantly with the pharmaceutical guidelines (ICHs), IS09001:2008
  • Pilot study -> definition of statistics hypotheses, prospective approach, biostatistics expertise
  • Pivotal study -> confirmatory approach to reach receivable outputs for the EFSA experts
  • Presentation meetings, scientific papers writing / submission
  • EFSA submissions

BIOFORTIS RESEARCH & ANALYTICAL – Routines analyses, Contract researchs

  • Human matrixes: 200 parameters (bone health, oxidation, lipid ... expertises), Reference laboratory status, flora characterization
  • Food and Beverages Matrixes: GMO (COFRAC accreditation), allergens, probiotics characterization, ISO17025

BIOFORTIS SENSORY & CONSUMER – Marketing and R&D approaches

  • Consumers studies
  • Qualitative approaches, ‘tables rondes’, brainstorming: definition of the sensory / consuming metrics ('Pref map'...)
  • Experts panels: the largest worldwide sensory experts

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SILLIKER – Food Quality and Safety solutions

BIOAGRI – Toxicological studies following OECD protocols

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