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Cognitive function


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KinOmega TGN—A different TG concentrate helps your formula stand out - KinOmega Biopharm Inc.

16-Mar-2015 - KinOmegaTM TGN Omega-3 EPA/DHA Fatty Acids concentrates are produced through the Proprietary Enzymatic Process with the combination of unique Three-time Molecular Distillation purification technology. It is the improved generation and high quality Omega-3 EPA/DHA  TG concentrates with high TG (Triglycerides...
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DHA Claims Capsules by Polaris - POLARIS

23-Feb-2015 - Polaris has developed an innovative formulation containing ultra-concentrated marine oil Omega 3 stabilised with Qualitysilver® technology, helping to reach EFSA health claims with only 1 capsule a day. Take a closer look at this product for various health benefits: Brain...
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Pycnogenol® for Enhanced Cognitive Performance - Horphag Research

16-Feb-2015 - A new study shows daily supplementation with Pycnogenol® can improve memory, focus, decision making and mood in healthy professionals.
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Saffron: new proofs of mental health benefits - Green Plants Extracts SAS

26-Jan-2015 - In 2014, GPE, as the expert in mental health solutions, launched two double-blind randomized placebo-controlled clinical studies in order to assess the efficiency of two proprietary products based on saffron extract on mental balance.- Saffr'Activ, a standardized saffron extract, was...
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POLARIS ultra-concentrated DHA oils - POLARIS

01-Jan-2015 - POLARIS offers a high concentrated marine oils range containing high levels of purified and stabilized Omega 3 DHA for development in cognitive health, eye health.
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Latest Polaris innovation : Omegavie® DHA 40 G-Form Qualitysilver® - POLARIS

01-Dec-2014 - Latest advance in DHA: POLARIS innovates with a high quality concentrated marine oil rich in DHA under the most interesting forms of Omega-3: mono and diglycerides.
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Probiotics for Mental Health and Wellbeing - Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

27-Nov-2014 - Bacterial colonisation of the gut plays a major role in postnatal development and the maturation of key systems that influence central nervous system (CNS) programming and signalling, including the immune and endocrine systems. Individually, these systems have been implicated in...
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Targeting Optimal Nutrient Absorption with Phytonutrients - Sabinsa Corporation

25-Nov-2014 - Optimal nutrition is the key to a healthy being, changes in life style and dietary habits have been recognized as main reasons for several chronic disorders and diseases. Today we are overfed and under nourished and hence it becomes very...
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19-Nov-2014 - Vitae Naturals will showcase its broad portfolio of natural source Vitamin E, which is continuously growing in order to offer their customers and partners the best suitable product for their application in foods, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and feed sector, at Health...
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POLARIS innovation : Megakrill® powder - POLARIS

17-Nov-2014 - Polaris offers all the benefits of krill oil in a powder form containing Omega 3 EPA and DHA, phospholipids and astaxanthin for cardiovascular health, eye health, cognitive health
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Nutraveris Online: The European reference database to develop innovative and compliant health foods - Nutraveris

03-Nov-2014 - Weight management products: How to be innovative & compliant with the European regulations?Are you looking for ingredients that enable you to formulate innovative and compliant weight management products?The use of European health claims is complex, especially for weight management ingredients....
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Microencapsulated minerals by Lipofoods -

01-Nov-2014 - Micronutrient deficiencies are a great concern worldwide. Food fortification is considered the best approach for eradicating them. However, some technical issues with fortification can make this a challenge.Microencapsulation is currently considered one of the best solutions for overcoming these technical...
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Building Better Beverages with VitaCholine® - Van Eeghen Functional Ingredients BV

28-Oct-2014 - Developing a winning beverage concept is difficult, but delivering on that concept can be even harder.  In this case study, discover how feelings, form and function all play a role in impacting consumer purchase behavior and how VitaCholine can help...
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NeuroFactor Increases Levels of Cognition Protein - Pathway International Pty Ltd

18-Sep-2014 - NeuroFactor is a patented extract derived from the whole fruit of the coffee plant, Coffea arabica. Building on the success of earlier research, FutureCeuticals has published a second human clinical trial on NeuroFactor. This trial showed increased levels of Brain Derived...
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Vitamin E and multivitamin supplementation - DSM

01-Sep-2014 - Due to changes in modern eating habits, it can be difficult to receive essential micronutrients. Daily multivitamin supplementation is a safe and effective way to complement the diet. Download the second in a series of white papers from DSM to...
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High Purity PUFAs Oils & Microencapsulated Powders for More Applications - INNOBIO Limited

30-Jun-2014 - INNOBIO is skilled in manufacturing high purity oils and microencapsulated powders of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFAs), such as Omega-3 and Omega-6.Highly concentrated PUFAs (up to 95%) provide solutions for formulation demands on purity and concentration. Cold water soluble powders of...
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Oxifend® Fruit Complex a complete antioxidant formulation - New Zealand Extracts Limited

23-Jun-2014 - Consumers have a good understanding that antioxidants, particularly Vitamin C and those derived from fruit, are important to maintain good health, including reducing the incidence of diseases of aging such as stroke, heart disease and cancer.  New Zealand Extracts Ltd...
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Obesity and health: the big fat, sugar and salt debate - WRBM

13-Jun-2014 - Frustrated by what seem to be half-truths, misrepresentations and downright falsehoods peddled in the increasingly acrimonious debate about fats, sugar and salt? Then, this webinar is for you.Our one-hour, free online seminar – Obesity and health: the big fat, sugar...
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The Brain Trust of Ingredients - Sabinsa Europe GmbH

26-May-2014 - The brain is the master regulatory organ that directly or indirectly controls the function of all the other organs and tissues in the body. Any dysfuntions in the brain eventually have a global impact on other body functions. The human...
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How next generation dosage forms create competitive market advantage - Capsugel

24-May-2014 - Peter will showcase how the latest generation of dosage form can benefit both to R&D and Marketers willing to develop high value food supplements for the consumer market. He will address how to overcome technical challenges such as odor protection...

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