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AstaReal AB

AstaReal AB is a pioneer and world leader in research based natural astaxanthin health products. Marketed under the AstaREAL® brand, our superior range of products are approved for use in dietary supplements, food and cosmetic applications.AstaReal was the first company in the world to commercially produce natural astaxanthin from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis. AstaREAL® products are backed by unrivalled experience in the field of microalgae research and production.AstaREAL® natural astaxanthin is produced in a state-of-the-art facility. The algae are grown indoors in stainless steel Photo bioreactors under carefully controlled and hygienic conditions. Our cultivation technique results in astaxanthin of the highest concentration, purity and quality available on the market.We offer a range of superior bulk products to fit different applications. In addition, we have developed a range of finished formulations containing AstaREAL® that support a number of health areas.Over 400 peer-reviewed studies on astaxanthin have been published worldwide. AstaREAL® natural astaxanthin has been used in the majority of these making it the worlds most studied brand of natural astaxanthin.With clinically validated benefits for skin health and anti-aging, muscle endurance, immune function, eye health, cardiovascular health and brain health, AstaREAL® natural astaxanthin is an essential addition to your product portfolio to address the many opportunities within the anti-aging markets.

OmniActive Health Technologies

OmniActive Health Technologies supplies a wide range of science-backed natural ingredients for health, food and personal care applications including: Lutemax® 2020 Lutein with Enhanced Levels of Zeaxanthin Isomers; Lutemax® Free Lutein and Lutein Esters; OmniXan® RR-Zeaxanthin; Capsimax® Capsicum Extract; and CurcuWIN™ Curcumin with Enhanced Absorption. OmniActive leverages international R&D strengths to deploy an array of state of the art manufacturing technologies in extraction, purification, isolation and delivery of nutritional actives. 

Ganeden Biotech

Founded in 1997, Cleveland, Ohio-based Ganeden Biotech is at the forefront of probiotic research and product development with an extensive library of published studies and more than 100 patents for probiotic technologies in the food, beverage, animal health, and personal care ingredients markets.Ganeden is best known for GanedenBC30® (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086), its patented, FDA GRAS probiotic ingredient found in more than 100 leading food and beverage products around the world. GanedenBC30 is a spore-forming probiotic that is able to survive baking, boiling, freezing and pressure; does not require refrigeration; survives gastric acidity; and has up to a three-year shelf life. It is ideally suited for almost any food, beverage or companion animal application. Ganeden's newest ingredient, BonicelTM, is the first science-backed, probiotic-derived, personal care ingredient.  Bonicel is the trademarked name for the supernatant produced by GanedenBC30 and has been shown in four clinical studies to increase skin hydration and elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, roughness, pore size and redness. It can easily be incorporated into virtually any lotion, cream, soap, shampoo, lip balm or other personal care product. Ganeden is more than an ingredient supplier; Ganeden works with its clients as a partner, taking special care to add value from initial contact to product launch and beyond. Email Address:  info@ganedenbiotech.comPhone:  (440) 229-5200Website:  www.GanedenBiotech.comCompany Address:  5800 Landerbrook Drive, Suite 300, Mayfield Heights, OH 44124

Gee Lawson Ltd.

More than an ingredient company.A supplier and distributor of active ingredients mainly to the Health Food Supplement and Food & Beverage industries.We source raw materials worldwide seeking the best in terms of quality, legal status with full traceability to meet your local requirements. In-house PSL testing for every batch received as well as other controls to meet our strict Quality approval system.

Lonza Ltd

Lonza is one of the world’s leading and most-trusted suppliers to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty ingredients markets. We harness science and technology to create products that support safer and healthier living and that enhance the overall quality of life.Not only are we a custom manufacturer and developer, Lonza also offers services and products ranging from active pharmaceutical ingredients and stem-cell therapies to drinking water sanitizers, from the vitamin B compounds and organic personal care ingredients to agricultural products, and from industrial preservatives to microbial control solutions that combat dangerous viruses, bacteria and other pathogens.Founded in 1897 in the Swiss Alps, Lonza today is a well-respected global company with more than 40 major manufacturing and R&D facilities and approximately 10,000 employees worldwide. The company generated sales of about CHF 3.6 billion in 2013 and is organized into two market-focused segments: Pharma&Biotech and Specialty Ingredients. Lonza’s stock is publicly traded on the Swiss and the Singapore stock exchanges. Further information can be found at

Hunan NutraMax Inc.

Hunan Nutramax Inc. is one of the leading manufacturer of the Plant Extract, Fruit Concentration Juice/ Juice Power as well as Instant Tea Powder in China. We do all for the development of natural active ingredients and the technology of extract and separation, for using in the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, health-food, functional beverage and cosmetics industries.Hunan Nutramax Inc. has 3 factories, which are all specializing in the production of plant extract. Our factories are equipped with GMP standard production lines and have passed the certificate of ISO9001,Kosher and Halal.Hunan Nutramax has its own R&D Center to research the products according to your demand. And the lab is equipped with GC, HPLC, UV-VIS, Atomic Absorption etc. to guarantee the quality of its products. Hunan Nutramax's main products,Hot Selling Series:Ginseng Extract (Pesticides residue free)Grape Skin Extract ResveratrolLutein & ZeaxanthinGinkgo Biloba ExtractBilberry ExtractCranberry ExtractSaffron ExtractRed Clover ExtractRhodiola Rosea ExtractMilk Thistle P.E.Mulberry P.E. DNJFruit Juice PowderRaspberry juice powderBlackcurrent juice powderBlueberry juice powderBilberry juice powderBlackcherry juice powder Instant Tea Series PowderInstant Green Tea PowderInstant Black Tea PowderInstant Oolong Tea PowderInstant Jasmine Tea PowderInstant Pu’er Tea Powder Sweetener SeriesLuo Han Guo P.E.Stevia P.E.Sweet Tea P.E.Neohesperidin & NHDCSex Enhancement SeriesTongkat Ali P.E.Yohimbine P.E.Epemedium P.E. IcariinWeight Loss SeriesRaspberry Extract Raspberry KetoneYacon ExtractIrvingia Gabonensis P.E.Gymema Sylvestre P.E.

Stratum Nutrition

Stratum Nutrition offers a portfolio of branded, value-added ingredients that are progressive, safe and reliable. These ingredients are based on consumer need, supported by science and the backing of a trusted multi-national company. As a Novus International business, Stratum leverages the Novus core competencies in nutritional research and innovation as well as the corporate commitment to sustainability by considering economic, environmental and social factors.

KinOmega Biopharm Inc.

KinOmega Biopharm is a R&D and technique based global manufacturer of highly concentrated and pharmaceutical grade purity Omega-3 EPA/DHA Fatty Acid produces with US DMF (Drug Master File No. 26570). The production, technique, R&D and management team has a decade experience and strong technique background in Omega-3 Separation, Concentration, Purification and Enzymatic Chemicals.KinOmega is equipped with the latest generation of Short-path Molecular Distillation line and experienced specialists in Omega-3 oil industry. We have developed the unique Three-time Molecular Distillation Purification Technologies and Proprietary Enzymatic Process to produce pharmaceutical grade purity Omega-3 EPA/DHA in full concentration level. We deliver Omega-3 Ethyl Ester, Omega-3 Triglycerides and Omega-3 Free Fatty Acid form for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors with quality strengths and cost-effectiveness. Key Products: KinOmega 4638EE/TG KinOmega DHA80 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega DHA700 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega EPA70 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega 1070 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega DHA650 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega DHA500 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega 1060 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega 2050 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega 5525 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega 5025 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega 5020 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega 1050 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega 4030 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega 4020 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega 1040 EE/TG/FFA KinOmega 3624 EE/TG/FFAKinOmega 3322 EE/TG/FFA

Indena: botanical ingredients for the Health Food industry

Indena is the world's leading company in the identification, development and production of plant-derived active principles for the Pharmaceutical, Health-Food and Personal Care industries.Backed by more than 90 years of botanical experience and more than 30 years in the health food market, we are one of the pioneer companies in the sector, among the first to offer the market high-end standardised extracts from edible plants with efficacy that is proven and reproducible over time.Our quality standards are those of the pharmaceutical sector and are applied to health-foods, meeting market-specific regulations and needs, including Analysis and Critical Control Points guidelines and Good Agricultural and Collection Practices.To know more please visit

Faravelli Group

Faravelli Group’s nutraceutical ingredients & solutions are conceived to promote a total wellness effect. From head to toe; from infancy to elderly; for women and men.Our Nutra Division in Italy,Germany,Prague,Barcelona andLos Angeles propose a broad range of raw materials from the most important producers worldwide.Innovation is the keyword for all of them, supported by documented information flow, continuous innovation in research, and a strong activity in scientific promotion oriented towards the market of supplements, extended to the food industry as well.Our products portfolio includes minerals, excipients, yeasts, antioxidants, aminoacids, sugars and derivates, vitamins, proteins, fibres, fatty acids, sweeteners, herbal extracts, weight control agents, cholesterol control actives, immune system boosters, natural carotenoids, etc.Our success is based on a peculiar and very efficient step-by-step process, starting from a selective choice of our partners: since the very beginning we have worked to build  valuable partnerships with suppliers, based on mutual confidence and satisfaction: all our partners are market leaderswith a global reputation, selected among the most reliable companies, able to guarantee outstanding quality, innovation and flexibility.


DIANA, FOOD DIVISION provides high added value natural ingredients to its customers in the food industry around the world. From a natural range of fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood products processed into concentrates, powders, flakes and pieces, DIANA, FOOD DIVISION offers wellbeing solutions with both sensorial (Taste, Colour, Texture and Visual impact) and nutritional benefits (Health & Nutrition, Food Preservation).DIANA, FOOD DIVISION offers wellbeing solutions providing high added value to its customers products: DIANA TRUE’TASTETM with its offer of natural and clean label solutions CULINARY’TOUCHTM, a range of authentic tastes close to «home-made». DIANA COLOUR’IMPACT NATURALLYTM with a full range of natural colours and colouring foods including natural alternatives for synthetic colour and carmine replacement.  DIANA NUTRI’HEALTHTM with standardised products guaranteed in actives such as its Unique Acerola extract providing 34% of natural and native Vitamin C.  DIANA BABYTM with an innovative and evolutive offer of pieces based on fruits, vegetables, meat & seafood for babies and younger children for dry and wet applications.


Superior quality and purity makes Croda a supplier of choice when looking for omega 3 ingredients to add value to your nutritional offering or develop your omega 3 pharmaceutical product.Our broad product range includes: Croda’s Incromega™ fish oils provide concentrated levels of key omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, so you can target specific consumer needs by delivering effective condition- and lifestyle-specific omega 3 supplements. Our wide range of pharmaceutical grade concentrates are produced using PureMax™, Croda’s advanced purification and concentration technology. Supported by a consumer awareness campaign, the PureMax™ stamp of approval is a unique selling point that omega 3 supplement manufacturers proudly display on their consumer packaging. Incromega™ 3mulsion DHA is a novel, lemon flavoured omega 3 emulsion. 3mulsion offers a unique delivery system for omega 3, being ideal for either stick-shot or syrup applications. And the best bit? Each serving (5g) contains your complete RDI of omega 3 (250 mg EPA + DHA).

Honsea Sunshine Biotech Co. Ltd.

Honsea Sunshine Biotech, founded in 2001, is a manufacturer and supplier of herbal extracts. Over the past 14 years, Honsea dedicated to Supercritical fluid CO2 extraction, Honsea is the first company to realized mass production of Supercritical fluid CO2 extraction in China, Honsea has brought to market more than 50 standardized botanical extracts extracted by Supercritical fluid CO2 extraction. Honsea's mission is to supply the finest raw materials to provide innovative solutions to the dietary supplement, cosmetic, specialty chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Honsea's specialized services include custom product development, technical support and testing lab facilities. Committed and dedicated to the principles of innovation, tradition, and research, Honsea supplies high-quality innovative, standardized herbal extracts, the natural extracts are derived from botanicals with a long history of traditional food, medicinal, and cosmetic use. Honsea has recognized trademarked ingredients such as MagnoPro®, RosActiv®, PomePunic®, SeabuPure®, JasmineNat®.

Naturex, leader in natural specialty botanical ingredients

Naturex manufactures natural specialty ingredients for the Food & Beverage, Nutrition & Health and Personal Care industries. Headquartered in France, Naturex employs over 1400 people and has 15 production units located in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland and England), the United States (New Jersey and California), Brazil, Australia, Morocco and India. The group also has several sales offices worldwide. 

Milsing d.o.o.

Milsing is a leading private company on the OTC drug and food supplement market in Southeast Europe. Our basic aims are caring for health and ongoing improvement of life quality by offering top-quality pharmaceutical products at prices affordable to everyone. We develop, distribute and market over 10 brands and over 150 products in over 10 European countries. In past couple of years we have launched new and innovative products: Turbolax® for relieving constipation and restoring regularity, Nutrico diet® No1 solutionfor weight loss,  Lectranal® allergy relief food supplement, Biorela® for fast and effective restoration of the intestinal microflora and L direct® powerful and quick help in boosting potency.In addition to our own brands and products, we are an exclusive distributor to several world-renowned brands. Our business is characterized by our commitment, creativity, ability and experience in developing and marketing a wide range of OTC products on different markets.Registered office: Zagreb, CroatiaWide international presence.Our constantly improving business performance is a result of motivated and passionate efforts of our experts from different fields and our ongoing investments in research and development.

Buckton Scott Deutschland GmbH

As a member of the BMC HK Group, it is our mission to supply customers from Europe with raw materials from all over the world, according to their own individual demands. In addition we offer a comprehensive marketing and consultancy service to assist clients who wish to enter new areas of the marketplace.

NATAC… The Olive & Grape Expert

Natac is an award-winning Spanish company that develops and produces value-added Mediterranean herbal extracts with a focus on olive tree and grapevine-derived ingredients.Among Natac’s shareholders we count the world leaders in the production of olive trees and vine derivatives, both renowned Spanish companies. This allows us to develop and commercialize the best olive and grapevine extracts at very competitive prices.Regarding olive, Natac develops and produces extracts highly concentrated in oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, and triterpenic acids as well as other value-added ingredients such as AllOlive.In relation to grapevine, Natac extracts and purifies grape pomace, skin, seed and lees as well as vine stems and leaves, among other, to offer high quality wine and vine-derived ingredients with high concentrations of polyphenols. In addition, Natac has also developed a Full Plant Profile grapevine extract: Natavid.In our large capacity plant in the South of Spain we produce the most requested Mediterranean extracts as well as tailor-made formulations for clients looking to differentiate their products from the competition with unique ingredients.In Madrid, our renowned R&D department is committed to constant innovation as evidenced by our revolutionary Full Plant Profile ingredients: a new concept of extract developed by Natac that respects the original plant profile and dramatically improves effectiveness.At Natac we supply scientifically documented ingredients and guarantee high production capacity and flexibility. We adapt to help you grow your business.


Prinova is the global leader in high-quality nutritional ingredients and continues to add more value to the supply chain through innovative products and value-added services. Prinova can offer technical advice on raw materials and blends, as well as expert R&D Technologists for new flavour trends and application work.  Together Prinova will help you create the ideal sports & lifestyle nutrition and wellness products.

About WILD Flavors GmbH

Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, WILD Flavors GmbH is one of the leading natural ingredients companies servicing the global food and beverage industry. It uniquely combines an 80-year heritage and knowledge in natural flavors, colors, ingredients and flavor systems with a presence of sophisticated creation, application and manufacturing sites in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia.

Biofortis - Nutrition and Health Development and Innovation Services

Biofortis - Nutrition and Health Development and Innovation Services

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