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Alpha & Omega in Sports Nutrition – Using Omega 3’s and A-GPC to improve performance and recovery.

Format: Webinar | Document type: Supplier Webinar
KD Pharma

The sports nutrition world is one of the most diverse, complex and misunderstood segments of the nutritional marketplace. Buyers and consumers alike often have to wade through endless webpages of pseudoscience to uncover the truth about a specific product or ingredient. And with so many products on the market, the path to uncovering real and efficacious science is a struggle.

The KD Pharma Group presents a webinar on Alpha & Omega in Sports Nutrition. Our proprietary ingredient technology has clinically proven sports nutrition applications for both pre and post workout benefit. This ingredient technology, as a standalone product or in combination with sports nutrition ingredients, is a product that buyers and consumers can feel comfortable with. Join members from the KD Pharma Group’s team for an insightful look at the science and business of sports nutrition.


  • Dara Torres

    Dara Torres

    5-time Olympic swimmer

    Motivational speaker

  • Evan DeMarco

    Evan DeMarco

    Global Director of Brand Management

    The KD Pharma Group