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Omega-3s are among the nutrition industry's big fish, but there's more to omega-3 than just heart health and fish oil. In this special series, NutraIngredients looks at the the state of the market, the varied sources, the rise of krill, algal, and plant-sourced omega-3s, and the emerging science behind this blockbuster ingredient.

With a strong El Nino decimating stocks, Peru shuts down omega-3 anchovy fishery

Authorities have closed the upcoming three-month anchovy fishing season in Peru because insufficient numbers of fish were found in a recent acoustic survey. Fishing quotas have been sharply reduced during other low fish seasons, but this is the first time the season has been suspended entirely, one observer said.

Plenty more fish in the sea: Omega-3 may boost sperm competitiveness

An omega-3 enriched diet may improve ejaculate performance in sperm competition, according to research on guppy fish.

UK researcher backs supplements for boosting omega-3 intakes

Omega-3 supplements are key to boosting intakes, a UK researcher says, and marine omega-3 fatty acids are more beneficial than their plant-based counterparts.

Aker Australia bags three innovation patents for krill oil production

Krill oil harvester Aker BioMarine has added to its intellectual property collection with three new Australian innovation patents.

Canadian firm Solarvest signs up German partners to produce organic algal DHA oil

Canadian algae technology firm Solarvest has entered into agreements to produce its omega-3 algae products in the EU. The products will comply with both USDA and EU organic certification requirements, a company official said.

Aker given regulatory approval for Superba krill oil in India

Aker BioMarine Antarctic has been given product approval for its Superba krill oil by the Indian regulators. 

Eating fish weekly may prevent brain ageing regardless of omega-3 content: Study

Eating baked or broiled fish once a week may prevent age-related grey matter loss, regardless of how much omega-3 fatty acid it contains, according to an American study.

After much waiting, China establishes long-chain omega 3 guidelines

China has finally published official dietary reference intakes (DRIs) for EPA and DHA omega 3 fatty acids—a move that is expected to help thousands of its consumers who are at risk of poor health by not consuming enough of the substance.

Scientists make brain breakthrough with long-term omega-3 potential

While research suggests the DHA omega-3 fatty acid is good for the brain, little has been understood about how it is absorbed. But now a new study by researchers in Singapore seems to have identified a transporter protein that is used to carry DHA from other parts of the body.

Israeli firm targets military ration packs: 'We’ll sell to anybody'

Israeli company Easy Line says its products hold military ration pack potential, and it will be angling for export to any national military.

Aker given green light for krill supply in high-potential China market

Aker BioMarine, one of the world’s biggest of krill-derived omega-3 phospholipid products, has achieved New Food Raw Material status for Superba krill in China meaning it can now enter the potentially lucrative Chinese market. 

New firm seals deal on £35m omega-3 acquisitions

New London based supplement firm Burr and Burr has announced the completion of two brand acquisitions totalling £35m within the omega-3 health supplement sector.

New deal will bring herring caviar omega 3 to Malaysia for first time

Omega 3 from herring caviar will find a new market in Southeast Asia following a deal inked last week between Norway’s Arctic Nutrition and Holista Colltech of Malaysia that will see the fatty acid added to its supplements.

Wilmar honoured for omega-3 cooking oil

Asian agribusiness major Wilmar has received the first Vitafoods Asia Nutrition Innovation Award at a ceremony in Hong Kong in recognition of its efforts to address the health issues of Chinese consumers. 

Consumers only accept sustainable krill, says newly certified Aker Aus

Aker BioMarine’s Australian operation can now carry the Marine Stewardship Council eco-label, something its head says is essential to compete in the eco-fixated market Down Under.

GMO ingredients can form part of Omega-3 supply picture, GOED chief says

Genetic modification of oil seed crops will form an important part of the future omega-3s supply picture, according to Adam Ismail, executive director of the Global Organization of EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED). 

Marine omega-3 sources are clearing sustainability bar—so far

Fish oil, an ingredient with a 150-year plus history as a nutraceutical, continues to be the mainstay of the world’s supply of omega-3s.  But, with all of the questions hovering over the health of the oceans, how much longer can suppliers and manufacturers rely on this huge, though not inexhaustible source?

Aker secures four krill ‘innovation patents’ in Australia

Aker BioMarine has announced that its claims covering krill oil compositions on sale in Australia have been awarded “innovation patents”. 

Algal DHA omega-3 boosts reading capability in underperforming children: Study

Daily supplementation of algal DHA omega-3 may boost a child’s reading ability and improve behaviour, research finds.

Krill wars round two: Neptune patent is ‘invalid’ and ‘unenforceable’, says Enzymotec

Israeli nutritional lipids giant Enzymotec has weighed into the patent infringement row engulfing the krill oil industry with a statement from its boss declaring rival Neptune’s new US patent for marine phospholipids ‘invalid’ and ‘unenforceable’ and promising to explore all legal avenues to challenge it.

Krill oil dispute turns ugly as new patent prompts wave of litigation

The biggest players in krill oil are at war again - this time over a US patent awarded to Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, which its arch rival argues should never have been granted, and Neptune has immediately moved to enforce in the courts.

US military: Low omega-3 levels may boost suicide risk

US troops and service personnel with low levels of omega-3 are at increased risk of suicide, says a new study that potential opens the door to widespread omega-3 supplementation.

Beyond the heart and brain: Emerging benefits of omega-3

Omega-3 fatty acids have a wide range of reported benefits, some of which have more scientific support than others. As part of our special focus on omega-3’s, NutraIngredients takes a look at some of the emerging benefits that are currently less well established.

Aurora Algae ups ante in omega-3 market with plans for Q4, 2012 launch

Aurora Algae – the firm promising to turn up the heat in the algal omega-3 market by producing a concentrated 65% EPA-rich oil on a completely new scale – aims to ship out its first commercial products in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Algal omega-3 market heats up as new players bid for a slice of the action

The dynamics of the algal omega-3 market are set to change over the next 18 months with the entrance of two new players both promising to trump the competition in the efficiency and sustainability stakes.

Diet-driven blood sugar imbalances – or type 2 diabetes – is reaching pandemic levels in the developed world, and it is spreading fast to the developing world, with 220 million people affected globally, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). It kills 3.4 million every year and costs around €200 billion per year – set to rise to €300bn by 2025.
In this four-part special edition, NutraIngredients explores the widely misunderstood condition, its cost and how diet and nutrition can help.

Ingredients suppliers offer a multitude of solutions when vision loss, dry eyes, age-related macular degeneration and other maladies affect the eyes. In this four-part special we examine the state of the market, the science behind the ingredients and the regulations governing the sector.


Once the exclusive domain of muscle-bound body builders, sports nutrition products are going mainstream and the market is expanding. In this special four-part series NutraIngredients crunches the numbers of a booming market, presses the science of the ingredients, and feels the deep burn of the regulations surrounding sports nutrition.

Ageing populations are experiencing a range of health conditions, with deteriorating joints high on the list. In this special series NutraIngredients looks at the science, supply and regulations of the joint health market.

As the long dark days of winter slowly fade, many people around the globe will have insufficient vitamin D levels. There are numerous potential benefits of the sunshine vitamin but concerns over sun exposure have many experts touting the importance of dietary supplements and functional foods. In this special series NutraIngredients illuminates the market for vitamin D, highlights how the science and regulations are over-lapping, and clarifies which foods could be used to boost intakes of vitamin D.

From cereal packets to juice cartons, antioxidants are everywhere. In this special six part series NutraIngredients looks at the market for the compounds, unlocks the regulations surrounding claims, examines how super vegetables are emerging from the shadow of super fruit, and hears from a world renowned expert why we need differentiation.

January is traditionally a time for resolutions, many of which include better weight management. The food and nutrition industries have been quick to acknowledge the potential of specific ingredients and formulations to help trim hips and flatten bellies, from foods that fill you up for longer, to natural supplements to boost your rate of energy burning. In this special five-part series, NutraIngredients looks at the science, regulation, supply, and market for weight management.

Cranberries are no longer a novelty for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but an established product range in health and nutrition. Whether you're looking at beverages, supplements or cereal bars, you'll find cranberries. In this special series, looks at the markets, supply, regulations, and science behind the red berry. dips its investigative strawberry into the world of healthy chocolate and finds a relatively embryonic sector still finding its way but buoyed by ever-more cocoa polyphenol science, exciting product innovation and increasing public interest.

Analysts predict that cognitive health is set to become one of the hottest areas of the functional food, beverage and supplement industries. In this special series, NutraIngredients examines the market, supply, science and regulation that make the category tick.

NutraIngredients canvasses opinions from market analysts on a range of issues affecting the European functional food and dietary supplement industries.

Datamonitor, Mintel, Frost & Sullivan, Zenith International and CPL share insights on the sate of the market, challenges moving forward and consumer priorities to watch out for.

Whether it's helping extend life, protecting against cancer, or boosting heart health, resveratrol - an antioxidant compound from red wine - continues to splash across the news pages.

In this special series NutraIngredients gets under the skin of the issue, and looks at the science, regulation, supply, and global markets for this 'miracle' compound. pokes its head into cutting edge seminars and meets with key industry and research figures in Anaheim, California, at the annual ingredients extravaganza hosted by the Institute of Food Technologists.

The NutraIngredients team caught up with industry executives, regulatory experts and trade groups at Europe’s biggest functional foods and supplements event. We bring you the latest developments from an industry facing up to a global economic downturn and European health claims uncertainty.

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