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Slimming ingredients gain weight and momentum

January is traditionally a time for resolutions, many of which include better weight management. The food and nutrition industries have been quick to acknowledge the potential of specific ingredients and formulations to help trim hips and flatten bellies, from foods that fill you up for longer, to natural supplements to boost your rate of energy burning. In this special five-part series, NutraIngredients looks at the science, regulation, supply, and market for weight management.

Indevex to distribute NGCTM formula in Japan through Asahi agreement

Swedish biotech company Indevex has joined its Symrise KK Far East partner in a supply and licence agreement with Asahi Food and Healthcare to distribute NGCTM Nutrition Formula in Japan, where the product is better known as N&G Nutrition Formula. 

Court overturns Herbalife pyramid case

Supplements giant Herbalife has won an appeal against a verdict back in 2011 which tarred the firm's recruitment and selling structure as a pyramid scheme. 

DNP claims youngest victim

Illegal chemical DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol) - commonly used as a fat burner - has been blamed for the death of an 18-year-old British man, making him the youngest British victim.

Weightloss industry dragged down by unsubstantiated claims

Last week’s launch of global weightloss major Rapid Nutrition into India saw claims that the company’s Leisa’s Secret scientific programme will be the first of its kind in the country.

Volac launches consumer brand to push whey protein beyond macho male niche

European whey protein manufacturer Volac has launched its first consumer branded products to drive mainstream awareness of the benefits of whey protein beyond a macho male niche, and protect the market from outlandish health claims and poor quality products.

Which weight management ingredients really work?

Is the weight management supplements market properly regulated? Was satiety a flash in the pan? Where does the truth really lie on hoodia? Which hunger-busting ingredients really work?

Cyvex: Managing consumer expectations is key in weight management market

The market for appetite suppressing ingredients may not have set the world on fire – yet – but it has legs provided consumer expectations are managed and firms do not overstate the benefits, according to one supplier.

Supply: Supporting the weight management products

In the final article in our weight management series, NutraIngredients looks at the companies behind some of the key ingredients in the sector.

Regulation: Claim making and claim taking

In a world with a chronic ‘globesity’ problem spreading beyond western shores to places like India and China, products that promise to help individuals manage their weight via calorie control, fat burning, satiety, or some other mechanism, enjoy rampant demand.

Science: Slimming ingredients beyond satiety

In the third part of our series on weight management, NutraIngredients looks at how nutritional approaches may boost body-shaping, and how our gut microflora may be the future of weight management.

Science: Backing up the satiety and metabolic claims

In the second part of our focus on weight management, NutraIngredients looks at the science behind the claims – from boosting fullness to energy burning.

Asia proving growing market in weight control sector

As levels of obesity continue to rise on a global scale, Nutraingredients looks at the market for weight management dietary supplements, food and beverage products.