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Sports nutrition market flexes its muscles


Once the exclusive domain of muscle-bound body builders, sports nutrition products are going mainstream and the market is expanding. In this special four-part series NutraIngredients crunches the numbers of a booming market, presses the science of the ingredients, and feels the deep burn of the regulations surrounding sports nutrition.

Will protein work for Everton FC? Supplier provides personalised sports nutrition products

English Premier League football club Everton has extended and expanded its partnership with The Protein Works (TPW) with an emphasis on personalised nutrition.

Sports nutrition in Europe - market analysis

European sports supplements market is predicted to grow by 2.3% a year to 2018 as product awareness rises, say analysts.

Irish 23% health tax hike: Herbals, glucosamine, coQ10, probiotics remain in firing line

Proposals to push VAT (value-added tax) on some health food supplements and teas to the maximum upper bracket of 23% will discriminate against healthful products, according to The Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS). 

Some Aussie sports supps could contain hidden ban-risking ingredients

A number of athletic nutritional supplements on sale in Australia are secretly fortified with androgens, a group of compounds that could lead athletes to be banned from competition.

Retail positioning sports nutrition's big challenge

Establishing broad acceptance is the greatest challenge facing the sports nutrition segment today, and this hinges on the creation of local mainstream retail channels, according to one analyst. 

Dancing dangers: Vitamin D deficiency means increased injury risk

Researchers looking at vitamin D levels in elite ballet dancers have found that deficiency caused by intensive indoor training leads to increased risk of injury.

Beyond caffeine: Alternative energy boosters

As consumer perceptions of caffeine shift and the threat of more market regulation looms, companies are scrambling to find the next blockbuster to cater to demand for energy-boosting products, says an analyst.

Myth busting: Soy supplements are not an issue for bodybuilders, say researchers

Short-term supplementation with soy and whey protein does not lead to pro-estrogenic or anti-anabolic effects in bodybuilders, according to new research.

UK sports nutrition: One year on from 20% beefcake tax hike

One year on from the 20% VAT hike for some sports nutrition products in the UK, NutraIngredients looks at what the move has meant for the UK industry.

Global vitamin K2 product launches double; just ‘beginning the ride’

Over the past five years, new food and beverage product launches containing vitamin K2 have nearly doubled worldwide (up 183%), according to new research from Mintel. 

Personalized nutrition push drives Usana's results, CEO says

Usana Health Sciences’ personalized nutrition products and applications have boosted the company’s bottom line, according to statements from company officials during a conference call discussing first quarter results.

Protein co-precipitate advances offer industry benefits

Advances in protein co-precipitation technology offer powerful ways to improve the use of protein rich raw materials, oil seed meals and byproducts, according to a study in Food and Bioproducts Processing.

Beetroot juice boosts ‘high intensity’ sports performance, scientist suggests

The lead author of a July study assessing the effects of beetroot juice on cycling performance tells further research is needed to assess its efficacy at different levels of exercise intensity and duration.

Nitrogen conversion factor issue risks ‘undervaluing’ quality dairy protein, Volac

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has dismissed industry claims that a newly published scientific opinion that sets nitrogen conversion factors (NCFs) to calculate food protein content risks penalising dairy products vis-à-vis lower quality sources of the nutrient.

UK whey protein market hitting ‘critical mass’ - Volac

Mark Neville, head of lifestyle ingredients at Volac, told that the UK market for whey protein was hitting “critical mass”, since everyone knew someone who used such ingredients, with word spreading as to their benefits.

The curious case of sports nutrition regulation

In the fourth part of NutraIngredients’ sports nutrition series, we scan a category as reliant on its elite sports roots as it is at times reviled by them and the rules that can lead to perfectly good products being called foul.

The science of sports ingredients

In the third part of our special series on sports nutrition, NutraIngredients looks at the reigning champions in sports ingredients and takes a look at the science behind new contenders to the crown.

Drinks innovation boosting sport nutrition

Boosting energy, strength and recovery are just three ways that sports drinks are expanding a booming market, as bars, shots, and powders strain to catch up with the leaders in the field.

Sports nutrition market driven by non-sporty consumers

As global sales of sports nutrition products maintain healthy growth rates, one distinct – and unexpected – group of consumers is emerging as the main driver for the market, made up of people who are not necessarily interested in sports.