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Nutroganics signs deal to bring South African sports products to US

By Hank Schultz , 11-Dec-2013

In another development in the super-heated sports nutrition space, Nutroganics, a firm that specializes in acquiring healthy lifestyle businesses, has signed a deal with South African firm Ultimate Sports Nutrition  to bring USN products to the US market.

Under the memorandum of understanding, Nutroganics will help to distribute USN’s line of premium-priced sports nutrition products, which include protein powders, amino acid blends, rehydration products and a weight-management line.

"This MOU further expands Nutroganics' footprint in the global nutritional markets," said David Sackler, CEO of Nutroganics. 

USN was founded in South Africa in 2000 and specializes in the marketing of sports nutrition supplements.  USN's international product portfolio offers sports performance, weight-loss, and muscle-building products in nutritional delivery systems that are currently sold in over 40 countries. USN generates over $100 million in revenue annually.  The company has pursused an aggressive program of athletic endorsements, with more than 30 athletes and fitness celebrities listed on its brand page.

Supplement deal

Nutroganics has also been moving forward in the supplement realm, having concluded  a ‘reciprocal teaming agreement’ with UK-based Nutresco Limited the exclusive sales and marketing partner for Redrose Manufacturing Limited, a UK-based contract manufacturer.  Redrose offers full brand service including brand development, packaing and fulfillment services. The company has expertise in dietary supplemnts, cosmetics, sun protection products and insect repellants. It’s products are currently being distributed in Europe, and the company has been actively seeking distribution partners in North and South America.

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