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Speciality fats for food and confectionery from AAK

AAK is the world’s leading supplier of speciality oils and fats for food, infant nutrition and confectionery products.

Understanding customer needs is our business

AAK’s vision of being the first choice for value-added vegetable oil solutions can only be realized by putting you as a customer first.
Mutual cooperation facilitates meeting the challenges of enhanced product properties, successful market introductions, and creating or maintaining brand loyalty among consumers. Putting you first also means delivering quality as a prime benefit.

Promoting healthier lifestyles

Everyone needs fats for producing energy, hormones and other essential bodily components, as well as for transporting fatsoluble substances. And just as important, fats contribute to a pleasurable eating experience. The advantage of AAK’s product portfolio is that it consists of natural or modified vegetable oils and fats, of which many have a low saturated fat content, thereby promoting healthier lifestyles.

Total value-added solutions

We don’t just sell products, we offer total value-added solutions. These are comprehensive packages of benefits like problemsolving, customization, market advice, delivery systems, technical support and customer training, along with whatever else is needed to meet your particular needs. And, of course, we complement this with high-quality speciality fats!

Global reach, local presence

No matter where you are in the world, you’re within reach of AAK and can expect a rapid response to your enquiries or needs. As we are a major international company with a global reach and strong local presence, you profit from attentive customer care that provides excellent product and technical support.
Everything we do involves creating opportunities for you.
For the Chocolate and Confectionery industry, AAK provides speciality fat solutions for equivalents and replacers of cocoa butter, as well as filling fats for top quality fillings.
For the Infant Nutrition industry, AAK provides tailor made blends, Akonino, with a specific fatty acid composition.

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