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Understanding the role of Omega Fatty Acids and Choline in Infant Nutrition

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Omega 3 supplementation is one of the most wildly misunderstood aspects of a prenatal, postpartum and infant nutrition, with many of the medical doctors not fully understanding the needs of proper omega intake in the modern pregnancy and infant diet.

KD Pharma has recently introduced Alpha & Omega, a dual action Omega and A-GPC supplement for prenatal and infant nutrition.  Our nutrition experts weigh in on decades’ worth of clinical research surrounding the need for proper Omega supplementation and how that research has led to the formulation of a revolutionary new product for infant nutrition applications.


  • Bruce A. Miller

    Bruce A. Miller

    Executive Vice President

    Marine Ingredients

  • Evan DeMarco

    Evan DeMarco

    Global Director of Brand Management

    KD Pharma