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Endolive and Pomolive by Natac, new clinically proven ingredients.

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Natac is an award-winning Spanish company that develops and manufactures value-added Mediterranean herbal extracts as well as value-added tailor-made formulations for clients looking to differentiate their products from the competition with unique ingredients.

Natac presents ENDOLIVE, a clinically proven olive extract that helps to reduce the following cardiovascular risk factors:

  • Lowers serum glucose and increases HDL.
  • Controls systolic blood pressure.
  • Improves cardiac function.
  • Reduces cardiovascular risk.

Furthermore, Natac has developed POMOLIVE, a combination of olive and apple that has been clinically proven and helps to control the risk factors associated with Metabolic Syndrome:

  • Decreases adipose tissue and increases muscular mass.
  • Reduces waist circumference.
  • Lowers basal glycemia.
  • Lowers elevated triglycerides.

Download our summary Endolive and Pomolive by Natac, new clinically proven ingredients and  learn how ENDOLIVE helps in the prevention of heart disease and how POMOLIVE can help fight a condition affecting 23% of the adult population in the USA and Europe.

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