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Collagen Peptide Innovations for Healthy Aging

Gelita AG | 01-Jun-2015 | PDF Research study
Limited physical performance, muscle loss, the depletion of structural proteins in skin, bones and cartilage, as well as degenerative joi...
GELITA® Gelatine for State-of-the-Art Delivery Systems

GELITA® Gelatine for State-of-the-Art Delivery Systems

Gelita AG | 28-Apr-2015 | PDF Data sheet
The gelatine capsule is the ideal delivery vehicle for a variety of medicines and therapeutic agents. With GELITA® RXL, the company has e...

INNOBIO’s Lutein and Lutein Ester have achieved GRAS status

INNOBIO Limited | 27-Apr-2015 | PDF Data sheet
INNOBIO, your preferred choice for carotenoids, uses only natural plant sources of the highest quality to produce lutein products. Strict...

Growing old gracefully with whey proteins

Arla Foods Ingredients | 22-Apr-2015 | PDF Data sheet
Sarcopenia is one of the most concerning health issues for seniors today affecting as much as 15% of people over 65 and 50% of people ove...

Bars: protein enrichment and textural challenges

Cosucra | 22-Apr-2015 | PDF Application note
Formulating protein bars involves some technological challenges during processing and shelf life. Cosucra’s Pisanes® B9 pea protein is de...

Gelatine: The Softgel Solution for Omega-3 Dosage Forms

Gelita AG | 01-Apr-2015 | PDF Data sheet
Ease of consumptionConsumers not only appreciate the neutral taste and odor of gelatine capsules, the smooth surface also makes them easy...
Verisol - Gelita AG

VERISOL® - Real Beauty comes from Within

Gelita AG | 19-Mar-2015 | PDF Clinical study
From the age of about 30 onwards, the performance of skin cells called fibroblasts deteriorates and collagen synthesis is reduced. Conseq...

Pycnogenol® for Enhanced Cognitive Performance

Horphag Research | 16-Feb-2015 | PDF Clinical study
A new study shows daily supplementation with Pycnogenol® can improve memory, focus, decision making and mood in healthy professionals.

INNOBIO® Astaxanthin, Extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis!

INNOBIO Limited | 26-Jan-2015 | PDF Data sheet
INNOBIO® Astaxanthin is extracted exclusively from the natural microalgae, Haematococcus pluvialis. INNOBIO transforms this raw extr...
Science and innovation for carbohydrates for sports nutrition

Science and innovation for carbohydrates for sports nutrition

William Reed Business Media | 10-Sep-2014 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Sugar and carbs in general have become public enemy number one for many nutritionists, so are carbohydrates losing their allure in sports...
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