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Flavourtech Pty Ltd

Flavoutech Pty Ltd

Flavourtech are setting a new standard in enabling the manufacture of High Quality end products. Their technologies are utilised in the coffee, tea, flavour, fragrance, dairy, alcoholic beverage, nutraceutical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

They are a world leader in the development, design and manufacture of thin film distillation, evaporation and extraction systems based on spinning cone technology. The primary advantages of their technologies include:

  • The protection of heat sensitive products
  • Extremely efficient contact processes
  • Easy handling of highly viscous products and slurries
  • Desired product characteristics are maintained

Applications include:

  • Natural flavour extraction
  • Tea & Coffee essence and extract production
  • Alcohol removal from beer and wine
  • Aroma recovery and management
  • Concentration of bioactive ingredients

Products include:

  • Spinning Cone Column (SCC) – Used for Aroma Recovery, Flavour Management and Extraction. The SCC efficiently and cost effectively separates volatile compounds such as natural aroma and flavours from their source.
  • Centritherm® evaporator – A centrifugal low temperature evaporator. The product film takes only one second to pass over the heating surface at low temperatures. The unit is particularly suited for the concentration of heat sensitive, valuable or viscous products.
  • Integrated Extraction System (IES) – A modular system which allows for the simultaneous extraction of aroma and soluble solids to produce a premium quality concentrate.
  • Rotating Disc Column (RDC) - a continuous-flow (solid-liquid) contacting device that allows precise, predictable control over the contact conditions. It approaches plug-flow and can be used to process slurries, suspensions and clear liquids for extraction and reaction applications.

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