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Get your products into great shape with Lacprodan® DI-7017

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Related applications: Proteins, peptides, amino acids , Energy
Arla Food Ingredients

Whey protein has been shown to be nutritionally superior to other sources of protein when it comes to promoting satiety and improving muscle mass. Now Arla Foods Ingredients has developed Lacprodan® DI-7017, an advanced whey protein suitable for use in a range of applications targeting the sports nutrition and functional food and drink markets, including water and dairy-based beverages and soups 

It is high in branched chain amino acids, which optimise the body’s muscle-building and satiety response mechanisms, and offers a quicker digestion time in comparison with casein, another popular source of milk protein. 

It contains 100% whey protein, is UHT-stable (when direct heat is used), offers neutral pH and tastes good. These attributes make it especially attractive to manufacturers wishing to develop long shelf life products designed for weight management and the increase of muscle mass simultaneously.


  • 100% whey protein
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • Highly digestible and soluble
  • UHT-stable at neutral pH
  • Suitable for long shelf life products

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