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Manufacturer and supplier of premium Vitamin K2 MK-7 through organic synthesis

Kappa Bioscience

Kappa Bioscience is the premier manufacturer of Vitamin K2 as MK-7.  Through a proprietary organic synthesis Kappa provides an all trans Vitamin K2 MK-7 product with complete bio-availability and bio-activity, ensuring maximum functionality. . With manufacturing in the US and Norway, we serve the global demands with direct sales and a network of business partners.

With the innovative IP protected manufacturing of this highly functional vitamin, we can enable broad adoption at a cost-effective  price.

Due to its long half-life in the blood stream, vitamin K2 MK-7 enables effective carboxylation of K-dependent proteins, such as osteocalcin and MGP. Once activated, these proteins are a crucial milestone for arterial health and ensure calcium is absorbed from the blood into the bone mass, giving better calcium utilization without adding arterial calcification risks.


Vitamin K2 MK-7: A stability challenge, a market study

Demand for vitamin K2 has increased rapidly over the past decade as awareness of its role in bone and cardiovascular health has spread. However, studies run by Kappa Bioscience show many K2 products contain lower-than-claimed levels of the vitamin, a finding that threatens to undermine the market and its products’ ability to provide health benefits and slow the natural effects of aging.

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  • Address: Kappa Bioscience AS, Oslo Innovation Center, Gaustadalléen 21, , 0349, Oslo, Norway