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New Market Study Reveals K2 Stability Problem

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Half of all vitamin K2 products tested in a 2016 Market Study missed label claim by 50% or more. One-in-five demonstrated no measurable K2 content (zero). These products failed in both multi-ingredient formulations and K2-only formulations. Only one category of K2 product performed at 100% label claim.

Vitamin K2 is a fat-soluble vitamin, and like vitamins A, D and E it can degrade in certain formulations. Unprotected K2 MK-7 does not tolerate calcium or magnesium. This is bad news for many bone, heart and multivitamin products. What’s behind these poor study results? Is there a solution?

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Vitamin K2 MK-7: A stability challenge, a market study

Demand for vitamin K2 has increased rapidly over the past decade as awareness of its role in bone and cardiovascular health has spread. However, studies run by Kappa Bioscience show many K2 products contain lower-than-claimed levels of the vitamin, a finding that threatens to undermine the market and its products’ ability to provide health benefits and slow the natural effects of aging.

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