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Consumers willing to pay a premium for tooth-friendly confectionery: Beneo

By Nathan Gray , 14-Sep-2011
Last updated on 15-Sep-2011 at 10:16 GMT2011-09-15T10:16:01Z

Consumers seeking a healthier alternative to sugar-coated chocolate sweets are willing to pay up to a 10 per cent premium for tooth-friendly variations of sweets and confectionery products, if they came to market, according to Beneo

The market research survey from the ingredient manufacturer investigated consumer acceptance of and interest in tooth-friendly coated chocolate sweets by measuring price sensitivity.

Beneo conducted its survey in Germany, the second largest market in the world in respect to new ideas within the category of sugar-coated chocolate sweets, said the supplier.

Surveying women aged 14 and over, it found that participants liked the idea of tooth-friendly chocolate lenses. They also indicated their willingness to buy such a product if it became available in stores. The poll also found that almost 90 per cent of people who regularly eat sugar-coated chocolates and more than one-third of non-users are willing to try the new idea.

Beneo also said the survey results revealed that the consumers would accept a 10 per cent higher price for a tooth-friendly alternative.

The company added that it is confident the positive reaction from consumers will lead to tooth-friendly sugar-coated chocolates being brought to market.

Tooth-friendly ingredients

Beneo claims that its Palatinose ingredient is the only fully digestible dissacharide that is tooth-friendly. It explained that Palatinose, which is derived from sugar beet, releases full carbohydrate energy over a longer period of time with little effect on blood glucose levels.

Niederauer added that “tooth-friendly chocolate cores and coloured coatings are possible without any undesired side effects.”

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