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The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive is changing the face of the botanicals extracts and supplements sector – in the European Union at least. The requirement for herbals to demonstrate good science has never been more urgent as health claims scrutiny tightens and consumer interest heightens.

Echium omega-3 oil replacer wins UK novel food nod

UK authorities have backed a seed-based omega-3 and omega-6 oil source marketed as an alternative to echium oil after reviewing an EU novel foods application.

WHO’s new complementary medicine strategy draws praise from industry

The launch of the World Health Organisation’s new strategy for traditional and complementary medicines (T&CM) has met with approval from industry groups.

Dispatches from #FIE2013

Arsenal FC nutritionist: ‘Food supplements have a big part to play.’

James Collins, bespoke nutritionist at Arsenal Football Club and with other elite athletes, says food supplements and sports nutrition products are highly important to top athletes - so important their...

Guest article

EFSA ephedra opinion ‘significant step forward’ in EU botanical regulation: Consultant

Last week the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) joined many other global regulators in concluding the controversial herb ephedra and its extracts are unsafe in food supplements, an assessment welcomed...

Energy drinks linked with higher heart contraction rates

Energy drinks significantly increase heart contraction rates in healthy young adults according to an ongoing study reported at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).


UK herbal sector to feel (righteous) pain as THMPD enforcement kicks in for real?

The EU herbal products sector has come in with a mixed reaction to the UK MHRA announcement last week that the sell-through period for unregistered herbal medicines would finish on...

Raisio says stanols are better than sterols for cholesterol reduction (at high-dose)

Finnish plant stanol leader and Benecol brand owner Raisio says plant sterol users like rival Unilever (pro.activ) are piggybacking off stanol science in high-dose products and wants the EU to...

Guest article

What is the true cost of reduced plant food consumption?

Increasing intakes of soy and other plant-based foods and supplements can reduce environmental burdens – but does the political will exist to do it? Not really, says the chair of...

News in brief

More woe for OxyElite Pro as Euro ban widens

Italy, Portugal and Ireland have joined a growing list of nations to ban pre-workout supplement, OxyElite Pro.

THMPD implementation

UK medicines regulator slams door on herbal food supplements

Botanical food supplements deemed medicinal have less than six months to achieve herbal medicines status or be removed from shelves in the UK – but the sector says the law...

The next 2-3 years will see a huge shift towards DNA barcoding for botanicals: AuthenTechnologies CEO

DNA barcoding for botanicals has a bright future, despite comments that it may not yet be fit for purpose, and the next 2-3 years will see a ‘huge shift’ towards...

Vegetable protein may help kidney disease patients live longer: Study

Increased consumption of vegetable protein may be associated with increased survival among people with kidney disease, according to new research.

Nestlé defends plant patenting as 300,000 protest

Nestlé has affirmed its position in the face of an NGO-led petition begun in April that has won 331,500 signatures protesting the food firm's intentions for the nutrient-rich fennel flower.

Showtime: 'Manberry' extract takes stage in Las Vegas

French botanicals giant Naturex has debuted a cranberry extract – most typically aimed at women with urinary tract infection (UTI) issues - marketed at with elderly men with similar problems.

Glucosamine: food or drug?

MHRA and HFMA defend glucosamine against pharma attack

The UK’s major food supplements trade association has joined the local medicines regulator in fighting a pharma player-led High Court legal action to ban glucosamine’s right to exist as both a food...

UK warns against another USPLabs pre-workout supplement

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has warned consumers off VERSA-1, the second pre-workout sports supplement made by Texas-based manufacturer USPLabs containing the disputed ingredient, aegeline.

UK medicines agency issues OxyElite Pro 'no-no'

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has joined the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) in warning consumers off pre-workout sports supplement, OxyElite Pro.

Curcumin extracts win EU patents

Indiana-based Verdure Sciences has won a patent in 8 European countries for its Longvida curcumin extracts.

News in brief

Pomegranate extracts show joint and skin health potential

Punicalagins from pomegranate may offer benefits for joint and skin health by inhibiting the activity of enzymes that break collagen, according to data from cell and animal studies.

Special edition: Botanicals. Editor's blog

Has EFSA sparked a light in Europe’s dark botanical tunnel?

The botanicals industry was pleasantly surprised recently when the EU’s central science agency backed an isolated health claim for a bowel-benefitting herbal blend – but is EFSA really changing its...

Special edition: Botanicals

In pictures: The top botanicals and their health benefits

The botanicals sector is worth $5.6 billion in the US alone, and includes a diverse range of botanicals, from cranberry to St John's wort. In this special gallery we take a...

Special edition: Botanicals

Better supply chain management will bring sustainability and quality, says botanical expert

Botanical players who are serious about providing good quality products must take more care of their supply chain in order to increase sustainability and build quality, says Professor Monique Simmonds,...

Special edition: Botanicals

EU's ongoing botanicals battle: ‘Consumers need more information’

The European Union botanicals sector has been in limbo since 2010 when 2078 botanical health claim applications were placed on hold as the European Commission bowed to pressure to reconsider...

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA backs botanical blend for better bowel function

EFSA has said a plant-based blend of hydroxyanthracene derivatives can improve bowel function after analysing a dossier with two unpublished clinical trials from a French firm.

Analyst: EFSA botanical health claim approval is a ‘sea change’

EFSA’s approval this week of a botanical health claim for bowel health represents a significant shift in its assessment methodologies, according to an EU food law expert.

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