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The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive is changing the face of the botanicals extracts and supplements sector – in the European Union at least. The requirement for herbals to demonstrate good science has never been more urgent as health claims scrutiny tightens and consumer interest heightens.

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2011

EU regulatory experts debate herbs (don’t panic) and health claims (shout louder)

The European Union Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) is ultimately a force for good, although some “small guys” may disagree, says leading consultancy and contract research organisation, analyze&realize. The...

Indian middle class seeks combo of Ayurvedic and modern supplements

The Indian supplements market is ‘ripe’, according to Jeff Hilton of Integrated Marketing Group, who has been conducting research in advance of a new launch later this year of a...

Cranberry players debate meaning of fresh French advice

The cranberry industry, divided over differing methods of measuring the active proanthocyanidins (PACs) content of the berries, are offering differing interpretations of new advice from the French food agency (ANSES).

High prices unlikely to dull global thirst for coffee

Coffee prices may have reached record highs but they are unlikely to derail the hot drink from its high growth path, according to the head of beverage research at Euromonitor.

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2011

Measure for measure: Cranberry wars rage on

The long-standing dispute within the cranberry industry about the most appropriate way to measure the urinary tract infection (UTI)-battling berry’s active constituents was resolved in France recently when a government...

Gencor rejected weight management claims now EU law

Hong Kong-based Gencor Pacific has failed to convince the European Commission and EU member states to alter the European Food Safety Authority’s rejection of weight management claims for its extract,...

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2011

BASF-Cognis acquisition delivering customer benefits

Integration is fully underway after the merger last year between the two German ingredient giants, Cognis and BASF, with projects developing under the newly formed Human Nutrition unit in the...

UK herbal veteran Professor Edzard Ernst retires

Professor Edzard Ernst, who once had a famous spat with Prince Charles after criticising claims being made by the Prince’s now defunct Foundation for Integrated Health , has announced his has...

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2011

Vitafoods 2011 roundup: Industry finds new strength post-recession and EFSA

Vitafoods Europe 2011 revealed upbeat ingredients, supplements and functional food players forging ahead after the recent recession years and rapidly adapting to life under strict European Union health claim regulations.

Dispatches from Vitafoods Europe 2011

Ocean Spray and Artemis team up for cranberry supplements

Ocean Spray’s Ingredients Technology Group has forged a new partnership with Artemis International to help it extend the use of its cranberry extracts in nutraceuticals and gather market intelligence.

Potato protein targets sports nutrition market

Dutch start-up Solanic is promoting the bioavailability and sustainability of its potato-derived protein isolates, ahead of a global launch at the Vitafoods Europe trade fair next week in Geneva.

THMPD Implementation

UK herbal industry concerns raised by THMPD deadline

The completion this week of the seven-year window for over-the-counter botanical products to comply with the 2004 Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) has only raised anxiety in the UK...

Lallemand launches immunity blend

Lallemand Health Ingredients is promoting a selenium, vitamin D and yeast beta-glucan immunity blend with the intention of using European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)-approved health claim opinions.

THMPD Implementation

Germany and France: EU Herbal Directive won’t damage us

The European Union Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) – fully implemented across the bloc after a seven-year transition period over the weekend – has been welcomed by German and...

Cayenne pepper consumption could help curb appetite, study suggests

Hot cayenne pepper could help burn calories and curb appetite, particularly for people who do not regularly eat spicy food, suggests a new study from Purdue University.

Danisco pushing for phytosterol debut in 12 months

Danish giant Danisco hopes to have products on shelves “within 12 months” for a new pine-sourced free and esterified phytosterol offering targeting heart health it has branded PinVita.

Special edition: Inflammation

Inflammation: The expression of a very modern malady

Extra-curricular inflammation of the human body is very real and costing healthcare providers billions globally. But where did it come from and are current efforts helping it go away?

Asia continues to dominate soy milk consumption

Eight of the top 12 soy drink consuming countries are Asian with Hong Kong residents consuming the most at 17 litres per year each, according to TetraPak data.

Australian state backs antioxidants in foods (if not supplements)

The Victorian Department of Health has posted information on its website backing the ability of antioxidants to battle free radicals.

Spanish initiative seeks functional food solutions

The Spanish government is backing an agro-food scheme that brings ingredient suppliers together with food companies, biotech firms, hospitals, research centres and the IT sector.

Consultant: Walnut positive health claim opinion is “astonishing”

Friday’s fourth batch of article 13 general function health claims highlighted inconsistencies in the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approach, according to Joerg Gruenwald, PhD, the president of German health...

Industry groups urge EC to rethink health claim criteria (again)

The ongoing high rejection rate of health claim submissions under European Union regulations has prompted EU trade groups to reiterate their stance that the claims assessment process needs a severe...

New data can boost article 13.4 or 13.5 lutein health claims: Consultant

Claims consultant and European food regulation specialist, Patrick Coppens, from the Brussels-based consultancy European Advisory Services, says new data could win lutein players a positive health claim opinion.

EFSA health claim opinions - article 13, batch 4

EFSA issues batch four of article 13 health claims

The European Food Safety Authority’s health claims panel this morning issued 442 fresh article 13 general function health claim opinions, causing a run on its site that crashed it for...

Vitabiotics: ASA refused EFSA’s positive vitamin B12 brain health opinion

UK food supplements manufacturer Vitabiotics says the UK advertising watchdog rejected as evidence a positive EFSA health claim opinion for vitamin B12 and brain function it submitted to back claims...

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