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The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive is changing the face of the botanicals extracts and supplements sector – in the European Union at least. The requirement for herbals to demonstrate good science has never been more urgent as health claims scrutiny tightens and consumer interest heightens.

Danisco forms pine-sourced phytosterol partnership

Scandinavian ingredients giant Danisco has signed a “long term” deal to market globally the free and esterified phytosterol offerings of US firm Arboris.

Indian FDA seizes Unilever tea products over antioxidant claims

The Indian Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has seized nearly 17,000 packets of a Unilever red tea product for making non-approved antioxidant claims.

Quality of herbal industry adverse event reporting on the rise

Quality information about botanical product adverse events has improved markedly over the past decade according to a mini-meta analysis.

China tightens raw materials laws for supplements makers

Dietary supplement manufacturers operating in China will have to do more to guarantee the quality of their supply chains, after Chinese authorities imposed new quality control regulations last week.

Solae gains ethical business recognition

Business best practice thinktank Ethisphere has named DuPont-Bunge soy joint venture, Solae, among its most ethical companies in 2011 for the second year running.

Australia ponders legalising hemp foods

Australian regulators are considering allowing non-psychoactive versions of fatty acid and nutrient-rich hemp into the food supply and have opened a public consultation on the matter.

€26m Spanish functional foods initiative targets the elderly

A Spanish government-backed scheme that unites academia and business is set to deliver a range of functional food solutions at the end of next year targeting health issues suffered by...

Olive oil polyphenols’ heart benefits boosted: Human study

Daily doses of polyphenol-rich olive oil may boost levels of an antibody that counters oxidized LDL cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of artery hardening and heart disease, suggest new data...

UK watchdog censors immunity, eye, memory ads

The UK Advertising Authority (ASA) has ruled an email campaign for a magnesium supplement made misleading immunity claims.

Australian state warns against heart-toxic slimming herbs

The Australian state of New South Wales is warning consumers off weight loss herbal products after testing revealed they contained toxic botanical extracts.

Nestlé boosts Chinese food science activity

Food giant Nestlé has opened a new food science lab in mainland China as it extends the activity of its Beijing-based Nestlé Research Center (NRC).

ASA attacked over CAM health claim expertise

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) does not have the scientific know-how to deliver health claim marketing verdicts in the botanicals area, according to a natural health lobby group.

Provexis hopes new functional ingredients will rocket

Provexis is drawing closer to the commercialisation of many of its functional food ingredients, chief executive Stephen Moon told Food Manufacture.

UK man gets six months for selling illegal herbal supplements

A UK man has been handed a six months suspended prison sentence and 200 hours of community service for selling illegal herbal supplements.

Australia, Denmark issue warnings against tainted herbal supplements

Australians and Danes are being warned off contaminated, herbal food supplements with both countries highlighting grey or black market internet or overseas trade as the major source of the products.

UK watchdog rules against fermented soy-flax menopause supplement marketing

UK supplements manufacturer Passion for Life Healthcare has amended marketing materials for a menopausal fermented soy-flax supplement called Femarelle after the Advertising Standards Authority there upheld a complaint against them.

News in brief

UK man to be sentenced for selling illegal herbal supplements

The UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) reports a man will face sentencing this week for selling and supplying unauthorised herbal medicines.

Special edition: heart health

Regulation: Science-backed cardio claims quicken sector’s global pulse

In part four of this NutraIngredients heart health special we look at how regulators view those foods, drinks and supplements making cardiovascular claims

NGO set to file THMPD legal challenge by end of March

Non-governmental organisation ANH-International is set to file its legal challenge to the controversial Traditional Herbal Medicines Product Directive (THMPD) at the High Court in London by the end of March,...

Banned drug sibutramine found in weight loss pills

The banned pharma ingredient sibutramine has been found at dangerously high levels in a Taditional Chinese Medicine weight loss supplement, the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said...

Do weight loss supplements work? No, says researcher

Slimming supplements are an ineffective weight loss method, a researcher has found after scanning the literature in the area.

Superfoods science and reporting slammed in NHS report

Much of what is written about superfoods is “inaccurate or unhelpful,” according to a new damning report from the UK National Health Service (NHS) website NHS Choices.

Raisio turns in healthy results and promises further acquisitions

Finnish ingredients and branded foods player Raisio – the owner of the stanol-cholesterol reduction brand Benecol, will continue seeking acquisitions, it announced in its 2010 financial statement that saw EBIT...

Bio-Health says herbal product firms have no excuses on EC regulation

UK herbal medicine and dietary supplement firm Bio-Health says that larger industry players in particular have no excuse for failing to register products under the new EC regulation governing herbal...

Chocolate is the new super fruit, claim Hershey scientists

Cocoa powder and dark chocolate has equivalent polyphenol content and greater antioxidant and flavanol content than various super fruits, claims a new study by research scientists based at the Hershey...

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