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Health claims

Functional foods and supplements are as successful as the claims they can make. But new health claim regulations in Europe, and a tightening regulatory environment in the US can make it hard to know how messages must be communicated without overstepping the line.

Diabetes supplement rapped for misleading claims

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled diabetes claims for a dietary supplement are not scientifically backed and told the manufacturer the adverts must not appear again in their...

Unilever: Slim.Fast brand name is not a health claim

Dutch-British food company Unilever says Slim.Fast, the brand name for its highly popular weight management product, is not under threat of being construed as an unauthorised health claim in the...

Exclusive interview

EFSA health claims chief: Our methods are misunderstood

In part two of this exclusive NutraIngredients podcast, Professor Albert Flynn, chair of European Food Safety Authority’s Scientific Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA) refutes criticism the agency...

Danone (quietly) ditches Shape 'Feel fuller for longer'

Danone has quietly dropped its hunger-busting Feel fuller for longer brand and pumped all available resources into promoting its Shape Zer0% fat-free yogurts instead.

MEPs head to EFSA with health claim questions

A group of eight Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) met with EFSA representatives last week to discuss matters including health claims, nutrient profiling, GMOs and nanotechnology in food.

Exclusive interview

Health claims chief highlights EFSA’s compromised comms policy

Professor Albert Flynn, chair of European Food Safety Authority’s Scientific Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA) tells Shane Starling how its communication ambitions are being thwarted by a...

Exclusive interview

DSM CEO: “food ingredients are not pharmaceuticals”

The president and chief executive officer of DSM Nutritional Products, Leendert Staal, says his company is facing up to life under EU’s new health claims rules, but has not changed...

Industry examines economic impact of claims regulation

The economic impact of the new European health claims regulation on the nutrition industry will become clearer within the next three months, when the results of an independent assessment are...

EU amends sterol/stanol health claims

Amended European Union plant sterols/stanols health claims will permit products such as spreads and yoghurts to make claims with a lower content of the cholesterol-lowering ingredients.

Probiotics players seek health claims strategy

Stakeholders in the probiotics industry came together for a regulatory workshop in Slovakia last week to discuss how to deal with the challenges the sector faces from the new European...

Telecommunications are health claim loophole, says consultant

Health claims made about food products via telephone marketing calls could place some companies at an unfair advantage by allowing them to sidestep the EU nutrition and health claims regulation,...

Article 13.5 won’t resolve EFSA’s data gaps

Re-formatting and re-submitting rejected, article 13.1 health claim dossiers under article 13.5 will not miraculously turn red lights green as many are hoping, according to a leading European health claims expert.

EC considers extending ALA claim to DHA

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)-backed claims linking omega-3 form ALA and cognitive and eye function may be extended to DHA, a recent, specially convened European Commission-hosted meeting has suggested.

Mathioudakis: Only member states can withdraw art 13.1 health claims

Generic, article 13.1 health claims can be withdrawn from the European Union nutrition and health claims system, but only via member state authorities and not individual companies or parties that...

DSM builds health platforms on positive EFSA opinions

Anthony Hehir, market development manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa, DSM Nutritional products tells Shane Starling about the reasoning behind the company’s new health benefit-based portfolio.

Firms must collaborate to secure health claims, says Coke

Food companies will increasingly have to pool resources and work with each other in order to fund the kind of human intervention studies required to support health claims, according to...

Yoghurt group cautiously optimistic on EFSA’s probiotic approach

A group representing some of the key players in the probiotic world has welcomed certain commitments made by the European Food Safety Authority, saying these will help open up the...

German courts pre-empting EC joint health claims

Glucosamine and chondroitin products are being stripped from shelves in Germany following local court orders based on European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) negative health claim opinions – before they have...

EFSA gut health workshop will decide Danone’s next claims move

Global probiotics leader Danone says its withdrawn probiotic health claim dossiers will remain untouched on its shelves at least until it attends a gut and immune health claim workshop to...

EFSA health claims summit

“Dialogue is key” says EFSA, but industry not satisfied

The European Food Safety Authority yesterday committed to increased applicant dialogue and a series of health claim workshops at the stakeholders meeting it hosted yesterday at its Parma headquarters, but...

Do food claims improve consumer health, asks BNF

Functional and fortified foods have a key role to play in filling the nutritional gaps in consumer diets, but on-pack signposting is key to helping people make informed choices, says...

EFSA health claims summit

Industry hoping for answers at EFSA health claims summit

About 250 highly concerned industry representatives have gathered at EFSA’s Parma headquarters today for a day-long health claims summit, with early reports this morning indicating there was little being...

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA turns down beta-glucan immunity health claim

The latest negative health claim opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) finds no immune benefits linked to a yeast extract supplied by German firm Leiber.

Health claims will change – not stifle – innovation, NDA panel member

The EU Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation is unlikely to stifle innovation within the food industry as many fear, according to a member of the European Food Safety Authority’s NDA...

Dairy industry gives Codex meeting a mixed review

A recent Codex meeting considering proposals on labelling additives and nutrients has received a mixed reception from dairy trade representatives.

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