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Whether fish-derived or vegetarian, omega-3 has become a household term. Supplement sales continue to grow, and more and more foods are being fortified with the healthy fatty acids. But getting omega-3 foods into the mainstream remains a challenge.

Frost predicts buoyant global omega-3 growth

A “flood of scientific evidence” for omega-3 forms DHA and EPA, positive press, elevated consumer awareness and proactive industry representation will drive 60%+ omega-3 growth in coming years, according to...

UK watchdog rules omega-3 supplements adverts medicinal

A national press campaign for omega-3 food supplements that claimed they could, “cure reflux, severe eczema and arthritis” has been challenged by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

New technology delivers omega-3 chews for private label

UK-based Oxford Nutrascience has teamed up with Ocean Nutrition Canada (ONC) to develop omega-3 chews, which it plans to supply to dietary supplement firms around Europe for their own-label lines.

New global omega-3 research centre to boost innovation

A new global Omega-3 Innovation Centre to boost innovation by co-ordinating research into incorporating the fatty acids into human and fish diets is due to open near Oslo, Norway next...

Sea buckthorn oil may ease dry eye symptoms

An oil rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from sea buckthorn may reduce symptoms of dry eye syndrome, says a new study from the University of Turku.

Omega-3 shows benefits against ‘oxidative stress’: Study

The heart health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA may be related to their ability to reduce oxidative stress, suggests new research.

EC considers extending ALA claim to DHA

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)-backed claims linking omega-3 form ALA and cognitive and eye function may be extended to DHA, a recent, specially convened European Commission-hosted meeting has suggested.

Omega-3 may protect against hearing loss: Study

Increased intakes of omega-3 fatty acids, and the fish that provide them, may reduce the risk of age-related hearing loss, says a new study from the University of Sydney.

Beef: a more palatable source of omega-3s than fish?

Scientists exploring how to improve the fatty acid profile of beef by manipulating the diets of cattle are confident they can deliver meat containing enough healthy fat to make ‘source...

Mental health epidemic is "great threat to humanity": Expert

A change in the nutritional paradigm away from calories towards healthy brain growth is needed if society is to avoid an impending mental health epidemic, leading omega-3 researchers have said.

Aker to gain krill harvest certification

Norwegian krill supplier Aker Biomarine has been confirmed to receive a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification that backs the environmental sustainability of its krill harvesting methods.

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA rejects Innéov skin health claim

French nutricosmetics specialist Laboratoires Innéov has had a submission linking its proprietary blend with improved skin health turned down by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claims panel.

Dispatches from Vitafoods

Lycored enters omega-3 market

Lycored has taken its first step outside the carotenoid sector with a vegetarian omega-3 launch that is the fruition of several years’ research, it was announced at the Vitafoods trade...

Enzymotec krill gets Novel Food status

Krill oil as a food ingredient has received another boost in Europe, with Israeli firm Enzymotec announcing its krill product line has obtained Novel Food status.

Pharma techniques deliver high-dose omega-3 form

Scottish omega-3 supplier, Equateq, says drug manufacturing separation methods are permitting it to deliver omega-3 EPA and DHA at 90 per cent combinations.

Omega-3 linked to healthier, stronger bones: Rat study

Increased intakes of omega-3 fatty acids, and DHA in particular, may increase bone mineral content and produce healthier, stronger bones, suggest results from a study with rats.

Aker targets Taiwanese krill oil market

Marking its first entry into the Asian market, Norwegian krill oil supplier Aker BioMarine has forged a partnership with Compson Trade Co. to distribute its product Superba Krill Oil within...

Martek to renew focus on ageing adults on back of DHA memory study

Martek is set to give greater focus to DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) products targeted at older adults after a study published this week confirmed the brain health benefits of DHA consumption...

Omega-3-rich drink may affect omega-3 index

Consuming a convenience drink enriched with omega-3 fatty acids led to increases in blood levels of the beneficial fatty acids, and may enhance heart health, says a new study from...

Study questions omega-3 for brain function

Daily supplements of omega-3 fatty acids may not benefit brain function in older people, says a new randomised trial.

Special edition: Joint health

Science: The benefits of glucosamine and omega-3

In the third part of our series on joint health, we look at the sometimes conflicting but always burgeoning science behind the ingredients.

Omega-3 DHA may boost male fertility: For mice at least

Supplements of the omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) may reverse abnormalities in sperm associated with infertility, suggests a new study with mice.

Omega-3 intakes may improve diabetic kidney health

Increased intakes of omega-3 fatty acids may reduce kidney damage in type-1 diabetics, without impacting the incidence of the condition, says a new study.

Aker inks first major EU krill supplements deal

Norwegian krill player Aker BioMarine is reaping the benefits of the European Union novel food approval it achieved in December 2009 by signing its first major food supplements deal in...

Omega-3 may slash risk of heart failure: Study

Increased intakes of fatty fish, and the omega-3s they contain, may reduce a woman’s risk of heart failure by about 25 per cent, according to new findings from the US...

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