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Whether fish-derived or vegetarian, omega-3 has become a household term. Supplement sales continue to grow, and more and more foods are being fortified with the healthy fatty acids. But getting omega-3 foods into the mainstream remains a challenge.

Norwegian omega-3 players enter UK; develop hard tablets

Firms operating out of the omega-3 supply stronghold Norway have pushed into the UK market and developed new omega-3 forms.

Special Edition: Brain-boosting ingredients

Global brain health market pushing $2bn mark as Asia and supplements shine

Sales of brain health boosting food supplements like omega-3s, the B vitamin group, vitamin C and phosphatidylserine are driving the category toward sales of €2bn globally, even as brain-boosting foods...

Special Edition: Brain Boosting Ingredients

EPA stands alone as a depression fighter

Omega 3s have been studied for their effect on cognitive health for decades. The science linking EPA with this health indication is less well developed than that for DHA, but...

High serum omega-3 status linked to lower brain abnormalities in the elderly

A high level of long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in blood may lower the risk of small infarcts and other brain abnormalities that are linked to cognitive decline in...

New firm seals deal on £35m omega-3 acquisitions

New London based supplement firm Burr and Burr has announced the completion of two brand acquisitions totalling £35m within the omega-3 health supplement sector.

Food firms get aid for brain claims

Leatherhead Food Research (LFR) is working on a project to support food and drink processors seeking to make cognitive performance claims for their products.

Neptune, Rimfrost end patent dispute, enter into krill oil supply agreement

The lengthy court battles in the krill sector took a new turn when the category’s newest entrant, Rimfrost, settled a patent dispute and entered into a supply agreement with Neptune...

DSM seeks algae omega-3 expansion for infant formula

DSM Nutritional Products has applied for an EU novel foods extension for a micro-algae-derived DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) omega-3 form to be used in infant formula products.

Does new study cast doubt on omega-3 brain benefits?

Consumption of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids may not offer protection against cognitive declines, according to new study. However researchers have warned that the findings should not mean that we think...

Swedes invest €4.3m in Norwegian medical omega-3 player

Norwegian high-dose omega-3 player Smartfish is investing in new studies, an R&D facility and regional growth after winning a €4.3m (SEK35m) investment from a Swedish government-backed venture capital firm....

New deal will bring herring caviar omega 3 to Malaysia for first time

Omega 3 from herring caviar will find a new market in Southeast Asia following a deal inked last week between Norway’s Arctic Nutrition and Holista Colltech of Malaysia that will...

Spanish and Poles team on olive oil and omega-3 project

Southern and central European firms Genosa and Europharma Alliance are blending their respective omega-3 and olive oil extract knowledge in heart health food supplements.

More omega-3 may reduce symptoms of ADHD: Rat study

There is a clear connection between the intake of omega-3 fatty acids and declines in ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) symptoms in rats, according to new research.

Omega-3 fish oil may protect against alcohol-related dementia: Lab data

Consumption of the omega-3 long chain fatty acid DHA could help to protect against alcohol-related dementia, according to new data from lab studies.

New findings suggest DHA supplements can improve sleep quality

Omega-3 status linked to sleep quality in school children: New data

Consumption of omega-3 from food or supplements could help to improve sleep quality in children, according to new data presented yesterday.

Aker doubles R&D team to take krill science beyond fish

Norwegian krill player Aker BioMarine has taken on eight scientists to drive nascent krill science forward and speed product development in the omega-3 category’s fastest growing sub-sector.

Guest article

7-year gap: New nutrition concepts for a new elderly generation

The ageing population remains under-served in terms of functional food and drink products, says Euromonitor's Diana Cowland, despite 'elderlies' living longer and healthier than ever before.

Omega-3 rich infant formula may boost later intelligence: Study

Consumption of a DHA-enriched formula in infancy may be linked to positive cognitive outcomes in childhood, according to new research data.

Omega Protein accelerates move into human nutrition sectors

Continuing its move toward human nutrition markets has helped Omega Protein deal with a fluctuating supply situation which has seen a lower than average fish catch this year.

Omega-3 fatty acids offer cancer potential: Lab study

Omega-3s - in particular eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) - may offer benefits to people with certain cancers, according to new lab work suggesting that the fatty acids may help kill off...

Generation game: Effects of omega-3 deficiency may worsen over consecutive generations

The negative effects of poor omega-3 intake could become incrementally worse through consecutive generations, according to a new study.

FMC: 'We looked at the omega-3 area broadly and it was clear Epax was the premier property in this space'

While the $345m acquisition of omega-3 firm Epax will keep it busy for a while, FMC Corporation is still on the lookout for other deals in other high-growth areas of...

FMC Corporation makes bold move into omega-3 market with $345m deal to buy Epax

US-based gums, hydrocolloids and natural colors expert FMC Corporation has moved into the omega-3 market with the acquisition of European fish oil giant Epax in a $345m deal.

Omega-3 levels for healthy school children 'well below the minimum recommended for good cardiovascular health in adults'

Omega-3 levels linked to cognition and behavior in schoolchildren: Oxford University study

Blood levels of DHA and other omega-3s are directly related to measures of cognition and behavior in schoolchildren with below average reading ability, says a new study from the UK....

Sea harvest

Consumers only accept sustainable krill, says newly certified Aker Aus

Aker BioMarine’s Australian operation can now carry the Marine Stewardship Council eco-label, something its head says is essential to compete in the eco-fixated market Down Under.

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