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Probiotics may have taken some time to seep into consumer consciousness, especially in the US, but digestive health last year entered the top three fastest growing functional food categories. And with developments in science and technology also come greater opportunities to widen the category beyond the traditional dairy application.

Danone: EFSA is damaging reputation of scientific peer review process

The president of Danone Baby Nutrition (DBN) says European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claim assessment methodologies are threatening the reputation of the scientific peer-review process and sections of the...

UK firm develops ‘pickled grain’ probiotics

UK start-up Symprove is marketing a barley drink featuring probiotics sourced from ‘pickled grain’ technology developed for the animal feed industry.

Gut health linked to excessive weight gain during pregnancy

The link between gut microflora populations and weight may also extend to pregnancy, with a new study revealing that women who gain excessive weight during pregnancy have different microfloral profiles.

‘We’ve had enough of EFSA’, says fed-up global probiotics group

After months of silence the director general of the International Probiotics Association (IPA) has delivered a scathing attack on the European Food Safety Authority’s “flawed” health claim assessment methods.

Low-GI health claims are ‘down, but not out’

While low-glycaemic index (low-GI) health claims have suffered a major setback following last week’s negative opinion from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), it is “by no means the end...

Batch two fall-out: Goodbye article 13.1, hello article 13.5

Article 13.1 health claims are being rejigged and resubmitted under the proprietary and emerging science, article 13.5, after EFSA rejected all but a few submissions in its second batch of...

EFSA mass rejects probiotics and antioxidants as article 13.1 batch two published

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued negative opinions to ‘most’ of 416 health claim dossiers including submissions linking health benefits to vitamin D, probiotics, green tea, black tea,...

Probiotics for mum during pregnancy may cut obesity in child: Study

Taking probiotics during pregnancy may lead to less diabetes during pregnancy and reduce the risk of obesity later in a baby’s life, says a new study.

Gut microflora and diabetes: Study suggests role for pro-, pre-biotics

Bacterial populations in the gut of diabetics differ from non-diabetics, says a new study from Denmark that may open up a potential role for modify gut microflora with probiotics and...

Danone resubmits Actimel probiotic immunity health claim

Ten months after it withdrew its marquee probiotic submissions from the European Union health claims process for reconfiguring, Danone has fully re-entered the game by lodging a tweaked dossier for...

Hansen revels in probiotic female niche

Danish supplier Chr Hansen says the two probiotic-strain combination it has been promoting for more than a year to target women’s vaginal problems is now present in products in more...

Winclove withdraws probiotic health claims to avoid market “damage”

Dutch probiotics supplier, Winclove Bio Industries, has pulled its entire range of 30 health claim submissions from the European Union health claims process, in fear of the business impact of...

Yakult to commence US production in 2012

Japanese probiotics pioneer, Yakult Honsha, will commence manufacturing its little probiotic dairy bottles in the US for the first time in 2012, the company has announced, as it seeks to...

Probiotics player ‘puzzled’ by EFSA health claim response

Swedish probiotics player, Probi, is pursuing “unofficial” dialogue with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) after the scientific agency closed the formal process by rejecting its probiotic health claim appeal.

Indian probiotics market to quadruple by 2015

India’s probiotics market has been highlighted by researcher Frost & Sullivan as a “major growth market of the future”, with annual growth of 22.6 per cent until 2015.

Danisco enters niche probiotic juice category

Beverage manufacturers seeking to extend their health and wellness portfolio can now incorporate a clinical dose of an immune boosting probiotic strain to their refrigerated fruit juice range while keeping...

EFSA health claim opinion

EFSA rejects kids’ probiotic gut health claim

A dossier containing 13 randomised controlled trials, 6 observational studies, and 15 non-human studies has failed to impress European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) scientists because the four strains in question...

Health claims: How do we define ‘healthy’?

With ‘healthy’ populations identified as the ideal for the European Food Safety Authority’s health claims, NutraIngredients asks Yakult – what exactly is healthy?

India calls for Indian probiotic studies and strains

India is developing guidelines that may mean probiotic strains will have to be backed by clinical trials conducted on Indian populations if they are to gain market approval.

Probiotics: From clinical trial to health claims success

As a raft of non-positive opinions on probiotics floats down the health claims river, questions have been asked of the efficacy of the beneficial bacteria. Two experts discuss where we...

Probiotic research needed to fulfill gut health potential

Probiotics should be considered as living drugs rather than “simple good bacteria” in order to become effective treatment options for IBS, according to Joseph Haddad, medical director of Institut Rosell-Lallemand.

Danone resubmits marquee probiotic gut health claim

Danone has resubmitted an article 13.5 gut health claim for its flagship probiotic product, Activia, to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Chr Hansen adds Australian probiotic to portfolio

Leading probiotics supplier, Chr Hansen, has inked a deal with Australian start-up, Probiomics, that will see it distribute a strain initial trials indicate has immunity benefits.

Gut microflora and obesity: Study highlights potential for pre-, probiotics

US researchers have successfully transferred gut bacteria from obese humans to germ-free mice, a breakthrough that will allow a more detailed study of the link between gut microflora and obesity.


Life in a European health claims wasteland

Ka-CHING! Hear that? No it’s not the sound of overflowing cash registers as consumers throw endless wads of euros at scientifically-backed, healthy foods in greater numbers than ever before.

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