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The role of resveratrol in healthy ageing

Format: Webinar | Document type: Supplier Webinar
Healthy Ageing 2016

Resveratrol (see also is a natural plant ingredient belonging to the family of polyphenols and is associated with a range of beneficial effects. In the public mind it is perhaps most associated with red wine. However, the amounts in red wine (approx. 1mg/glass, though it varies a lot) are too low to be beneficial (most studies suggest you need 50-150mg/day of resveratrol to see such effects).

Numerous scientific publications and a growing body of clinical research support resveratrol’s role in healthy ageing. In this webinar we will review some of its most relevant health benefits, including:

• Maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system
• Support of healthy blood glucose, insulin and blood pressure levels
• Maintenance of healthy neurocognitive function
• Reduction of oxidative damage common with ageing
• The metabolic benefits of calorie restriction
• Increase of fat oxidation and storage capacity in muscles


  • Ernesto Simon Vecilla

    Ernesto Simon Vecilla

    Commercial Technical Director