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Beanblock® for a well-mixed Mediterranean balanced meal - Indena

14-Apr-2014 - Beanblock® is a patented purified bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) extract.  According to the most recent clinical results it shows high performance for the regulation of appetite and healthy blood sugar level.
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Nutraveris Online: The European reference database to develop innovative and compliant health foods - Nutraveris

31-Mar-2014 - Weight management products: How to be innovative & compliant with the European regulations?Are you looking for ingredients that enable you to formulate innovative and compliant weight management products?The use of European health claims is complex, especially for weight management ingredients....
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More botanicals, more superfruits, more solutions by Nexira - Nexira

27-Mar-2014 - With its new state-of-the-art botanical extraction facility in Europe, Nexira has expanded its production capacities and enriched its portfolio with high quality extracts and superfruits such as cranberry, acerola, green tea, green coffee and pomegranate, all supercharged with nutrients.To have...
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Lipids Technology - POLARIS

24-Feb-2014 - POLARIS offers innovative technologies with state-of-the-art equipments in short-path distillation which allows to work waxes, flavours and fractions of molecules (i.epurified fractions of unsaponifiable vegetable oils).
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What do the EU Guidance Notes on the Classification of Colouring Foods mean for your products? - GNT

09-Dec-2013 - The objective of the Guidance Notes is to provide simple and practical criteria for the differentiation between foods with colouring properties and additive food colours within the EU.GNT, the global market and innovation leader in Colouring Foods, will take you...
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Bonolive®, olive polyphenols for your bones - BioActor

28-Jan-2014 - Bonolive® is a polyphenol extract from olive that has been shown to stimulate bone-producing cells in humans. One of the key components in Bonolive is oleuropein, a powerful phytonutrient unique to the olive tree. At cellular level oleuropein promotes bone formation...
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Oxyphyte: Natural antioxidants beyond ORAC - Gee Lawson Ltd.

20-Jan-2014 - OxyPhyte® is a line of proprietary powerful antioxidant products made from consumer-friendly, GRAS fruits, vegetables, teas and herbs selected for their high quality and antioxidant activity. We have concentrated the antioxidant power of our raw materials by selectively extracting the...
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Digestive health supporting ingredients from New Zealand kiwifruit - New Zealand Extracts Limited

10-Dec-2013 - New Zealand Extracts Ltd now presents its Digesten® range of kiwifruit ingredients, including Digesten® Kiwifruit Enzyme, to add digestive health supporting benefits to supplement and food and beverage products.  Digesten® Kiwifruit Enzyme has a very high level of standardized enzyme...
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Rosemary Extract from Jiaherb - a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin E - Shaanxi Jiahe Phytochem

25-Nov-2013 - Rosemary extract protects the skin cells from the damage caused by aging and thus delay the occurrence of wrinkles and sagging skin. It promotes the activities of some vital enzymes of our body that helps in flushing out toxic substances...
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Olive: now you can have it all - Natac

05-Nov-2013 - Natac, the global leader in olive ingredients, reviews the effect of the different bioactive compounds present in the olive on cardiovascular disease risk markers and associated metabolic problems.In addition, Natac introduces the Full Plant Profile: a new and revolutionary concept...
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New application for clinically-proven appetite reducer Satiereal® - Gee Lawson Ltd.

30-Oct-2013 - What is Satiereal? It is an innovative Saffron extract clinically proven to decrease compulsive snacking, sugar craving, hunger pangs between meals and promote weight loss and a positive mood. How does it work? Stress, anxiety and depression influence food behaviour,...
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Furostanol Saponins: Kingherb’s high-quality supplements to improve testosterone levels and sporting endurance - Kingherbs

24-Oct-2013 - With sports supplementation a growing and competitive market, it is increasingly important to have proven results from your ingredients.In a recent study Furostanol saponins from Kingherbs were shown to increase serum testosterone levels and swimming endurance in mice and rats,...
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Icariin from Jiaherb - Increase performance naturally - Shaanxi Jiahe Phytochem

21-Oct-2013 - For lumbago due to kidney-deficiency, impotence and infertility due to sperm coldness, it is often used with Fructus Lycii, Radix Morindae Officinalis etc. to tonify the kidney and supplement esssence and blood.For climateric irregular menstruation, fluctuation of blood pressure, and...
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Organic Red Yeast Rice: You need to check how your product is made! We have. - Gee Lawson Ltd.

14-Oct-2013 - Most of the red yeast rice comes in the market from S.E. Asia. Our inoculum and production facilities are located in Europe (UK). We are able to confirm the total traceability and conditions of manufacture: Quality Control: include BRC and HACCP Raw...
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Pycnogenol® Improves Perimenopause Symptoms - Horphag Research

07-Oct-2013 - A study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine found that a low dose of Pycnogenol® minimizes climacteric symptoms in menopausal women including hot flashes, night sweats and heart palpitations among others. This is the 3rd clinical study to date...
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Sinetrol®Xpur: proven fat burning solution to shape up your silhouette - Fytexia

30-Sep-2013 - Sinetrol®Xpur is a citrus extract standardized in polyphenols acting as an efficient fat burner, stimulating the release of free fatty acids from the adipocytes. The fat burning activity of Sinetrol is confirmed by 2 clinical studies. More details on our...
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11-Sep-2013 - NutroxSun® is the fruit of years of research to finding the right combination of polyphenols that help ensure effective protection against both UVB rays (responsible for sunburn and erythemas) and UVA (responsible for skin aging, cancer skin and sun allergies)....
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Rhodiola rosea extract from Jiaherb has many applications - Shaanxi Jiahe Phytochem

09-Sep-2013 - Strengthen the nervous system, fight depression, enhance immunity, elevate the capacity for exercise,  enhance memory,  aid weight reduction, increase sexual function  improve energy levels... For information on how you can use Rhodiola rosea extract in your products, or to request a sample, contact us....
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Chocamine®: Caffeine-free energy with all the benefits found in cocoa - Gee Lawson Ltd.

09-Sep-2013 - For a number of reasons, more consumers are seeking caffeine-free energy from supplements and beverages. In addition, the energy category is evolving beyond the simple “stimulant” energy we get from caffeine.Chocamine® contains no fat or sugar, only the key phytochemicals in...
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Innovative Ingredients in Support of Weight Management - Sabinsa Corporation

12-Aug-2013 - Over the past 20 years, obesity has risen at a phenomenal rate around the world, and the situation continues to worsen. This paper presents selected clinically tested innovative ingredients which when combined with a healthy lifestyle, support a healthy body...

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