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Cranberry or trimethoprim - Proprietary Nutritionals

16-Apr-2014 - A randomized, controlled human study was conducted to compare the effectiveness of cranberry extract with low-dose trimethoprim in the prevention of recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) in older women. One hundred and thirty-seven women with two or more antibiotic-treated UTIs...
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Advances in translational Science –Probiotics in transition. -

28-Mar-2014 - Despite the hyperbole often linked with a popular research field, the scientific rationale for probiotics is sound. The probiotic concept is not new but is undergoing transition as knowledge of the gut microbiota in health and disease becomes translated to...
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Lesaffre human care: 3 probiotics clinically tested - Lesaffre Human Care

20-Feb-2014 - LHC offers a wide range of natural ingredients including 3 probiotics Diarrhea: the most effective probiotic Lynside® Pro SCB (boulardii) Intestinal Pain (IBS) : Lynside® Pro GI+ Boost your Immune System: Probisis® BS Download our PDF to find out more
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See New Developments in Shelf-Stable Probiotic Foods - Ganeden Biotech

20-Feb-2014 - Probiotics are increasingly appearing in functional foods and beverages, giving consumers a wide variety of choices in addition to yogurt and pills. Spore-forming probiotics have become of recent interest due to their high resistance to manufacturing, shelf life, and digestion....
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See How to Launch a Successful Functional Beverage - Ganeden Biotech

20-Feb-2014 - The double-digit growth confirms that consumers like getting functional ingredients from better-for-you beverages. With consumer awareness of probiotics at an all-time high and more than 100 million Americans experiencing digestive issues, the time is ripe for probiotic functional beverages. Ganeden...
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The Probiotics category has grown by 250% - Cell Biotech Europe A/S

19-Feb-2014 - Do you want a big-selling probiotic product portfolio?A recent published study proves a 68% effect in 4 weeks on alleviating irritable bowel syndrome symptoms by using patented double-coated probiotics from the worlds leading probiotic manufacturer. The unique, patented double-coating from...
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Digestive health supporting ingredients from New Zealand kiwifruit - New Zealand Extracts Limited

10-Dec-2013 - New Zealand Extracts Ltd now presents its Digesten® range of kiwifruit ingredients, including Digesten® Kiwifruit Enzyme, to add digestive health supporting benefits to supplement and food and beverage products.  Digesten® Kiwifruit Enzyme has a very high level of standardized enzyme...
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Effects of compounds on intestinal wall process & integrity - Probiota

01-Dec-2013 - Probiota 2014 content preview: TNO offers a new model system to study the effects of compounds on the intestinal wall processes and integrity, which can help to substantiate mode of actions of probiotics. Probiota 2014 explores the prebiotic-probiotic scientific frontier, its...
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Emulsifier Functionality and Interfacial Tension - Leatherhead Food Research

14-Oct-2013 - As part of recipe development, the selection of emulsifiers is not only dependent on the desirable functional attributes needed for the product, but also on formulation factors, such as the presence of other ingredients (e.g. sugars, salts and proteins), pH...
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Probio’stick® - the first probiotic clinically documented in mood and stress applications - Lallemand Health Solutions

08-Oct-2013 - Stress is a growing issue associated with our modern lifestyle and it represents one of the most common source of health problems (WHO).The gut, with its 100 million neurons, is also known as our “second brain”: we now know that...
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LACIDOFIL®: Lallemand flagship probiotic blend supported by over 20 published clinical studies offers opportunities in specific health segments, “in” and “beyond” gut health - Lallemand Health Solutions

25-Jun-2013 - A blend of two well‐characterised and documented Lactobacilli (L. Rosell‐52 and L. Rosell‐11), LACIDOFIL® is one of the best documented probiotic blends on the market, backed by 22 Clinical studies, 11 in vivo and over 30 in vitro studies on...
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Probiotics: The Path to Better Digestive Health through Quality Clinical Trials - DuPont Nutrition & Health

29-Apr-2013 - Today’s hectic lifestyle is increasingly linked to digestive health issues. Numerous external influences including stress, travel, illness and antibiotic use can disrupt the intestinal microbiota, potentially leading to diarrhea and discomfort. These and other functional gastrointestinal symptoms—such as mild constipation...
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Lallemand Health Solutions probiotic strains: addressing key health markets with documented strains - Lallemand Health Solutions

22-Apr-2013 - In 2012, probiotic was number three in the Global Supplement Ranking, with prospect for more growth! If gut health remains the primary target for probiotics, and the most documented, new and promising areas such as immunity, stress or women health...
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New Developments in Shelf Stable Probiotics - Pathway International Pty Ltd

17-Apr-2013 - Probiotics provide a wide range of health benefits, but not all probiotics are able to survive processing in order to deliver these benefits. This case study discusses new developments in shelf stable probiotics.GanedenBC30® (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086), is a spore...
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Probiotics for a Healthy and Well Being - Sabinsa Corporation

01-Apr-2013 - Do all nutritional supplements consumed, or all topically applied products provide optimal benefits? Bioavailability and uptake in the body are key factors. A lot depends upon how well they are absorbed along their delivery route. Bioavailability encompasses availability, absorption, retention...
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Lallemand advanced probiotic protective technology: a 3-level protection program - Lallemand Health Solutions

21-Mar-2013 - When dealing with probiotics, bacteria viability is a key parameter. In order to ensure the optimal survival and efficacy of its probiotics while offering a wide range of applications, Lallemand Health Solutions has developed a three-level probiotic protection program.Discover how...
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Pro GI+, the first Probiotic targeting Abdominal Pain - Lesaffre Human Care

18-Mar-2013 - Learn about the unique probiotic strain having analgesic effects through PPAR alpha receptors and improving bowel function disorders. Lynside® Pro GI+ improves daily life of IBS sufferers and general population with occasional digestive discomfort
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Probiotic marketing in 2013 and beyond - GoodBelly/NextFoods/DuPont Nutrition and Health

18-Mar-2013 - Regulatory pressure has forced the probiotic sector to think hard about how its products are presented to world. The alignment between the vast body of science and regulatory parameters varies greatly with regions and countries so what marketing tools are...
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The global pre- and probiotic overview: Europe flatlines; Asia-Americas shine - Mintel

15-Mar-2013 - Probiotics were born in Japan in the 1950s, but they are booming in broader Asia as consumers turn onto them in various formats, and regulations permit a greater range of health claims. Prebiotics are growing in these markets too but...
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The microbiome revolution -

15-Mar-2013 - Phase two of a gigantic project studying the human microbiome is just beginning. Many think the microbiome can unlock the mystery of just how pre- and probiotics work. Question is: Where will phase two go, can it help win claims...

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