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Sinetrol® - Fat Shredding Technology™: New clinical study

Fytexia | 25-Apr-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
Sinetrol® is a unique Mediterranean weight-loss ingredient. Sold in over 30 countries, the polyphenol-rich patented formula acts by...

MICROBIOMEX®, a novel flavobiotic for gut health

BioActor | 24-Apr-2017 | PDF Clinical study
MICROBIOMEX® is an innovative, first-in-class flavobiotic designed to optimize digestive health and enhance immunity. This natural citrus...

Biootic™ , the probiotic yeast for health

Gnosis USA Inc. | 24-Apr-2017 | PDF Data sheet
Probiotics can have beneficial effects on several microbial disorders of the gut. Biootic™, S. boulardii, is recommended to restore GI ba...

AK-Bone, probiotic formula of Vitamin K2-MK7 for bone health

Vitae Naturals | 19-Apr-2017 | PDF Data sheet
AK Bone is the only existing Vitamin K2 Menaquinone-7 probiotic formula. It provides two active ingredients to the body: on the one hand,...

Food supplements for senior: a specific market that requires innovation

Nutraveris | 14-Apr-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
Looking to create an innovative food supplement for senior that will fit the European market needs and rules?Download this whitepaper to...

BioEcolians®, a proven solution for digestive health

Solabia | 11-Apr-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
BioEcolians is a unique prebiotic with clinically proven benefits on digestive disorders. The first results on discomfort are observed af...

Pycnogenol® Normalizes Cardio Risks During Perimenopause

Horphag Research (USA) Inc. | 10-Apr-2017 | PDF Clinical study
A new study builds upon previous research showing the benefits of Pycnogenol® for alleviating perimenopause symptoms and is the first stu...

Longvida®: New study shows positive effects on vascular endothelial function

Gee Lawson Ltd. | 10-Apr-2017 | PDF Clinical study
Researchers with the University of Colorado clinically investigated Longvida's ability to improve vascular endothelial function, as asses...

Golden Omega Fish Oil Concentrates: Purity You Can See

Gee Lawson Ltd. | 06-Apr-2017 | PDF Data sheet
Thanks to our partnership with Golden Omega we are able to offer colourless Omega-3 oils. The EE concentrates are now Gardner colour typi...

Beauty shot, the new beauty habit with Lipowheat™ !

Arco Ltd | 06-Apr-2017 | PDF Data sheet
Across the world, consumers are more health and image conscious than ever. Furthermore, 75% of anti-aging skin care users are interested...
DIGESTIVE HEALTH: New Clinically Supported Prodigest® from Indena

DIGESTIVE HEALTH: New Clinically Supported Prodigest® from Indena

Indena | 03-Apr-2017 | PDF Clinical study
According to a recent NMI/Nielsen study, digestive disorders  affect nearly 4 in 10 U.S. adults fueling growth for products able to...

Introducing Robuvit® for Natural Detox

Horphag Research | 31-Mar-2017 | PDF Case study
Horphag Research launches Robuvit®, a French oak extract that is a caffeine-free natural energizer and supports natural detoxification an...

New Market Study Reveals K2 Stability Problem

Kappa Bioscience AS | 28-Mar-2017 | PDF Research study
Half of all vitamin K2 products tested in a 2016 Market Study missed label claim by 50% or more. One-in-five demonstrated no measurable K...

Norwegian pure marine collagen for maximum health and beauty

Seagarden | 24-Mar-2017 | PDF Data sheet
Marine collagen peptides are becoming more popular due to their positive effects and fewer consumer reservations compared to mammal-deriv...

Curcumin – The journey from Bio Availability to Bio-Efficiency

Aurea BioLabs | 20-Mar-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
Aurea Biolabs developed "Cureit" based on the recreation of the complete natural turmeric matrix (CNTM) using Polar-Non-polar-S...

The Future Ingredients Showcase Award

Mark Allen Holdings Ltd | 13-Mar-2017 | PDF Event programme
The Future Ingredients Showcase Award hosted at the Food Innovate Summit celebrates the very best in ingredients innovation.The three-day...

Aquamin & Gut Health.

Marigot Ltd | 09-Mar-2017 | PDF Technical / white paper
Aquamin is a unique natural ingredient for the enhancement of gut health. It contains significant amounts of calcium and magnesium as wel...
Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Trends, Challenges and Innovative Dose Forms

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Trends, Challenges and Innovative Dose Forms

Catalent Pharma Solutions | 11-Apr-2017 | Webinar On-Demand Supplier Webinar
Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients that support overall health, however dosage form is the key for consumer acceptance.This webi...

Omegavie® DHA algae Qualitysilver®5

POLARIS | 06-Mar-2017 | PDF Data sheet
Say  « Yes »   to Omegavie® DHA algae Qualitysilver®5 and enjoy the « green oil »...

Raise and Retain Overall energy and Vitality

Chemical Resources (CHERESO) | 02-Mar-2017 | PDF Case study
Furosap®, a natural extract is versatile in men’s health goals. It contains protodioscin (20%), which promotes healthy testosterone level...