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Go Easy™ - Promotes Regularity and Gastro-intestinal Health

22-Apr-2014 | Video Video
Valensa's President and CEO, Dr. Rudi Moerck talks about Go Easy™, a patented and synergistic formula that may provide consumers with a u...

Gastrointestinal models (TIM) with high predictive power

TNO, research partner | 21-Mar-2013 | Video Video
Testing digestibility, availability for adsorption, survival of probiotic strains, barrier function, effects of prebiotic fibers, SCFA pr...

Pycnogenol® for Endothelial Health

Horphag Research | 03-Oct-2012 | Video Video
Dr. Steven Lamm walks through the groundbreaking clinical study published in the  European Heart Journal that found botanical extrac...

Clinically Researched Formulation to Burn Up To 278 MORE Calories

OmniActive Health Technologies | 26-Aug-2009 | Video Video
For decades, scientists have known about the weight-management and sports nutrition potential of red hot peppers, also known as capsicum....

Pycnogenol® for Joint Health

Horphag Research | 26-Aug-2009 | Video Video
Following four published clinical studies on joint health, Pycnogenol®, French maritime pine bark extract is now available for use in joi...