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Essential Lipids for Life

Croda Health Care Europe | 08-May-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
Essential for life - and consumer-focused nutraceuticals. Croda's high purity omega-3 & 6 lipid concentrates provide high levels of E...

High Quality Antioxidants from Fenchem

Fenchem | 01-May-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
A traditional supplier of natural nutrition ingredients, Fenchem supplies natural antioxidants Nutra-RedTM(Lycopene) and LuMarinTM(Lutein...

Organic Plant Oil from Fenchem at Vitafoods

Fenchem | 24-Apr-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
Original from Chinese indigenous organic materials with identity and traceable control for the whole supply chain, Fenchem will present i...

Cognis Nutrition & Health: a world of natural choices

Cognis N&H | 17-Apr-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
Cognis Nutrition & Health is a global supplier of high-quality, science-based, natural-source ingredients for food supplements and fu...

Certified Evening Primrose Oil

Fenchem | 06-Apr-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
Original from Chinese indigenous organic materials with identity and traceable control for the whole supply chain, Fenchem supplies the s...

OptiMSM-U.S. Made. Trusted Worldwide

Gee Lawson Ltd. | 30-Mar-2006 | Webpage Product brochure


Gee Lawson Ltd. | 28-Mar-2006 | Webpage Product brochure

Competitively priced concentrated ginger extract

Flavex | 03-Mar-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
Flavex offers a ginger CO2-extract with min. 40 % gingerols, 10 % essential oil. Solvent free, aflatoxine- and pesticide-tested high grad...

Lyc-O-Mato® - Packed with the Power of the Tomato

Lycored | 10-Feb-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
Health Benefits Lyc-O-Mato® is the ingredient of choice for food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers looking to deliver the...

HyaMax™ - Non-GMO Sodium hyaluronate

Fenchem | 16-Jan-2006 | Webpage Product brochure
Naturally sourced Hyamax™ is a standardized availability of sodium hyaluronate from Fenchem. Different molecular weights ranging from 800...

Xangold® 30% high concentration natural lutein ester oils

Cognis N&H | 02-Dec-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Xangold® 30%, the new high concentration natural lutein ester oils from Cognis Nutrition & Health, have been specifically designed to...

Cognis introduces 7 non-GM, IP, natural-source vitamin E oils

Cognis N&H | 21-Nov-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
New product range complements portfolio of non-GM natural-source vitamin E powder ingredients for foods and food supplements

Optipep™: clean-tasting hydrolysed whey proteins

Carbery | 14-Nov-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Optipep™ is a new range of innovative whey protein hydrolysates for clinical, infant and sports nutrition - and now an even wider range o...

Fibres and gums : healthy cost-effective ingredients

Kalys | 08-Nov-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Price competition and raw material availability has lead to the abundant use of saccharose and starch, to the increase of water and air i...

Tailor-made polysaccharide premixes

Kalys | 07-Nov-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Kalys has developed unique know-how in soluble and insoluble fibres and is now offering an extensive range of fibres and blends covering...

Solanesol - Powerful Health Agent

Fit Ingredients | 27-Oct-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Solanesol is used as starting material in synthesis of high-value bio-chemicals such as Vitamin-K analogues and Co-enzyme Q10.

Rhodiola Rosea P.E

Fenchem | 21-Oct-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Fenchem Rhodiola Rosea extract is formulated from the content of Rosavins, Rosavin and Salidroside. It has benefits on human circulation...

Astaxanthin - Improving life, naturally

Fit Ingredients | 21-Sep-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Astaxanthin is an important naturally occurring molecule and the most abundant carotenoid in the marine world it can be found in many of...

Covitol® for every formulation need

Cognis N&H | 03-Aug-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Covitol® - a complete line of high quality natural-source vitamin E oils and powders. Applications include: soft-gel and two-piece hard-g...


Cognis N&H | 03-Aug-2005 | Webpage Product brochure
Cognis converts linoleic acid from natural safflower oil to make Tonalin® Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Patent protected and supported by sou...