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LACIDOFIL®: Lallemand flagship probiotic blend supported by over 20 published clinical studies offers opportunities in specific health segments, “in” and “beyond” gut health

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Institut Rosell Lallemand

A blend of two well‐characterised and documented Lactobacilli (L. Rosell‐52 and L. Rosell‐11), LACIDOFIL® is one of the best documented probiotic blends on the market, backed by 22 Clinical studies, 11 in vivo and over 30 in vitro studies on the behaviour and modes of action of the probiotic in the gut. This unique blend has been marketed and studied for more than 15 years. It has proven effective in a number of health segments, primarily in gut health: prevention of antibiotic‐associated and acute diarrhea, gastro‐enteritis, Helicobacter pylori eradication, IBS and Lactose intolerance management; but also in other health segments “beyond the gut” such as atopic dermatitis or vaginal dysbacteriosis. Until now available in capsules, sachets and sticks, LACIDOFIL® has recently been launched as probiotic drops, an innovative delivery format which offers ease of use and is well suited for targeted populations, such as infants, children or seniors.

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