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By Kappa Bioscience AS

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Vitamin K2 MK-7: A stability challenge, a market study

Demand for vitamin K2 has increased rapidly over the past decade as awareness of its role in bone and cardiovascular health has spread. However, studies run by Kappa Bioscience show many K2 products contain lower-than-claimed levels of the vitamin, a finding that threatens to undermine the market and its products’ ability to provide health benefits and slow the natural effects of aging.

By UAS Labs

Content Provided by UAS Labs

UAS Labs: A longstanding, pure-play manufacturer of premium probiotics

UAS Labs has a long pedigree in probiotics. Here, we look at that history and the investments UAS Labs has made to stay at the forefront of the industry.

By BASF Nutrition & Health

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Defining personalized nutrition – from personal preference to personal health

The days of taste and general health trends dictating dietary decisions are over. Today, scientific and technological advances mean personalized nutrition is possible. 

By BASF Nutrition & Health

Content Provided by BASF Nutrition & Health

Why early life nutrition is the cornerstone of lifelong health

Knowledge of the importance of early life nutrition has increased significantly in recent years. While the main goal used to be feeding a baby enough to hit a predefined growth curve, scientific research is now revealing a nuanced picture of the nutrient levels that are needed from preconception through to postnatal, to ensure long-term development and health.