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Health Canada approves Ingredion’s NUTRAFLORA prebiotic fiber as dietary fiber source

By Elaine WATSON , 05-Mar-2013
Last updated on 05-Mar-2013 at 01:26 GMT2013-03-05T01:26:07Z

NUTRAFLORA is derived from sugar cane

NUTRAFLORA is derived from sugar cane

Health Canada has approved Ingredion’s NUTRAFLORA prebiotic fiber as a source of dietary fiber under its revised Fiber Policy for Labeling and Advertising of Dietary Fiber-Containing Food Products, introduced in February 2012. 

This means NUTRAFLORA - a short-chain fructooligosaccharide (scFOS) manufactured from sugar cane via a proprietary bio-fermentation process using non-GMO ingredients - can be declared as a fiber source in food products in Canada.

NUTRAFLORA can improve calcium absorption, digestive and immune health, said Ingredion, which has been marketing the prebiotic fiber via its GTC Nutrition business and its predecessors for more than 25 years in the US.

Ideal for use in dairy products, beverages, cereals, kids’ nutrition products and dietary supplements, NUTRAFLORA also has sensory advantages such as flavor enhancement, fat-mimetic properties and improved mouthfeel, claimed Ingredion.

While short-chain fructooligosaccharides are also found in a variety of fruits, vegetables and gains, to get one teaspoon (or about 3g) of scFOS, one would have to eat the equivalent of 15 onions, 22 bananas or 383 garlic cloves, said the firm.

Prebiotic fibers are non-digestible food ingredients that selectively stimulate the growth of 'good' bacteria in the gut, and NUTRAFLORA’s "consistent, simple molecular structure and 95% concentration" make it one of the most effective prebiotics on the market, claimed Rob Kee, vice president and managing director at Ingredion Canada.

“We are extremely pleased to receive this recognition and approval by Health Canada, which will immediately enable us to better support our Canadian customers to develop healthier, fiber-rich, alternatives.

“We commend our customers and the industry as a whole for coming together in support of the expanded Canadian fiber definition, and look forward to future food product innovations with NUTRAFLORA.”

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