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NOW supports prenatal vitamin D project as part of ongoing research commitment

A prenatal vitamin D project to be conducted in Montana demonstrates NOW Foods’ commitment to supporting ongoing research in the vitamin, the company says.

Comprehensive compendium given new searchable format

EFSA adds botanicals to interactive data warehouse

The European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) botanical interactive database will be fully up and running by early 2017, something one expert called a “great result”. 

Study supports collagen peptides' anti-aging potential: RCT

Five grams per day of collagen peptides derived from fish may improve skin moisture, elasticity, and wrinkles, says a new study from Nitta Gelatin Inc.

Scientists connect gut microbiota disruption with multiple sclerosis onset

Gastro dysbiosis has been implicated in the development of multiple sclerosis (MS) as a study continues to lay bare the gut microbiota’s influence on a range of chronic conditions.  ...

Phantom fullness: It’s not the calories that count, it’s consistency

A thick, low-calorie milkshake will leave you feeling fuller than one that is high in calories but thin – a finding that could have the potential to help people lower...

Rosemary + grapefruit extracts show beauty-from-within potential: RCT

Extracts from rosemary and grapefruit may improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles, says a new study from researchers in Spain and Italy.

Healthy chocolate: EU cocoa flavanol health claim ‘should be revised’, say researchers

Cocoa flavanols do have cardiovascular health benefits, but more are needed in a single dose than the EU’s approved health claim, say researchers.

Zinc carnosine shows gut health benefits for athletes: RCT data

Supplements of zinc carnosine with or without bovine colostrum may protect against gut symptoms associated with heavy exercise, says a new study with implications for athletes and military personnel.

Could Omega-6 rich oils lessen trans fat health issues?

The type of unsaturated fat used alongside trans-fats in food could play a role in modifying negative effects, a new study suggests.

Gut-targeted supplement shown to ‘switch off’ food cravings in study

A supplement based on a molecule produced by gut bacteria could be used to suppress the appetite for high-calorie foods, according to a study. 

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Protein-rich foods to be developed in Dutch collaboration

Three Dutch food firms have joined forces with a research company to create a consortium focused on developing protein-rich foods.

Gnosis launches chart to explain folic acid doses to consumers

To address increasing consumer concern on folic acid supplementation, Gnosis released a flow chart that shows the folate metabolic pathway.

Heightened liver cancer risk linked to low selenium levels: Study

Low levels of selenium have been linked with an increased risk of developing liver cancer, according to a study, which blamed western diets and lifestyles for the deficiency.

Low CoQ10 levels linked with neurodegeneration: Study

Researchers have found low levels of CoQ10 in people with multiple system atrophy, and suggested supplementation could help.

Prebiotics & probiotics may ease gut-centric chronic fatigue syndrome: Study

Signs of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) have been found in the gut bacteria in research conducted at Cornell University, which questions whether the disease originates in the brain.

Academics announce Sino-British probiotics research centre

Chinese academics have collaborated with British counterparts to launch a UK-China Joint-Centre for Probiotic Research.

Cranberry beverage fared better than placebo in latest study on UTIs

Delving deeper into a popular remedy that has lacked solid scientific backing, a new placebo-controlled study found that cranberry juice consumption lowered clinical urinary tract infection (UTI) episodes in women...

Polyphenol and fiber from dried fruit, green tea, may attenuate blood sugar levels

There has been some evidence that polyphenols inhibit starch-digesting enzymes and fiber delays glucose absorption, lowering the glycemic index of some foods. A new study explores how the addition of...

Sunfiber blunts blood sugar spikes among glucose intolerant subjects, study shows

Japanese ingredient supplier Taiyo has announced the results of a peer-reviewed pilot study that explores the effect its Sunfiber ingredient has on blunting postprandial blood glucose spikes among glucose intolerant...

Rat study finds whey protein hydrolysates effective in suppressing muscle mass loss

As the world’s aging population grows, researchers are churning out studies to combat conditions such as decreased mobility. Researchers in Japan found that whey protein hydrolysate supplementation may prevent skeletal...

Marine & plant-based omega-3s may lower risk of heart attack deaths

Eating both seafood and plant-based omega-3s could mean a lower risk of dying from heart attack, a meta-analysis has found. Previously, evidence surrounding plant-based omega-3 benefits for the heart has been...

Fish trimmings could be new value-added protein source

Fish trimmings could become a source of protein with the simple addition of commercially available enzymes, say Nofima researchers.

Prebiotic fiber may boost growth and immune function in infants: Piglet data

Early supplementation with prebiotic short-chain fructooligosaccharides (scFOS) may enhance the response to vaccinations and promote growth, says a new study with piglets.

Protein expression drives metabolic changes to increase obesity risk

The mystery surrounding a protein’s genetic variation and its links with obesity has been solved, say German scientists. 

Gut health and activity benefits from food’s short stay in the gut

Food that travels faster through the gut results in bacteria producing less harmful by-products in the digestive system, resulting in a healthier gut environment, according to a study.

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