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Special edition: Immune support

The key market data and ingredients in the immune health sector

Immune supplement sales were valued at an impressive $2.3 billion in 2013 (Nutrition Business Journal), and in this gallery we look at the key market trends and ingredients for this...

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Carotenoids lower lipid oxidation and DNA damage in middle-aged men

Daily carotenoid intake lowers lipid and oxidative stress markers in middle-aged men, say researchers.


BNF: Iodine is one to watch

Recent media coverage about historical iodine levels in organic milk (according to Dairy UK, feed is now supplemented) was a reminder that milk and dairy foods provide about 40% of...

Academics seek industry partners for electrospun nanofiber delivery

UK-based researchers are seeking industry collaboration and inspiration for work creating electrospun nanofibres that could provide improved products and ingredient delivery systems for foods.

New plant enzyme discovery could help battle global vitamin A deficiency

A newly discovered enzyme that is critical for the biosynthesis of carotenoids in plants could help to reduce vitamin A deficiency, say researchers.

Probiotic combination may improve immune health for asthmatics: Study

A combination of Lactobacillus salivarius LS01 and Bifidobacterium breve BR03 may help balance the immune system in people with allergic asthma, says a new study from Italy....

Zeaxanthin + lutein may speed up visual processing: RCT data

Supplements of zeaxanthin with or without lutein may boost macular pigment optical density (MPOD) and visual processing speed in young adults, says a new study.

Probiotic Bifidobacteria may boost cognition in anxious mice: Study

Select strains of Bifidobacteria may positively impact cognition in anxious lab animals, says a new study from Ireland that deepens our understanding of the gut-brain axis.

Review highlights potential of nano-delivery systems for nutraceuticals in foods

While there are several challenges involved in the nano-delivery of vitamins and nutrients in functional foods, such systems have ‘considerable potential’ within the food industry, says an expert in oral...

Vitamin D may help children with chronic kidney disease

Low vitamin D levels in children with chronic kidney disease may mean greater loss of kidney function over time, say researchers from 12 institutions and hospitals all over Europe.

Citrus extracts show weight management potential for men: Human data

A blend of extracts from blood orange, grapefruit, sweet orange, and guarana may reduce abdominal fat, waist and hip size, French researchers report.

Reacting to allergies: Is self-diagnosis leading to malnutrition?

Inaccurate home testing and self-diagnosis is leading to unnecessarily restrictive diets and malnutrition, says a report claiming to make sense of allergies. 

Maternal diet before conception may affect baby’s DNA expression

A mother's environment and dietary habits around the time of conception could permanently change the function of genes influencing the risk of diseases in her child, say researchers.

Can eating nuts extend life? Research backs ‘handful a day’ to prevent early death

Snacking on half a handful of nuts every day could significantly lower overall and cause-specific mortality, Dutch researchers have reported. 

Bench-pressing women can boost immunity with fish oil: Study

Fish oil coupled with strength training could help improve the immune system of elderly women, Brazilian researchers have found. 

Fermented food intake linked to fewer anxiety symptoms: Study

Increased intakes of fermented foods may be associated with fewer symptoms of social anxiety, particularly for people at higher genetic risk, says a new study. 

Review takes probiotics for preterm infants ‘another step forward’

Supplementing enteral nutrition with a probiotic strain may reduce the risk of bowel tissue death and other serious health risks in premature infants, says a systematic review.

Egg benefits: Including egg in salads may improve carotenoid absorption

Adding eggs to a salad with a variety of raw vegetables may be an effective method to improve the absorption of carotenoids, say researchers.

Patent watch

Abbott Labs files patent for ‘better tasting’ nutritional powders

Abbott Laboratories has filed an international patent for a process it says allows it to produce better-tasting powders with improved nutrient content.

Flaxseed supplements linked to improved blood pressure: Meta-analysis

Supplements of flaxseed may effectively management blood pressure, says a new meta-analysis of 15 clinical trials.

Study warning over dietary supplementation for children with autism spectrum disorder

Well-intentioned efforts to supplement children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) with additional nutrients or specific dietary plans can result in both insufficient and excessive nutrient intakes, warn experts.

News in brief

TNO and Wageningen seek industry partners for healthier foods

TNO and Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research (FBR) are looking for food industry partners to change existing foods’ fat, sugar, salt and protein levels while retaining quality perception, or...


Mock choc study highlights peer review pitfalls

It’s no secret the peer review system that is supposed to subject academic research to rigorous scrutiny before publication is not perfect, but a [mock] German professor has revealed just...

Nestlé files casein infant formula patent for better insulin sensitivity

Nestlé has filed an international patent for an infant nutrition product with casein protein, which it said could be used to prevent metabolic syndrome disorders later in life.

UK recommendations fail to educate pregnant women on iodine

UK pregnant women are iodine deficient and they need nutritional education to empower them to make the right dietary choices, say researchers.

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