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Energy drinks up swimmer performance: Research

Moderate caffeine consumption may help athletes improve performance, finds research with swimmers.

Compelling science & consumer interest in tried-and-true ingredients: Is ginger the next blockbuster botanical?

Finished products containing OmniActive’s Gingever ingredient are expected to hit shelves in the later part of 2015, with the company predicting big things for ginger.

Supplements on wheels: Vitamin D trial shows promise for reducing falls in homebound elderly

Delivering vitamin D supplements to homebound elderly people through a ‘meals-on-wheels’ program could help improve vitamin D levels and reduce falls, say researchers.

261% in 124g: New sweet potatoes new answer to ‘rampant’ vitamin A deficiency

South African researchers have created new beta carotene- rich sweet potatoes that could offer a solution to rampant vitamin A deficiency.

Excessive workout supplement use: An emerging eating disorder in men?

More gym going men are turning to over-the-counter bodybuilding supplements to help sculpt better bodies – but with nearly 30% of gym-goers concerned about overuse, some researchers believe it may...

Unlocking the mysteries of the microbiome, with better software and statistics

Advances in the field of statistics and statistical software for modelling the microbiome are helping to unlock even more of its mysteries, say researchers behind the new metagenomics tools.

High fat diet in middle age could raise later malnutrition risk

A high energy intake from total fat, saturated fat and monounsaturated fat in middle and older age increases the risk of malnutrition ten years later, say Swedish researchers.

High doses of vitamin D fail to boost calcium absorption, bone mineral density, study finds

High doses of vitamin D are no more effective than a placebo at improving muscle function and preventing falls and fractures in older adults who are deficient, according to recently...

Kids with poor diets score poorly on cognitive tests: Finnish researchers

The worse the diet quality of children, the worse they score on cognitive tests - especially boys, research finds.

Calcium & magnesium reduce risk of metabolic syndrome: 9000-strong study

Calcium and magnesium may reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome – but men need above and beyond recommended levels for this effect, say researchers.

Probiotics won’t help you lose weight, say researchers

Probiotics are not effective for weight loss, say researchers behind a review of current data.

News in brief

Sweden to take 2-day snapshot of kids’ diets

The Swedish Food Authority (NFA) will look at what 3,000 children eat and drink over two days as part of a study into the diets of the country's youth. 

What’s the evidence for probiotics and liver diseases?

There is growing evidence that probiotics are a useful tool against liver diseases but blind spots remain, according to a review.

Moderate butter intake increases LDL and HDL cholesterol levels: Danish study

Moderate butter consumption could result in higher levels of both 'bad' LDL and 'good' HDL cholesterol, the findings of a Danish study suggest.

Curcumin for sports nutrition? RCT supports role for pain reduction after heavy exercise

Supplements of curcumin, the yellow pigment that gives turmeric its color, may reduce pain associated with exercise, and perhaps boost performance, says a new study.

Astaxanthin may reduce soccer player muscle damage: Study

The carotenoid astaxanthin can reduce muscle inflammation “induced by rigorous physical training” Serbian researchers have found.

Continuous supplementation with carotenoids may further boost eye health: Study

Sustained supplementation with the macular carotenoids can lead to greater augmentation of macular pigment and improve contrast sensitivity, says a new study.

Urgent need for research on maternal folate status and autism

Researchers have urged more and better quality research on the link between maternal folate status and autism.

Vitamin E tocotrienol-tocopherol complex shows endothelial benefits: Rat data

A combination of tocotrienols and alpha-tocopherol may help support endothelial function, but the effects were not observed when the tocotrienols were used alone, says a new study.

special edition: protein

Protein where it matters: The demands and opportunities in medical nutrition

Protein is a vital part of providing nutrition to the critically ill, but what do we really know about protein demands for this specialist groups, and how can we better...

Rosehip powder may improve knee joint biomechanics, says study

Daily consumption of a ‘specialized rosehip powder’ may improve gait and knee joint health in people with walking limitations, says a new study from Denmark.

Half believe organic food contains more minerals and vitamins than conventional products despite lack of data

Organic preferences: Health before animals and the environment, say Danes

Richer people eat more organic foods and buy them because they perceive them to be healthier than conventional foodstuffs, a Danish study has found.

Supplements save public health money: Review

Using food supplements in care homes and the wider community could spell big public savings, say the researchers behind a review of 19 papers.

Fast food fever: Modern diets impact immune health of you and your kids

Modern ‘Western diets’ can lead to poor immune functioning and increased risk of inflammatory conditions, allergy, and auto-immunity, researchers warn.

Magnesium supplements may help blood sugar management for pre-diabetics: RCT

Magnesium chloride supplements may lower blood sugar levels and counter insulin resistance, says a new study from Mexico.

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