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Leafy greens thin blood and help oxygen circulation: Study

Nitrate from leafy greens may thin the blood and help oxygen circulate around the body more efficiently, according to one of three studies conducted by the University of Cambridge and...


Naturally opposed? Balancing new technologies with consumer perceptions

New technologies are vital to the future growth of the food and nutrition industry, but their future success depends on much more than the science behind them.


Diabetic 'health honey' a reality thanks to nanotechnology and stevia

A new hybridised pollen, developed by a former Nasa scientist, can be fed to bees to create a new species of “designer honey” for use by diabetics.

New antioxidant capacity technique highlights potential inaccuracy in current system

A new technique developed to measure antioxidant capacity has suggested that the antioxidant values of certain products may be up to ten times higher than previously listed.

Ganeden probiotic may boost post-exercise recovery: Pilot data

Consuming Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086 (GanedenBC30) in combination with protein may blunt muscle damage after intense exercise and boost recovery, according to findings from a pilot study.

Resveratrol’s anti-inflammatory mechanism may explain ‘French paradox’

New research outlining the biological pathways that activate an anti-inflammatory effect could provide a mechanism for the suggested cardiac benefits of the resveratrol.

Low vitamin E may be linked to greater miscarriage risk

Vitamin E deficiency may be linked to a greater risk of miscarriage among pregnant women, according to research from Bangladesh.

Annatto Tocotrienols are more potent vitamin E antioxidant for fish oil, says study

Vitamin E tocotrienols from annatto may be better antioxidants than tocopherol-tocotrienol mixtures or alpha-tocopherol alone, suggests a recent study testing infant formula containing omega-3 fatty acids.

Scientists identify novel ‘nanoplatform’ for calcium delivery for bone health

Encapsulating calcium in an edible protein cage can boost absorption of the mineral and offer an alternative delivery method for use in fortified foods and supplements, says new research.

Dispatches from HiE, Amsterdam

Athletes may recover faster with HYDRO.365: Study

Endurance athletes consuming sports drinks containing whey protein hydrolysate could see an improvement in performance, a Danish study has found.

‘An important contribution to the clinical evidence’: Second generation prebiotic shows anti-anxiety potential

Supplements of the second generation prebiotic Bimuno containing a novel mixture of galacto-oligosaccharides may lower measures of anxiety, says a new study from the UK.

Vitamin B supplementation could prevent noise-induced hearing loss: Mouse data

Supplementation with vitamin B3 could help to protect against noise-induced hearing loss by increasing the activity of a protein that has been linked to hearing loss, say researchers.

Vitamin D supplementation linked to fewer lung disease ‘flare-ups’

Vitamin D supplementation could reduce flare-ups of COPD lung disease by more than 40% in patients who are deficient, say researchers.

News in brief

BioGaia to buy 35% stake in MetaboGen AB

Probiotics specialist BioGaia has said it will invest SEK 12m (€1.3m) in Swedish research company MetaboGen AB.

Study finds widespread adulteration of grape seed extract

Grape seed extracts have been showing up in increasing numbers in the dietary supplements marketplace driven by their connection with blood pressure support and other health benefits. But are all...

Agro-industry seed ‘waste’ is promising source of oils and ingredients

Agricultural and agro-industry waste could serve as an important alternative source of vegetable oils and bioactive ingredients for functional foods, according to new research.

Study backs satiety effect of patented oat lipid preparation

Oats have been shown in several studies to keep hunger at bay and now research from Lund University in Sweden has shown that liposomes from fractionated oat oil induce satiety.

Study shines a light on myth that blueberries improve night vision

New research from Canada suggests that blueberries and bilberries do not significantly improve night vision in a healthy population, contradicting several previous (though often less well-designed) studies.

Obesity causes half a million cancers a year: Study

High body mass index (BMI) is to blame for nearly half a million cases of cancer each year worldwide, according to a new study.

Gut bacteria may play role in brain protection

Our natural gut-residing microbes could play a role in controlling the permeability of the blood-brain barrier - which protects the brain from harmful substances in the blood, say researchers.

Could a yogurt a day keep diabetes away?

A high intake of yogurt may be associated with a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, suggests a new meta-analysis.

Nutrition labelling requires ‘appropriate’ reference amounts: Consumer study

Consumers are generally able to use nutrition labelling systems to identify more and less healthy foods, but the use of different reference amounts may be confusing, say researchers.

Microbiome modification could prevent metabolic syndrome: Mouse data

Promoting healthy gut microbiota could help to prevent and even reverse metabolic syndrome, according to new research.

Medicus says its mobile platform proving ability to deliver faster, better, cheaper studies

Medicus Research has passed a milestone with the announcement of its 20th clinical trial using smartphone technology to enroll subjects and collect data.  The technology continues to prove its robustness...

Not just for flavour: Herbs and spices backed for heart health

Antioxidant-rich spices and herbs could help to improve triglyceride concentrations and other blood lipids, according to new research.