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Probiotic oral cavity-reduction potential has bite, study shows

A supplement containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus could enhance dental health by reducing tooth decay, according to a Chilean study.

Probiotics during pregnancy, breastfeeding may reduce colic in infants

High-dose multi-strain probiotic supplementation to women during late pregnancy and lactation may reduce colic and regurgitation in the infants, says a new study.

Industry call: Maastricht Uni researchers hungry for satiety trial funding

Maastricht University researchers are seeking sponsors – preferably from a drink or shot maker – for a weight management trial exploring ‘intestinal brakes’ that has showed promising phase 1 results.

Winter mothers more likely to develop gestational diabetes: Population-based study

Women whose babies are conceived in winter are more likely to develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy, with a lack of vitamin D during these months one of the likely factors,...

Resistant starch backed for insulin sensitivity

A type of fibre may improve insulin sensitivity in adults and help those with type 2 diabetes (T2D), studies have found.

IPA and ISAPP collaborate on new paper about probiotic use in at-risk populations

Pharmacists should verify GMP compliance, check pathogen and toxin testing, and seek out products with 3rd party certifications before recommending probiotic products to at-risk individuals, says a new paper from...

EFSA models transparency with open source ‘Knowledge Junction’

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has made all its models from the last 15 years available on an open source platform called the Knowledge Junction, which also encourages external...

Probiotics improve cognitive function among patients with severe dementia: Clinical trial

Researchers believe they have shown for the first time that probiotics can improve cognitive function in humans, following a clinical trial with elderly Alzheimer’s patients aged 60-95.

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Omega-3-rich diets linked to lower blood pressure in young, healthy adults

Diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids may help healthy young people avoid the onset of high blood pressure, according to preliminary data presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2016.

Directing psychobiotic ‘talk’ via gut-brain network key to neurological benefits: Study

Controlling communication between probiotics and the brain is the next challenge for scientists as an Oxford University review outlines strategies for their use in treating brain disorders and enhancing cognition.

Migraine sufferers show differences in makeup of oral microbiome

Could migraines be triggered by what’s going on in the mouths of susceptible people? A recent study suggests that the makeup of the oral microbiome could play a role in...

Probiotic improves pregnancy outcomes in antibiotic-treated women: Study

A vaginal probiotic may improve pregnancy outcomes in women who receive antibiotic treatment for a condition that can cause premature birth.

Cultured thoughts: The emerging areas of probiotics and prebiotics

The last few years have seen a surge in gut microbiota studies that stretch far beyond digestive health benefits, weight management and immune system support. But what direction is this sector...

Prebiotic fortified infant formula linked to immune biomarkers in infants

An experimental formula fortified with a specific human milk oligosaccharide may modify the immune profile of infants similar to that observed in breastfeeding, says a new study from Abbott Nutrition.

Medlab announces first Australian cannabis trial for cancer pain as nutraceutical sales soar

Australian company Medlab Clinical Limited is preparing to start Australia’s first clinical trial using cannabis for oncology patients suffering intractable pain.

Link to causality: Industry needs to up prebiotic & probiotic efforts

Clinical trials investigating the effects of prebiotics and probiotics on the microbiome have to move from an association to causation if the market is to evolve in the long-term.

Over half kids' food on Spanish TV use health halo claims: Research

Over half of all food products marketed to children on Spanish television make some kind of nutrition or health claim but many of these products are unhealthy, say researchers calling for...

Green tea extract supplements may improve lipid levels for women

Taking green tea supplements for one year may slash total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels in post-menopausal women, says a new study.

Industry poll: Claim wording & transparency greatest EU health claim challenges

Almost nine years after the implementation of the EU's controversial nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) the industry is still reeling, German researchers have found.

Omega-3-enriched canola oil potency strengthens commercialisation route

Consuming canola oil enriched with omega-3 helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications such as hardening of the arteries, according to a study.

Spices and diabetes: Urgent need for more human trials to assess benefits, say Asia researchers

There is an urgent need to carry out more human studies with spices that have the potential to reduce glycemic response and potentially manage and treat diabetes, according to Singapore...

Routine malnutrition screening for COPD patients ‘vital’: Vietnam study

Researchers in Vietnam have argued that routine screening of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients could avoid the development of malnutrition and its associated risks, costs and complications.

Whey appetite quenched thanks to amino mix: Research

The satiating effect of whey protein may be because of its specific amino acid composition, New Zealand researchers have said.

Pioneering test could 'revolutionise' measurement of infant malnutrition in developing countries

A new low-cost test to measure early-stage infant malnutrition that is suitable for use in areas with limited electricity and little health expertise has been developed by University of Sydney...

New study shows astaxanthin is effective against daily mental and physical fatigue

Japanese nutraceutical firm AstaReal says its astaxanthin has been found to be simultaneously effective against both mental and physical fatigue in a new published study.