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Hops rich in anti-cancer compounds

New research into a flavonoid compound found only in hops shows that it may help prevent cancer if a method to improve its absorption in the body can be found.

Changing diet will cut cancer deaths, says research

More than a third of the world's cancer deaths can be blamed on nine modifiable risk factors, including diet and obesity, shows a new study out today.

Nutrient alters gene activity in animals

Injecting an amino acid, also available as a food supplement, into rats permanently changed their behaviour by altering expression of certain genes, US scientists have reported.

More protein, less carbs may cut heart risk

Replacing some carbs with protein and monounsaturated fat can improve cholesterol levels, further lower blood pressure and reduce overall heart disease risk, suggests a new study out today.

Too much calcium may raise prostate cancer risk

Men who consume a lot of calcium may have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer, concludes new research.

Poor diet costs UK health service three times more than smoking

The UK's poor dietary habits are costing its health service an annual £6 billion (€8.9bn) - three times as much as the financial toll from smoking - suggests a new study.

High fat-low carb diet reduces heart's energy stores

High fat-low carb diets, such as the once-trendy Atkins diet, appear to negatively impact the heart's energy stores, shows new research presented in the US this week.

Obesity and cancer more closely linked than previously thought

Diet and obesity could play a more significant role in cancer risk than previously thought, putting processed food again under the spotlight.

Low selenium linked to higher risk of osteoarthritis

Insufficient levels of selenium may raise the risk of knee osteoarthritis, US researchers will report tomorrow.

Herbal supplement inhibits prostate cancer cells in lab

An herbal extract developed by New Chapter suppresses the growth of prostate cancer cells and induces prostate cancer cells to self-destruct, according to new research.

B vitamins to lower homocysteine may prevent strokes

Taking high doses of B vitamins may help reduce the risk of a second stroke and heart attacks, according to a new analysis.

Olive oil phenols may explain heart health benefits

Plant chemicals in olive oil, rather than the fatty acids, may be responsible for the good heart health widely observed in Mediterranean populations, say Spanish researchers.

Immigration to Britain raises heart disease risk

People moving from South Asia to the UK significantly increase their risk of heart disease, largely due to a change in diet, shows new research.

Indena builds evidence on safety of soy extract for post-menopausal women

Consuming a standardized soy extract does not stimulate the growth of breast cancer tumours as suspected by some scientists, and may in fact reduce tumour progression, suggests new research from...

Vitamin D appears more important than high calcium for bones

Consuming more than 800 mg of calcium per day may be unnecessary for bone health if the body has enough vitamin D, say Icelandic researchers.

How Atkins works - possible mechanism discovered

French scientists have reached a possible explanation for the weight loss effect of high-protein diets like Atkins.

Protein discovery could be clue to vitamin E's anti-cancer effect

US researchers have identified a protein that affects vitamin E's retention in prostate cells and helps the vitamin slow cancer growth.

Olive oil compounds fight colon cancer

Compounds in olive oil appear to protect against colon cancer, one of the most common forms of the disease in the Western world.

Child's rapid weight gain raises risk of heart disease

Rapid weight gain during childhood raises the risk of heart disease later in life more than an individual's actual body weight at any particular age, UK researchers have found.

Garlic component fights meat carcinogens

A component of garlic that gives the herb its flavour may inhibit the effects of a suspected carcinogen produced by meat cooked at high temperatures, say US researchers.

Resveratrol tackles Alzheimer's plaques, shows lab study

Resveratrol, a compound found in grapes and red wine, lowers levels of the amyloid-beta peptides that cause the plaques in the brain leading to Alzheimer's disease, shows new research.

Sauerkraut consumption may fight off breast cancer

Eating sauerkraut and raw cabbage may protect women from breast cancer, said a team of US and Polish researchers last week.

Primrose oil fatty acid blocks cancer-causing gene

Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), one of the fats in evening primrose oil and several other plant oils, inhibits action of Her-2/neu, a cancer gene that is responsible for almost 30 per...

Aged garlic extract may help prevent heart attacks

UK scientists investigating how aged garlic extract reduces platelet aggregation say the supplement could significantly reduce the chances of heart attacks in heart patients.

Healthy fruit and veg compounds being lost in processing

Fruit and vegetable compounds shown to protect against cancer in epidemiological studies could be much more powerful if processors and breeders paid closer attention to their preservation, say Dutch researchers.