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EU obesity project to bring NPD openings for industry?

In a bid to stem the flow of funding to European health budgets, Brussels has invested more than €14 million in the fight against fat.

Kelp can reduce level of hormone related to breast cancer risk

Kelp seaweed, the brown plant often found washed ashore on beaches, could help to fight hormone-related cancers, suggests new animal research.

Gene reveals high-risk osteoporosis group

About 19 per cent of people have a genetic variation that may increase susceptibility to osteoporosis, a new study reveals.

Cholesterol-lowering snacks possible

Researchers at Brandeis University claim that they have found a way for food manufacturers to make snack foods that lower cholesterol levels.

Compound from rare plant shows promise against breast cancer

A compound derived from a rare South American plant stops the growth of human breast cancer cells in laboratory cultures, report US scientists in a journal this month.

Weighing up the benefits of alcohol

Wine drinkers gain more heart health benefits than those who drink beer or other spirits, and may also live longer, finds a new analysis of research into this area.

Iron supplements may help against post-natal depression

Anaemic mothers who took iron supplements reported significant improvement in depression and anxiety levels after giving birth compared to those who took a placebo, shows a new study.

Calcium may protect women from colorectal cancer

Women consuming more than 800 milligrams of calcium each day reduced their risk of colorectal cancer by as much as 46 per cent, according a large study carried out in the US.

Green tea extract boosts exercise endurance in animals

Green tea extract could become a novel ingredient for the sports nutrition industry if new findings on animals can be confirmed in human tests.

Obesity prevention should focus on kids with overweight mothers

Six-year-olds whose mothers are overweight are 15 times more likely to be obese than children of slim mothers, shows new research out of the US.

Young girls should be targeted for osteoporosis prevention

Efforts to prevent osteoporosis, generally considered a disease of elderly women, should actually start before puberty, suggests new research into calcium supplements.

Synbiotic supplement may help protect GI health in elderly

Food manufacturers looking to target Europe's increasing elderly population may be able to offer health benefits by adding a synbiotic ingredient.

CLA-rich meat, milk to compete with functional foods

Meat and dairy products with higher levels of the healthy fat conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) could be available in just three years, say scientists at the Rowett Research Institute in...

Fat type more important than quantity in cutting CV deaths

The type of dietary fats consumed by middle-aged men may be more important than reducing total fat intake to lower the risk of dying from heart disease, suggests a study...

Daily tipple for older women pushes away dementia?

Evidence continues to mount suggesting the benefits of moderate drinking to overall health with a new study on over 4,000 older women finding a daily drink could sharpen the mind.

Salad fans may have lower risk of kidney cancer

Women keen on bananas, salads and root vegetables may be less likely to develop kidney cancer, suggests a new Swedish study.

Magnesium deficiency may contribute to osteoporosis rise

Prolonged magnesium deficiency leads to osteoporosis in rats, finds new research, which could present a warning to many populations not getting adequate levels of the mineral through their diets.

Pycnogenol may help children manage asthma

Children with mild to moderate asthma who took supplements of the pine bark extract Pycnogenol saw improved lung function and a significant decrease in asthma symptoms, report researchers.

High antioxidant: the future of peanuts?

Peanuts are in the news again as being healthy - despite their high-fat levels - as researchers suggest that they may be as rich in antioxidants as many fruits.

Sports drink improves footballers' stamina

Drinking a carbohydrate-electrolyte sports drink helped soccer players maintain their stamina, a small study found.

Beer compounds, not alcohol, may fight cancer

Non-alcoholic beer may fight off cancer, suggests new laboratory research on mice.

Mother's diet linked to foetal liver health, adult disease

Slim mothers may be impacting the liver health of their babies in later life, say UK researchers.

Vitamin C role in asthma prevention gains no support from new study

Mothers that consumed high levels of dietary vitamin C during late pregnancy were more than twice as likely to report wheezing in their children two years on, shows a new...

Oleic acid findings will boost knowledge on olive oil

Laboratory results showing that oleic acid dramatically cuts the expression of a gene involved in the development of breast cancer have been acclaimed as a major breakthrough in understanding the...

Antioxidants teach old dogs new tricks

A University of Toronto study involving beagles indicates that cognitive stimulation may boost the effects of an antioxidant-rich diet in combatting the loss of learning ability with advanced aging.

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