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Fungus enzyme could lead to supplements for coeliacs

A newly identified enzyme can break down gluten molecules before they reach the small intestine, Dutch researchers have shown, and may offer hope for the management of coeliac disease using...

Spinach extract could suppress appetite, tackle obesity

Swedish researchers have identified a compound found in green leaves that suppresses appetites and boosts weight loss in lab animals, and could one day be used as a functional ingredient...

French scientists unravel genes in yoghurt

Scientists in France say they have unlocked the genetic sequence of bacteria in yoghurt, offering better insight to dairy firms looking to create added value dairy products.

B vitamins fail to slow cognitive decline, says study

Daily supplements of B vitamins for people with high homocysteine levels do not affect cognitive performance compared to placebo, says a new study from New Zealand.

Milk thistle compound could protect against lung cancer

A flavanone compound in milk thistle, silibinin, stopped lung cancer growth and spread in mice, says research from the University of Colorado.

Make room for mushrooms in antioxidant rankings

Ingredient suppliers have been quick to tap fruits and vegetables shown to have a high antioxidant content, like tomatoes and broccoli. Now new research suggests that mushrooms deserve a place...

Antioxidant-rich almonds on a par with fruit and vegetables

According to recent research, antioxidant-rich almonds could be the smart choice for manufacturers trying to reach a health-conscious market.

Soy isoflavones could improve mood, mental function

Isoflavones from soy could help preserve cognitive function and mood in post-menopausal women, according to Italian researchers.

Hibiscus extract could protect heart, suggests lab study

An extract from the flower of the hibiscus plant prevented oxidation of LDL-cholesterol that contributes to hardening of blood vessels and heart disease, says research from Taiwan.

Vitamin K focus

Strong support for vitamin K's bone health benefits

Increased intake of vitamin K, both from diet and supplements, has a significant impact on bone health and "striking" reductions in hip fractions, says a new meta-analysis.

Decaf coffee could protect against type-2 diabetes

Drinking six or more cups of coffee every day could reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes by more than 20 per cent, says a new US study.

Pierre Fabre and MHB collaborate on plant projects

France-based Laboratoires Pierre Fabre has announced an agreement with Canadian bioresearcher Millenia Hope Biopharma (MHB), which may yield new plant-based products for use by the nutraceuticals industry.

Low carb diet could benefit obese diabetics, says study

Sticking to a low-carbohydrate diet with some limits of calories has long-term benefits on body weight and blood sugar levels, says a new study from Sweden, but a leading diabetes...

More support for olive polyphenol in bone health

The olive polyphenol, oleuropein, reduces bone loss in a rat model of osteoporosis, say researchers at France's INRA, as science continues to accumulate linking the olive extract with bone health.

Daidzein from soy linked to heart health benefits

Increasing levels of daidzein, an isoflavone found in soy, have been linked to significant improvements in cholesterol levels and could boost heart health, says a new study.

Omega-3s may help depressive kids - pilot study

Increasing omega-3 intake from the diet or supplements may help depressive kids, reports a pilot study for the first time.

More support for omega-3 calming ADHD kids

Supplements of omega-3 and omega-6 improved the attention span and hyperactivity scores of young Australians, and was rated better than the common medication Ritalin.

Increased choline intake could cut CVD risk, suggests study

Increased intake of choline, a nutrient found in meat, milk and eggs, can reduce circulating levels of homocysteine, an amino acid linked to increased risk of heart disease, says a...

Cherry juice may reduce exercise-induced muscle pain

Drinking cherry juice could reduce the pain and damage in muscles induced by exercise, says a small intervention study from the US.

Folic acid supplements could boost DNA repair, says study

Daily folic acid supplements could improve DNA stability and reduce the risk of certain cancers linked to faults in the genetic code, suggests new research.

Fat, salt content of kids' food linked to "obesity time-bomb"

A new survey from the UK's Trading Standards Institute (TSI) says that the fat and salt content of children's food vary widely, and suggests that some kids' intake may be...

Beer extract could protect against prostate cancer

The flavonoid xanthohumol found in hops could help prevent prostate cancer, but the scientists suggest supplements rather than beer for exploiting the potential benefits.

Pine bark extract could calm ADHD kids, says study

A daily supplement of the French maritime pine bark extract, Pycnogenol, improved attention and coordination and reduce hyperactivity of kids with ADHD, says new research.

Citrus peel extract shows benefits for diabetes

A daily supplement of an extract from citrus peel could reduce insulin resistance in hamsters, suggesting the extract might also help prevent diabetes in humans, says a North American study.

Positive results for Alltracel bioactive + sterols

Alltracel has obtained positive pre-clinical results from investigations into the effect of its cellulose cholesterol-lowering technology in combination with plant sterols, which may help smooth the route to its use...

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