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Olive oil reduces blood pressure

Consumption of olive oil is inversely associated with blood pressure, report Greek researchers, revealing an additional factor behind its protective effect on heart health.

Profits up at Tate & Lyle on strong sucralose gains

Month-on-month growth for Tate & Lyle's zero calorie sweetener combined with a faster than expected decline in European cereal prices helped the UK firm post a high single-digit rise in...

Antioxidant-rich soup cuts stress levels

Food makers continue to reap the benefits from new science that backs the health promoting properties of food with researchers finding an antioxidant-rich soup raised vitamin C levels, and reduced...

Fruit's anti-cancer effect 'overstated'

Increased fruit and vegetable consumption is associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease but not cancer, according to a new study that suggests the cancer-protective effect may have been...

Omega-3s good for women's health

Women in particular gain from an increased intake of omega-3 fatty acids, according to a new study.

Further evidence for vitamin E's protection against Alzheimer's

Vitamin E may help prevent Alzheimer's disease, suggests new research that provides insights into how the disease damages brain cells.

Berry phenol fights harmful bacteria in gut

Raspberries and another berry commercially grown in Finland, the cloudberry, contain a compound that inhibits the growth of harmful intestinal bacteria, report researchers at VTT Biotechnology and the University of...

Red wine substances may protect against lung cancer

Red wine may protect against the development of lung cancer in men, suggests new research, with each daily glass conferring additional benefit.

South African obesity under spotlight at major conference

Chronic diseases linked to obesity could put the brakes on economic progress in many developing countries unless urgent action is taken, experts warned at the first major international conference on...

Resveratrol anti-inflammatory action confirmed

Resveratrol, the powerful antioxidant found in wine, and another polyphenol quercetin can act as novel anti-inflammatory agents, conclude UK researchers, although they question the value of offering resveratrol over the...

DASH diet may do more than lower blood pressure

The DASH diet, developed by the US government's National Institutes of Health as a way to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, may have health benefits that go beyond its...

New research underlines antioxidant activity in chocolate

Evidence backing the health promoting benefits of chocolate continues to mount, bringing dynamism to slacking sales, reports Lindsey Partos. Researchers from Spain have discovered that polyphenols found in cocoa extract...

Long-term benefit of glucosamine questioned in study

The food supplement glucosamine, widely used to treat osteoarthritis pain in knee joints, has no long-term beneficial effect, a team of Canadian researchers has concluded.

Fruit may boost bone health in young girls

High intakes of fruit may be important for bone health in girls, report researchers in Northern Ireland.

Chinese herbal reduces dementia

A herbal medicine, used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, appears to reduce the impact of dementia, shows a small study.

Tea found to fight Alzheimer's enzymes

Drinking tea could help improve memory and may also slow the development of Alzheimer's disease, suggests new research from the UK.

Cranberry juice improves good cholesterol

Cranberry juice could be just as good as red wine and grape juice for heart health, according to scientists.

Olive oil, source of health benefits

More than 300 scientists from all over the world are meeting in southern Spain for the first international conference on olive oil and health.

Calorie restriction may not slow memory loss, finds mice study

Severe calorie restriction prevents certain ageing-related changes in the brain, including the accumulation of free radicals and impairments in coordination and strength, according to a mouse study.

Strong-flavoured onions show promise for fighting cancer

Strong-flavoured onions may not help your social life but they could have significant potential for fighting cancer, report US researchers.

Vitamin D improves symptoms of knee osteoarthritis

Increased vitamin D levels appear to improve muscle strength and physical function for vitamin D-deficient patients with knee osteoarthritis, according to research presented this week.

Soy unlikely to impact fertility

Soy is unlikely to damage fertility in women, report researchers, who investigated the theory that its positive impact on breast cancer risk may have other, unwanted effects.

UK ups focus on disease prevention

The UK is increasing its focus on disease prevention under a new £12 million (€17.25m) initiative launched today.

Higher fibre shown to reduce oestrogen levels

An international team has demonstrated that women with a higher intake of dietary fibre have lower circulating oestrogen levels, a factor associated with lower risk of breast cancer.

Genetic mechanism explains omega-6 link to breast cancer

An excess of omega-6 fats in the diet appears to accelerate breast cancer by altering the activity of a group of genes, report Spanish researchers.