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Young girls should be targeted for osteoporosis prevention

Efforts to prevent osteoporosis, generally considered a disease of elderly women, should actually start before puberty, suggests new research into calcium supplements.

Synbiotic supplement may help protect GI health in elderly

Food manufacturers looking to target Europe's increasing elderly population may be able to offer health benefits by adding a synbiotic ingredient.

CLA-rich meat, milk to compete with functional foods

Meat and dairy products with higher levels of the healthy fat conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) could be available in just three years, say scientists at the Rowett Research Institute in...

Fat type more important than quantity in cutting CV deaths

The type of dietary fats consumed by middle-aged men may be more important than reducing total fat intake to lower the risk of dying from heart disease, suggests a study...

Daily tipple for older women pushes away dementia?

Evidence continues to mount suggesting the benefits of moderate drinking to overall health with a new study on over 4,000 older women finding a daily drink could sharpen the mind.

Salad fans may have lower risk of kidney cancer

Women keen on bananas, salads and root vegetables may be less likely to develop kidney cancer, suggests a new Swedish study.

Magnesium deficiency may contribute to osteoporosis rise

Prolonged magnesium deficiency leads to osteoporosis in rats, finds new research, which could present a warning to many populations not getting adequate levels of the mineral through their diets.

Pycnogenol may help children manage asthma

Children with mild to moderate asthma who took supplements of the pine bark extract Pycnogenol saw improved lung function and a significant decrease in asthma symptoms, report researchers.

High antioxidant: the future of peanuts?

Peanuts are in the news again as being healthy - despite their high-fat levels - as researchers suggest that they may be as rich in antioxidants as many fruits.

Sports drink improves footballers' stamina

Drinking a carbohydrate-electrolyte sports drink helped soccer players maintain their stamina, a small study found.

Beer compounds, not alcohol, may fight cancer

Non-alcoholic beer may fight off cancer, suggests new laboratory research on mice.

Mother's diet linked to foetal liver health, adult disease

Slim mothers may be impacting the liver health of their babies in later life, say UK researchers.

Vitamin C role in asthma prevention gains no support from new study

Mothers that consumed high levels of dietary vitamin C during late pregnancy were more than twice as likely to report wheezing in their children two years on, shows a new...

Oleic acid findings will boost knowledge on olive oil

Laboratory results showing that oleic acid dramatically cuts the expression of a gene involved in the development of breast cancer have been acclaimed as a major breakthrough in understanding the...

Antioxidants teach old dogs new tricks

A University of Toronto study involving beagles indicates that cognitive stimulation may boost the effects of an antioxidant-rich diet in combatting the loss of learning ability with advanced aging.

Gut health may be key to allergy prevention

Changes in gut microflora caused by widespread use of antibiotics and today's high-fat, low-fibre diet could be responsible for a major increase in allergies in recent years, say researchers.

EU research into diet, exercise and diabetes

The European Commission is spending €12.7 million on research into the relationship between diet, lack of exercise and the development of diabetes to improve understanding of the rapid rise in...

Further evidence for homocysteine, stroke link

People genetically prone to high concentrations of homocysteine have a higher risk of stroke than other individuals, according to a new study that supports the theory of a causal relationship...

Rice bran oil, not fibre, benefits cholesterol levels

Rice bran oil, being used by some US restaurants to eliminate trans fats, appears to be responsible for the cholesterol-lowering effect of the ingredient rather than its fibre content, say...

Dietary changes needed to stem rise in BP levels

More than 1.5 billion people will have high blood pressure by 2025, or around one in three adults over the age 20, experts have warned.

DHA supplements remedy cholesterol levels in children

Taking supplements of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) appeared to restore normal blood vessel function in children with inherited high cholesterol, report researchers.

Nutrient combo in avocados may inhibit prostate cancer

An avocado extract has been shown to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells in lab research, reports Philippa Nuttall.

Fruit, veg found to have no impact on breast cancer risk

Consuming fruit and vegetables has no effect on reducing breast cancer risk, according to a large study that looks set to override previous evidence showing potential protective effects.

Sleep deprivation becomes new factor in obesity debate

Lack of sleep is increasingly being linked to the epidemic of obesity in many developed nations, with new research showing that obese people sleep less than their normal weight peers.

Gene expression technology to provide new data on vitamin C safety

State-of-the-art gene expression technology is being used in a new trial to assess the safety of high doses of vitamin C.

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