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Carbohydrate metabolism has role in spina bifida?

Low concentrations of myo-inositol, a nutrient involved in carbohydrate metabolism, or slightly elevated glucose levels in the blood increase the risk of having a child with spina bifida, say Dutch...

Soy - potential in many areas but more research needed

Soy appears to deliver tangible health benefits for the heart, brain and kidney health but more research is needed in many areas, heard a large audience attending this year's Soy...

Folic acid supplements also appear to lower blood pressure

Folate, the B vitamin required by women to prevent birth defects in their babies, also appears to reduce the risk of them developing high blood pressure, shows new research.

Unsaturated fats may reduce risk of gallstone disease

A diet rich in polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats, such as those typically found in the Mediterranean diet, may not only protect heart health but could also reduce the risk of...

Should supplements advise on how to best absorb nutrients?

Supplement labels should carry some suggestions as to how they are best consumed to maximize their chances of efficacy, suggests a researcher.

Compounds found in wine could inhibit Alzheimer's

New Japanese research could explain why drinking wine appears to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's. Scientists have found compounds that inhibit an enzyme implicated in the disease.

New analysis of HRT risks

Taking combined HRT can sharply increase the risk of developing a blood clot for some women, according to new research, that adds to the other risks associated with the therapy.

Investing in GI

Food manufacturers offering products with a low glycaemic value will help generate the necessary evidence to convince sceptics of the merits of the nutritional strategy, suggests an industry expert, even...

More cranberry is more powerful against urinary infections

Cranberry juice appears to have a dose-response effect against bladder infections, according to preliminary research, providing further evidence of juice's health benefits.

Overall diet may better protect against asthma than single nutrients

Evidence that vitamins and minerals can protect against asthma is scarce, suggests a new review, but the researchers do not rule out a dietary approach to impact the incidence of...

Beta glucan shown to speed up immune response

Beta glucan appears to help speed up response to infection, which may result in faster healing, report researchers in a new study.

Women reverting to HRT?

Women are going back onto hormone replacement therapy because it is significantly more effective against menopausal symptoms than herbal remedies, an organisation of American gynecologists said on Friday.

Can weight loss improve asthma symptoms?

Researchers at the University of Liverpool are to investigate the influence of weight loss in obese people with asthma.

Vitamin E and lycopene combo tested in humans

After confirming that a combination of vitamin E and lycopene has a positive effect on the growth of prostate tumours in mice, scientists in the Netherlands have initiated a trial...

Dietary supplements have 'no effect on cancer' and 'may increase mortality'

Dietary supplements may be doing more harm than good - with the possible exception of selenium - if an article published today in The Lancet is to be believed, writes...

Alcohol helps older women's grey cells

Older women who have a drink or two a day have better memory skills than non-drinkers, announced researchers from the University of Texas this week.

Soy isoflavones put under the microscope

The effects of dietary supplements containing soy isoflavones on various body tissues will form the basis for a multidisciplinary study by scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Elderly should consider iron supplementation

A new study has added weight to the belief that iron deficiency can have serious consequences in the elderly, and that that those over 60 should consider iron supplementation.

Fatty acids play no role in childhood allergies

Levels of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids in the diets of pregnant women do not appear to have an important influence on the development of wheezing and allergies in their...

Vitamins slowed down to treat prostate cancer

Scientists in Wales today suggested they have found a way to slow down the metabolism of vitamins A and D, giving them the staying power to help men with advanced...

Traditional herbal remedies fight disease

Traditional herbal remedies can help in the battle against a range of illnesses, including cancer and diabetes, according to data presented yesterday to the British Pharmaceutical Conference in Manchester, UK.

Mother's diet lowers child's leukaemia risk

Women who eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and protein before pregnancy may lower the risk of having a child who develops leukaemia, Britain's biggest child killer disease, suggests...

No reason to ban selenium

Selenium-enriched yeast is a safe dietary supplement and there is no reason for the EU to ban it, according to a report by researcher Dr Margaret Rayman from the University...

Indian anti-cholesterol herb interferes with drugs

A traditional Indian herbal, long believed to lower cholesterol levels, may interfere with nearly 60 per cent of prescription drugs, including the popular anti-cholesterol drugs statins, according to recent research.

Folic acid food fortification works

A recent study in Canada has given weight to the assumption that adding folic acid to food can dramatically reduce the incidence of birth defects - suggesting that Europe should...