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Soy compound shows promise in amyloidosis prevention

A compound called genistein that is found in soya beans could prove useful in the prevention of some forms of amyloidosis, report scientists from the Scripps Research Institute.

Lacking B vitamins makes for cognitive decline

Low B vitamin levels and high homocysteine concentrations predict cognitive decline, say US researchers, producing new data to support the role of B vitamins in the mental health of the...

Broccoli compounds may protect joint health

Antioxidant-boosting compounds found in broccoli and other plants appear to block an enzyme that triggers inflammation in joints.

Plant lipids may raise risk of Alzheimer's in some people

Linoleic acid, a lipid found in plants like corn, sunflowers and safflower, appears to help prevent Alzheimer's disease in many people but in those with a genetic defect that makes...

Kanebo testing chestnut polyphenol for glucose lowering

The food division of Japanese group Kanebo says it has found a way of extracting polyphenols from chestnut skin, which could then be used to regulate blood sugar levels.

Copper supplements may slow Alzheimer's progress

Copper may stabilize cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer's disease, believe researchers in Germany who are conducting a clinical trial to assess the effects of supplementation.

Cocoa compounds may help diarrhoea

Dark chocolate made with flavonol-rich cocoa may help prevent diarrhoea, say scientists who have found cocoa compounds to limit the development of fluids that cause the condition.

Fruit and veg boosts bone strength during teenage years

Fruit and vegetables, and not just calcium, help build bone strength during childhood and teenage years, show a growing number of studies.

Glucosamine better than common painkiller for knee arthritis

Two long-awaited clinical trials on glucosamine have found the shellfish-derived substance to significantly reduce the pain of arthritic joints, and it may be better than a commonly used painkiller in...

Dairy food consumption linked to lower risk of metabolic syndrome

The more dairy products consumed, the less likely your chances of metabolic syndrome, suggests a new study out of Iran.

Silicon supplement may benefit bone health

A form of silicon marketed in dietary supplements improved bone mineral density in some areas of the body, a new clinical trial has found.

Flavanols may improve smokers' blood vessel health

Flavanols, the natural chemicals found in chocolate, fruits and tea, can boost the levels of nitric oxide in the blood of smokers and reverse some of the smoking-related damage to...

Plant oestrogens may protect against lung cancer

Eating foods containing phytoestrogens - like soya products, plant oils and a range of different fruits and vegetables - appears to reduce the risk of developing lung cancer even in...

ReGen's Colostrinin increases cell lifespan

UK-based ReGen Therapeutics has preliminary evidence of an anti-ageing effect from its nutraceutical Colostrinin.

Scientists double CLA content in cheese

Feeding cows sunflower oil more than doubled levels of conjugated linoleic acids in cheese made from their milk, says new research, improving the fatty acids' potential in functional dairy development.

Common fruit and veg may protect memory in elderly

Broccoli, potatoes, oranges, apples and radishes all contain substances that act in the same way as drugs used to treat Alzheimer's, UK researchers will report today.

Pomegranate extract fights prostate cancer in lab tests

Pomegranate juice may be able to prevent prostate cancer if initial findings in the lab can be confirmed in humans, say US researchers.

Puppy fat in teenage years puts strain on heart

Just a little extra fat during teenage years raises the risk of future heart disease, scientists have warned.

Nutrition researchers recognized by industry

Dr Rob M. Russell, a scientist specializing in carotenoid metabolism, last week won DSM's €25,000 prize for his major influence on furthering understanding of beta-carotene's role in cancer.

High-protein, low-carb corn developed

Corn with twice as much protein and oil and about half as much carbohydrate content could be just round the corner.

B-vitamin boost in fight against mental decline

Eating foods rich in B-vitamins and folate, such as green, leafy vegetables, could help prevent against age-related mental decline according to a study published this month.

Calcium supplements may have usefulness limit, suggests study

Calcium supplements may not increase the bone mineral density in young women after a certain threshold level of intake has been achieved, according to a new study from Creighton University.

Infants benefit from prebiotics too, indicates study

Infants formula-makers looking replicate the qualities of breast milk are turning to prebiotics to boost gut health, according to Orafti. A new study conducted in France indicates their benefits.

Antioxidants may hamper cancer therapies

Antioxidants are widely believed to help reduce the risk of certain cancers, but if taken by cancer patients undergoing cytotoxic therapy they may have a detrimental effect, according to a...

More evidence for beta-carotene, cancer link in smokers

A new cohort study investigating the interaction between beta-carotene intake and cancer indicates that the carotenoid may have a protective effect in non-smokers but actually increase the risk for those...