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Vitamin may restore smokers' lungs

Retinoic acid, a form of vitamin A, appears to cure the lung disease emphysema in mice, according to a new study that suggests the vitamin could one day provide a...

Gaining clues to feeding tumours

A new tumour growth model, in which the tumour is a part of the host's body, reveals that a low-calorie diet delays the growth of a tumour, and thus increases...

Spanish snacking more

Spain might well have a culinary heritage to rival that of France, but like it trans-Pyrenean neighbour, consumption patterns have been changing over the last few years, with more hectic...

Scientific support needed to tap probiotics potential

Experts meeting at a symposium on probiotics this autumn said that further scientific support is needed to explore the strong potential for health benefits of...

Grape juice to regain youth

Grape juice significantly improved short-term memory and some neuro-motor skills such as coordination and balance in preliminary research on animals, presented last month.

Folate researchers gather at first conference

Europe's first international conference on folates, taking place in Poland early next year, is expected to shed new light on folate bioavailability in foods and help understand how to boost...

Rye may add prebiotic properties

The rye grain, and rye bran in particular, is rich in dietary fibre and also contains a significant fructan concentration, which may have important prebiotic properties, suggests a new publication.

Ginger remedy probably safe

Ginger, taken by pregnant women to ease morning sickness, appears to be safe for the foetus, report researchers, but they found it only had a mild effect on sickness.

Increasing calcium, preventive therapy for childhood obesity?

Children should be strongly encouraged to regularly include calcium-rich foods and drinks in their diets, report US researchers, after a new study confirms the negative association between the mineral and...

Diet could help hay fever sufferers

German researchers have found further evidence that components of diet, particularly fatty acids and antioxidants, might be able to inhibit symptoms of hay fever in adults.

Low selenium associated with pregnancy complications

Slightly increasing levels of the trace mineral selenium might help prevent pre-eclampsia in susceptible women, suggests a new study from the UK.

Bioavailability: necessary but not sufficient

Bioavailability is important but does not guarantee efficacy, claims lycopene supplier LycoRed, in a bid to defend natural tomato products against the threat of synthetic lycopene.

Vitamin D, cod liver oil protect against diabetes

Both vitamin D and cod liver oil, rich in omega-3, consumed early on in life appear to reduce the risk of type 1 diabetes, suggests new trials out this month....

Obesity link to insulin resistance due to inflammation

New research adds to the understanding of how obesity leads to insulin resistance and could help improve prevention of type 2 diabetes, rising at a dramatic rate around the world.

Internet campaign to improve health

A new Internet-based health information campaign, to be launched by the World Health Organisation (WHO), is aiming to change people's attitudes to healthy eating and help to prevent some of...

Acatris ingredient shows positive effect on blood sugar levels

A fenugreek extract made by Dutch ingredients company Acatris has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels in both non-diabetic and type-II diabetic subjects, reported...

GLA for eczema - had its day?

High dose supplements of borage oil failed to improve symptoms of eczema, shows a new study in this week's British Medical Journal, challenging previous research that suggested a dose related...

New findings may explain obesity link to diabetes

US scientists have for the first time established a biochemical connection between obesity and type 2 diabetes. The findings could lead to more preventive treatments for diabetes, the fourth main...

Flavoursome fibres

The healthy components of fibres such as oats and rye can also enhance their flavour if the correct processing techniques are used, claims new Finnish research.

Milking genetics for healthier foods

A new international research consortium to study the 'milk genome' could help researchers learn how to develop many of the healthy compounds found in milk.

Seafood project builds international support

Researchers involved in an ambitious European project, designed to investigate the potential for seafood in reducing chronic disease, have begun establishing links with Chile, with the aim of improving the...

Akins may help reduce seizures in epilepsy patients

The popular low-carbohydrate, high-fat Atkins diet, causing waves on both sides of the Atlantic, may also have a role in preventing seizures in children with epilepsy, say researchers at the...

Black beans high in antioxidant ratings

The debate over which plant has the most antioxidants continues, with new research showing black beans are a rich but overlooked source of antioxidants equal to fruits like grapes, apples...

Sunshine vitamin may ease pain, reduce colon cancer risk

People with persistent, non-specific musculoskeletal pain should be screened regularly for vitamin D deficiency, report authors of the leading study in this week's Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

High-fat diet may speed up AMD

Fish and nuts can protect against progression of age-related macular degeneration, report researchers, but a high intake of animal and vegetable dietary fats from other foods may increase the risk...

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