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Soy protein has no impact on calcium absorption, small study

A diet rich in soy protein does not appear to improve calcium absorption despite previous evidence to suggest that soy compounds, isoflavones, could improve bone health.

Daily coffee cuts liver cancer risk, new study

Benefits and risks of coffee drinking on consumer health are the focus of two new studies that ultimately reveal the positive, or negligible impact, of this popular beverage.

New insight into green tea's action on bladder cancer

Green tea extract is able to target cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone, researchers have found for the first time, adding further support to its potential as a cancer...

Childhood obesity figures inflated, say UK researchers

Claims of a childhood obesity epidemic in the UK are not supported by the evidence, say researchers today.

Wine keeps women's hearts beating healthily

Drinking wine, but not beer or spirits, keeps women's hearts beating healthily, finds new research.

Dietary supplement reduces prostate cancer marker

A daily supplement containing plant oestrogens and antioxidants like selenium and carotenoids may slow the rise in PSA levels, a marker for prostate cancer progression in some men, report Dutch...

Mushrooms offer heart health fibres

Common mushroom varieties offer significant amounts of heart healthy fibres, say researchers investigating the carbohydrate content of mushrooms for the first time.

Indian herb cuts insulin, blood sugar levels

A herbal used in traditional Indian medicine to treat diabetes seems to lower blood sugar and insulin levels in the same way as prescription drugs.

John's wort extract as effective as drug for severe depression

A St John's Wort extract, produced by German group Schwabe, is at least as effective in treating moderate to severe depression as a commonly prescribed anti-depressant, finds new research out...

Vitamin B12 may help prevent bone-wasting disease

Vitamin B12 deficiency may be an important modifiable risk factor for osteoporosis, say researchers, identifying the nutrient's connection to bone health in men for the first time.

Choline impacts heart disease risk factor

Another nutrient, choline, has been shown to influence the metabolism of homocysteine, increasingly thought to be a risk factor for heart disease.

Nutrigenomics will help support health claims

A new way of looking at nutrition research is set to help the food industry provide better support for health claims, writes Dominique Patton.

Carrot compound fights cancer in animal tests

A compound found in carrots that acts as a natural pesticide reduced the risk of cancer in rats by a third, report UK and Danish researchers today.

Cholesterol-lowering diet just as good as statins

A diet rich in fibre, soy and vegetables lowered cholesterol just as much as taking a statin drug, Canadian researchers report.

DHEA may relieve midlife depression, say researchers

A new study suggests that DHEA supplements may be an effective alternative to traditional anti-depressants for sufferers of midlife-onset major or minor depression.

Arginine supplements may lower stroke risk marker

Supplements of the amino acid L-arginine may lower levels of the heart disease marker homocysteine, say researchers for the first time.

Thai curry spice attacks cancer cells, shows lab study

The Asian plant galangal, often used to flavour Thai curries, appears to both kill cancer cells and boost the cancer-fighting capacity of healthy cells, say researchers in the UK.

Obesity raises NTD risk

Obesity increases the risk of a mother giving birth to a child with neural tube defects, even if they are receiving folic acid, suggests a new study.

Bigger babies have higher risk of certain cancers in adulthood

Babies who weighed more at birth had higher rates of digestive and lymphatic cancers in adulthood, finds a new study that underscores the importance of prenatal nutrition.

Milk, fruit and veg may help reduce disability risk

High consumption of dairy products and fruits and vegetables may lower the risk of disability, especially among black women, report US researchers.

New values for nutrients reveal more about health benefits

Knowing a food's dietary fibre content says nothing about how it will impact the body, says a New Zealand researcher, who is calling for an alternative evaluation of nutrients that...

Obesity raises prostate cancer risk

Obesity not only raises the risk of heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure, but also makes the likelihood of developing prostate cancer more likely, say Portuguese researchers.

Vitamin D under spotlight in new cancer research

Vitamin D's role in the development of cancer should get further attention following the unexpected findings that sunlight may benefit certain types of cancer.

Vitamin E status, role in depression?

People with depression appear to have lower levels of the vitamin E alpha-tocopherol circulating in their bloodstream, report researchers, who will investigate further whether vitamin E supplements can help their...

EU obesity project to bring NPD openings for industry?

In a bid to stem the flow of funding to European health budgets, Brussels has invested more than €14 million in the fight against fat.

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