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Cow's diet makes milk healthier, says study

Cows on healthier diets produce milk that is healthier for humans, says new research, improving our understanding of how dairy processors could naturally increase the health positioning of their products.

Fish oil does not stop fatal heart rhythms, suggests study

Fish oil did little to reduce the risk of heart rhythm problems, cardiac arrest or arrhythmia in patients at increased risk, said researchers yesterday, conflicting with previous results showing a...

B vitamins may not protect against heart disease

A new study from Norway has cast doubt on years of research suggesting that vitamin B6 and folic acid may have a protective effect on the cardiovascular system - findings...

High doses of vitamin E boost mice lifespan

Mice given high doses of vitamin E lived on average 40 per cent longer than a control group, report Spanish and Argentinian researchers, who suggest the results are down to...

Probiotic drops calm colicky infants

Probiotic bacteria drops appear to reduce the symptoms of colic in breast-feeding infants and could offer a natural, more effective alternative to conventional treatment, say researchers.

Mushrooms beat wheatgerm to top antioxidant slot

Food makers anxious to tap into the burgeoning market for functional foods might wish to promote the use of mushrooms, with fresh research from food scientists suggesting button mushrooms are...

Pomegranate extract could slow cartilage loss in arthritis

Pomegranate fruit extracts have been shown to block enzymes that contribute to cartilage degradation in osteoarthritis, a condition that currently has little perspective for treatment.

Vitamin D boosts NSAID cancer-fighting power

Low doses of the active form of vitamin D and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs act as a powerful combination to halt the growth of prostate cancer cells, say US scientists.

Polyphenols linked to flavour development in food, new findings

Polyphenols present in roasted or baked rolled oats could be intimately linked to the flavour development of this popular food, report food scientists.

EU to develop new grain varieties to combat metabolic syndrome

Health-promoting cereal foods and ingredients aimed at fighting metabolic syndrome are to be developed in a five-year project involving 43 partners from 15 European countries.

High dose vitamin C reduced colds in Japanese study

Taking a high-dose vitamin C supplement everyday reduced the number of colds experienced by people in a Japanese trial, although intake of the vitamin appeared to have no impact on...

Olive oil compound may fight disease, act like painkiller

A compound found in olive oil has an anti-inflammatory action similar to the popular painkiller ibuprofen, reported US researchers today.

Calpis peptide ingredient lowers BP, confirms study

Dairy peptides marketed by Japan's Calpis effectively reduce blood pressure after just three weeks of consumption, shows a new study that is good news for Unilever, which has recently added...

Fruit, fibre may protect against childhood exposure to smoking

Eating fruit and soy fibre appears to protect adults exposed to second-hand smoke as children from some of the long-lasting damage to their respiratory systems, shows a new study.

DSM to offer CoQ10 for functional foods, tablets

A new CoQ10 product, said to be more bioavailable than the commonly marketed crystal form, is set to open up a number of food and drink applications for the ingredient,...

New study joins dairy-weight loss debate

A new clinical study has re-ignited the fiery debate over dairy intake and weight loss, claiming obese adults can eat four servings of dairy every day and still lose as...

Diabetes charities question reality of 'metabolic syndrome'

Metabolic syndrome, a cluster of certain heart disease risk factors, may not be a syndrome at all, say experts commissioned by two leading diabetes organizations.

L-Carnipure supplements may help reduce diabetes during pregnancy

Taking supplements of L-Carnipure tartrate during pregnancy can significantly reduce the increased level of plasma free fatty acids that is considered the main cause of insulin resistance in pregnant women,...

Probi says its probiotic could prevent iron deficiency

A strain of probiotic bacteria developed by Swedish firm Probi doubled the absorption of iron from food in women participating in a recent study, it revealed yesterday.

Tocotrienols inhibit build-up of plaques, shows lab study

Tocotrienols appear to be better than the more common vitamin E form alpha-tocopherol at stopping an initial stage of atherosclerosis, a condition responsible for more than half the deaths in...

Protein-rich diet boosts benefit of exercise

People following advice to cut calories and increase physical activity to lose weight will see greater benefits if their diet is rich in protein, reveals a new study.

Study questions glucosamine supplements' efficacy

Glucosamine has been shown to be one of the most effective ingredients for promoting joint health and relieving pain, but a new study suggests that commercial supplements may contain too...

Eating fish may cut risk of heart problems

Eating fish, already shown to reduce the risk of heart attack, may also reduce other heart problems such as chest pain, report researchers in Greece.

Little evidence to support weight loss effect of all chitosan supplements

The shellfish fibre chitosan has been shown in some trials to help weight loss but inconsistent product quality has led to conflicting results, believes one supplier.

Healthy eating, weight management benefit gums

Heart-healthy habits are good for oral health too, shows a new study that gives consumers an extra reason for making dietary changes.