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Coleus extract may suppress diet induced weight gain: Rat data

1 commentBy Nathan Gray , 18-Dec-2013

Supplementation with an extract of Coleus forskohlii could reduce food intake and weight gain, according to new research in rats.

The study, published in Pharmacognosy Research , evaluated the potential antiobesogenic and metabolic benefits of Coleus forskohlii -in a rat model that was fed a 'cafeteria diet' - finding that supplementation of C. forskohlii extract (CFE) curbed appetite and mitigated the development of dyslipidemia.

Led by researchers from Olive Lifesciences, India, in partnership with Sree Siddaganga College of Pharmacy, the research team noted that 'numerous preclinical and clinical studies' have suggested CFE to have significant weight reduction activity, without any noticeable adverse effects.

As a result the current study these suggested effects were tested in a rat model where indicators of obesity such as appetite, weight gain, dyslipidemia and adipocyte were able to be measures.

The CFE extract used in the study was produced by Olive Lifesciences.

"Our results demonstrated that feeding of CFE with cafeteria diet to rats for 6 weeks produced significantly reduced food intake (appetite suppressant effect) in this model," explained the research team. "These effects were reflected in the reduced body weight, liver weight, PAT and serum lipid profiles of rats."

Researcher Dr Shiva Prashad, general manager of Olive Lifesciences, added that the effects observed in the study, "validate that supplementation of coleus extract with cafeteria diet could curb the appetite" and may support weight management.

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known fact

It is already a known fact that coleus forskohlii helps in weight management.But the ingredient is inconsistent in terms of supplies.

Every time companies have excess stocks, a new favorable clinical trial results appear from India. This is nothing but a marketing push that these companies try to do and there is nothing scientific about these studies.

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Posted by Eva McMillan
19 December 2013 | 06h12

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