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DMAA, resveratrol, gut health, and omega-3’s: A year of science in the nutra sector


By Nathan Gray+

Last updated on 21-Dec-2012 at 12:22 GMT2012-12-21T12:22:26Z

From the scientific controversy around DMAA to a major resveratrol research fraud scandal, plus all the latest developments in gut health, omega-3 and vitamin science; 2012 has been an eventful year for research in the health and nutrition arena.

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James Betz - Biotivia?

Hi James, Are the CEO of <a href="">Biotivia</a> who makes resveratrol supplements?

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Posted by Super Human Foods
02 January 2013 | 09h322013-01-02T09:32:48Z

Resveratrol 2012

Hello James, I appreciate the work you are doing on this, and accept the benefits of Resveratrol, but I would also add there is a lot of other naturally occurring substances with extremely impressive properties, I wouldn't say Resveratrol was unique. It's often the case that something which gets attention for research looks head and shoulders more important than substances that are poor relations in research awareness. Combinations of these agents have truly phenomenal properties.

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Posted by Alan Bradbury
30 December 2012 | 16h452012-12-30T16:45:07Z

Resveratrol 2012

I, along with about 80 of the most important scientists and physicians in the US, Europe, Middle East, and Asia just participated in the Resveratrol 2012 scientific conference in the UK. The evidence for resveratrol's ability to prevent, and treat the diseases of our modern lifestyle and obesity were impressive to say the least. When I was interviewed 6 years ago I stated that Transmax resveratrol would be ultimately considered more important to human health than penicillin. At the conference, after my presentation, I amended this statement. I now believe that Transmax resveratrol will be more important to all antibiotics within 20 years. Its potential to prevent diabetes, cancers, cardio-vascular disease, and inflammatory conditions is unique amongst both natural compounds and pharmaceuticals.

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Posted by James Betz
23 December 2012 | 21h212012-12-23T21:21:40Z

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