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Finns develop method to test vitamin D3 in milk

Last updated on 27-Feb-2014 at 16:45 GMT2014-02-27T16:45:44Z

Finns develop method to test vitamin D3 in milk

The Finnish Food Safety Authority (Evira) has developed a simplified method to test for vitamin D3 content in milk and will begin using it immediately.

Ascertaining vitamin D3 levels is important in northern countries due to low sunlight levels and for this reason foods like milk are fortified with the vitamin D to boost intakes.

“Dairy products are fortified with vitamin D3 which is the form of vitamin D found in animals. For this reason, an analysis method was required specifically for vitamin D3,” the agency said.

Evira said it conducts analyses of vitamin D in milk and dairy products, fish and animal feed.

“The current method used by Evira is liquid chromatography (LC) with ultraviolet (UV) detection, involving complicated sample preparation, as a result of which analysis takes 4-5 days. The new method, on the other hand, is based on an LC-MS/MS technique that enables simple sample preparation.”

The method was developed as part of thesis work by laboratory technician Soili Nikonen, who works at the Evira Chemistry and Toxicology Research Unit. 

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