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Persimmon leaf flavonoid may help prevent stroke: Mouse data


A flavonoid found in persimmon leaf has been shown to enhance brain ischemic tolerance in mice, however its mechanism of action remains unclear, say researchers.

The study, published in Neural Regeneration Research, noted that recent pharmacological studies have shown persimmon leaf flavonoid to dilate blood vessels, decrease lipid and glucose levels, and have an antioxidant effect in vitro, however data from in vivo studies is lacking.

Led by Mingsan Miao from Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China, the new study aimed to reveal the pharmacologic action of persimmon leaf by testing the effects of persimmon leaf extract (containing high levels of persimmon lead flavonoid) on brain ischemic tolerance in rats.

"Persimmon leaf flavonoid can elevate ischemic tolerance by reducing inflammatory reactions and vascular endothelial injury," revealed the researchers - who added that high-dose persimmon leaf flavonoid showed an identical effect to a ginkgo biloba leaf extract known as ginaton.


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