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Vitamin K may reduce cancer risk: EPIC study

Consuming foods rich in vitamin K2 may reduce the risk of cancer, says a new study supporting the potential anti-cancer benefits of this emerging nutrient.

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Lallemand Health Ingredients merges with Lal’Food

Lallemand Health Ingredients (LHI) and Lal’Food have merged in a move to benefit from synergies between the companies.

Science highlights promise of prebiotics for weight management

Prebiotic fibres may beneficially modify bacterial populations in our guts and aid weight management, with “promising effects also shown in humans”, says a new review of the science.

Multivitamins during pregnancy may boost infant health

Daily supplements of multivitamins during pregnancy may improve the growth of the baby in the womb, says a study with African American women.

Special Edition: Vitamin D

Suppliers surmounting vitamin D fortification challenges

In many countries foods such as milk, yoghurt, margarine, oil spreads, breakfast cereal, pastries as well as bread are fortified with vitamin D, and in the third part of our...

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Probi takes immune health supplements into South Africa

South Africa’s Camox Pharmaceuticals has signed an agreement to sell Probi’s dietary supplement for immune health on the South African market.

Special edition: vitamin D

Regulation: Time to catch up with the vitamin D science?

In the second part of our vitamin D special edition, we unpick some of the regulatory concerns surrounding the 'sunshine vitamin'.

Blackcurrant extract shows anti-asthma potential

Extracts from blackcurrants may reduce inflammation in the lungs and potentially offer benefits to the increasing number of asthmatics, says a new study from New Zealand.

Omega-3-fortified dairy effective for heart health: Study

Consuming dairy products fortified with omega-3 fatty acids does benefit heart health, and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, says a new study from Germany.

Vitamin K may benefit bones for transplant patients

Supplements of vitamin K2 may improve bone health in people following organ transplants, says a new study that adds to the growing list of benefits of the vitamin.

Special Edition: Vitamin D

Markets: Global vitamin D boom remains elusive

Scientists have linked Vitamin D to a wide variety of health benefits in recent years but outside the US this buzz has yet to translate into a market boom.

High-dose food supplements no help for cold sufferers: BNF

Nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc, selenium and probiotics won’t help ward off or treat common colds and flus, according to a scientific review conducted in the latest issue of...

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Study supports potential eye health benefits of bilberry extracts

Extracts from bilberry may improve symptoms of inflammation in the eye, says a new study with mice that builds the eye health benefits of the ingredient.

Italy ponders mandatory supplement warning labels – and health claims?

Food supplement regulations being considered in Italy may force certain products to carry warning labels, and health indications may become mandatory too, a European Commission committee has heard.

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Seaweed fibres show weight management potential

Fibre-rich extracts from seaweed may reduce the uptake of fat from the diet by an impressive 75 per cent, according to new findings from the UK.

Downturn affected demand for Cognis health, nutrition offerings

Cognis claims to have steered a steady course through last year’s economic upheaval. But despite a return to profitability, the downturn took its toll on nutrition and health and care...

CLA shows weight management benefits for children

Daily consumption of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) may reduce the body fat mass and total body weight in healthy but overweight and obese children, says a new study.

Antioxidants show benefits for over-50 sporty-types

Supplements containing antioxidants and arginine may boost athletic performance for the over-50s, says a new study from the US.

EU herbal directive faces legal challenge

The Alliance for Natural Health International (ANH-I) has announced it will challenge the European Union Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive (THMPD) after consulting with two UK legal firms.

Resveratrol encapsulation may boost bioavailability

Microencapsulation of resveratrol may prolong the release of the compound and improve it’s absorption, claims a new study from China.

Marine ingredient firm gets Tate & Lyle cash injection

UK-based marine biotechnology firm Aquapharm Biodiscovery has received £4.2m in extra financing from its current investors which includes Tate & Lyle Ventures – a move it says will boost further...

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Glanbia Performance Nutrition awarded £200,000

Ingredients firm Glanbia Performance Nutrition has received a £200,000 grant from regional development agency One North East.

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Sabinsa debuts capsicum extract

New Jersey botanicals supplier Sabinsa has launched a capsicum extract it says supports, “cardiovascular health and wellness, healthy skin aging, and normal immune functions.”


Supply chain transparency only answer to hostile campaigns

Food companies must ensure their supply chains are transparent and socially responsible in order to prevent backlashes from consumer activists and non-governmental groups on Facebook or Twitter, which could have...

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Probiotics group tells EFSA to consult specialist scientists

The European Food and Feed Cultures Association (EFFCA) has called on the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to bring scientists with “core expertise” in gut and immune health into its...

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