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Study to probe whether omega-3 source and freshness affects health

Researchers in Norway are kicking off a new project to investigate whether it is healthier to consume omega-3 from fish or supplements, and whether rancid oil is really best avoided.

Experts allay fears over multivitamins and breast cancer risk

A study linking multivitamin use to an increased risk of breast cancer does not prove the supplements are causing cancer, and shouldn’t stop multivitamin use, say experts.

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Red yeast rice effective where statins fail: Study

Dietary supplements of red yeast rice may lower LDL cholesterol levels by 21 per cent, and offer a blood lipid lowering alternative for people intolerant to statins, says a new study.

UK recalls toxic herb supplements

Chinese herbal products containing a banned botanical ingredient called Aristolochia have been recalled by UK authorities, although they remain on-market.

Finland proposes a doubling of Vit D dose for elderly

In recommendations published by Finland’s National Nutrition Council last week, the intake level of vitamin D for people over 60 years of age should be 20 micrograms (mcg) per day,...

Omega-3 may slash risk of heart failure: Study

Increased intakes of fatty fish, and the omega-3s they contain, may reduce a woman’s risk of heart failure by about 25 per cent, according to new findings from the US...

Vitamin D could save Germany €40 billion in health costs

Ensuring the German population gets adequate intakes of vitamin D could save the country about €37.5 billion in health care costs, according to a new review.

Blueberries may protect muscles from exercise damage

Antioxidant-rich extracts of blueberries may counter the detrimental effect of excessive exercise, according to new results from a new study from New Zealand.

FSA seeks views on vitamins and minerals in food

The UK’s Food Standards Agency has launched a new consultation to ensure up-to-date lists on which vitamins, minerals and vitamin formulations can be used in foods.

Science strengthens prebiotic potential of almond skins

The skin of almonds may exert a prebiotic effect and enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, says new research.

Lallemand offers manufacturing services for bacteria development

Lallemand is expanding into manufacturing services, opening up its expertise in bacteria development and industrial production to the human health and food industries worldwide.

Carnipure growth surge fuelling plant expansion, claims Lonza

Demand for its fat metabolism L-Carnitine based product Carnipure in new markets is fuelling plans to expand a production facility in China, claims Swiss group Lonza.

Vitamin D shows promise against seasonal ‘flu: Study

Increased intakes of vitamin D may reduce the incidence of seasonal ‘flu, according to results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial from Japan.

Orange juice may protect against bad effects of high fat meals

Flavonoids from orange juice may neutralise the detrimental effects of consuming a high-fat, high-carbohydrate meal, says a new study from the US.

Omega-3s show heart benefits for non-fish eaters

Increased intakes of omega-3 fatty acids may decrease the risk of heart disease and heart attack in people with low fish intakes, says a new study from The Netherlands.

Green tea market buoyant regardless of EFSA opinion, says Martin Bauer

High consumer awareness of the benefits of green tea and a growing market for functional green tea products means health claim substantiation is not essential, says a German green tea...

Special edition: Vitamin D

Science: Enlightening consumers to the benefits of vitamin D

Barely a week goes by without a new study supporting the benefits of vitamin D and calling for increased intakes. In the final part of our series on the sunshine...

Flavanols in cocoa again linked to CVD benefits

Small amounts of chocolate can lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease, according to a study by German researchers published in the European Heart Journal.

Vitamin K may reduce cancer risk: EPIC study

Consuming foods rich in vitamin K2 may reduce the risk of cancer, says a new study supporting the potential anti-cancer benefits of this emerging nutrient.

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Lallemand Health Ingredients merges with Lal’Food

Lallemand Health Ingredients (LHI) and Lal’Food have merged in a move to benefit from synergies between the companies.

Science highlights promise of prebiotics for weight management

Prebiotic fibres may beneficially modify bacterial populations in our guts and aid weight management, with “promising effects also shown in humans”, says a new review of the science.

Multivitamins during pregnancy may boost infant health

Daily supplements of multivitamins during pregnancy may improve the growth of the baby in the womb, says a study with African American women.

Special Edition: Vitamin D

Suppliers surmounting vitamin D fortification challenges

In many countries foods such as milk, yoghurt, margarine, oil spreads, breakfast cereal, pastries as well as bread are fortified with vitamin D, and in the third part of our...

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Probi takes immune health supplements into South Africa

South Africa’s Camox Pharmaceuticals has signed an agreement to sell Probi’s dietary supplement for immune health on the South African market.