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Vitamin B6 may affect heart disease risk: Study

Low levels of vitamin B6 may increase the risk of inflammation and metabolic conditions, and subsequently cardiovascular disease risk, says a new study.

Omega-3 may slash psychotic disorder risk: Study

Supplements of omega-3-rich fish oil may reduce the likelihood of developing psychotic disorders in high-risk people, say results of a new clinical trial.

Vitamin, minerals may reduce eczema risk in children

Increased intakes of beta-carotene, vitamin E, folic acid, and iron may reduce the risk of atopic dermatitis, a form of eczema, suggests a new study from Korea.

Nielsen: Omega-3 sales grow 42 percent

Market researcher Nielsen notes omega-3 products have bucked the recession to record 42 percent growth in 2009, as consumer interest in healthy eating grows and product prices drop.

EFSA should rethink immunity claim opinion, says Wild

German supplier Rudolf Wild GmbH claims the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) failed to explain the reasons for rejecting its immunity health claim opinion, and has appealed to the assessor...


No bitter battle over salt science

Excess salt can cause hypertension, heart disease, death. That’s the scientific consensus behind public health campaigns to reduce consumption of sodium chloride in the diet. But not everyone reads the...

Omega-3 may reduce risk of Alzheimer’s: Rat study

The omega-3 compound ethyl-eicosapentaenoic acid (E-EPA) may improve memory and learning, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer´s disease, says a new study.

Vitamin D may protect against Crohn’s disease

Low levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of developing Crohn’s disease, suggest results of a new cell study from Canada.

Germans appeal glucosamine health claim rejection

The European Food Safety Authority should reconsider its methodology about relevant target populations, a German firm has stated in response to EFSA’s rejection of a health claim linking glucosamine and...

Eurofins puts profit hope in upgraded labs

Eurofins is expecting that its investment in upgrading its laboratories in the last two years will pay off in increased profitability in 2010, according to the chief executive.

Frutarom wins big in weight management

Israeli supplier, Frutarom, has won a gong from Frost & Sullivan for its “scientifically-backed product line based on natural extracts with different modes of action” in the weight management area.

UK consumers embrace alternative medicines

Sales of complementary therapies such as traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines are booming in the UK as increasing numbers of people turn away from prescription drugs, according to Mintel.

Omega-3 may reduce risk of dental disease: Study

Increased levels of omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) may decrease the risk of dental diseases, suggests a new study from Japan.

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Israel’s Anlit signs deal to take kids’ supplements to Poland

Polish company Polpharma Ltd has signed an exclusive agreement with Israel’s Anlit to market the Israeli company’s supplements for toddlers and children in Poland.

Lycopene supplement boosts skin carotenoid levels

Oral supplements of lactolycopene may boost skin levels of lycopene and beta-carotene, says a study from Nestlé and L’Oreal.

Bio Serae goes organic with cactus offering

French supplier Bio Serae is offering an organic version of one its marquee cactus ingredients, Cacti-Nea, which it says is increasingly sought after by its food supplement and functional foods...

SMEs target of new health claims guide

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the target of a new guide on how to achieve a health claim approval in the EU.

More folate may mean less depression: Study

Higher blood levels of folate may reduce the risk of depressive symptoms in men, but not women, says a new study from Japan.

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Scientists explore importance of antioxidant balance

Too many antioxidants may interfere with cell signalling, and that a balance between anti- and pro-oxidants is best for optimal health, US-based researchers report.

Yakult to commence US production in 2012

Japanese probiotics pioneer, Yakult Honsha, will commence manufacturing its little probiotic dairy bottles in the US for the first time in 2012, the company has announced, as it seeks to...

Antioxidant uptake from coffee unaffected by milk: Nestlé study

Adding milk to coffee does not reduce the bioavailability of antioxidants, says a new study from the Nestlé Research Center.

No FSAI backing for Irish high dose supplements campaign

Ireland’s chief specialist in public health nutrition is at odds with natural health care practitioners and health shop representatives over pending EU regulation on high potency supplements, according to a...

Indian nutraceuticals attract big pharma

The growing Indian nutraceuticals market is attracting the attention of pharmaceuticals players such as GlaxoSmithKline, Dabur, Cadila Healthcare and Novartis, according to Indian press reports.

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Internet opens up Europe to counterfeit Alli

The arrival of counterfeit weight loss drug Alli in the US has led to warnings in Britain of the danger of buying OTC medicines from unregulated websites.

Pomegranate oil-seaweed mix may improve liver health and waist size

A blend of pomegranate oil and brown seaweed extract may produce weight loss of about five kilos, as well as improvements in liver health, says new study.

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