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Special edition: Cranberries

Science: The pick of cranberry’s health benefits

In the third part of our special series on cranberries, NutraIngredients looks at the science behind the reported health benefits of the little red berry.


Counting the human cost of recession

Return to profitability. It’s a phrase that businesses have been yearning for, but as more of them are starting to use it, it’s time to ask: At what cost?...

Irish group questions EFSA's reliance on 'gold standard'

The Irish Health Trade Association (IHTA) claims the scientific approach taken by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in its assessment of health claims for nutrients is seriously flawed.

India calls for Indian probiotic studies and strains

India is developing guidelines that may mean probiotic strains will have to be backed by clinical trials conducted on Indian populations if they are to gain market approval.

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Chromium picolinate gets EU approval and distribution deal

Following approval as an ingredient allowed to be used in food supplements in the EU, Nutrition 21 has announced a distribution agreement for chromium picolinate.

Magnesium benefits male hearts, but not women: Review

Increased intakes of magnesium may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) in men, but the evidence is lacking for women, says a new review.

Special edition: Cranberries

Supply: Cranberries, from bog to cereal bar

In the second part of our special on cranberries, NutraIngredients looks at the supply for the berry, and asks ‘what issues are bogging down cranberry supply?’

UK high dose supplement campaign seeks PM intervention

The campaign to ensure higher potency food supplements can remain on the UK market is stepping up a gear with a motion tabled in the UK Parliament seeking the prime...

Roadmaps to EU health claim success

As the European Union health claims climate evolves, companies are learning just what is required to demonstrate the benefits of healthy foods and supplements.

Dark chocolate may protect DNA from damage: Study

Consumption of polyphenol-rich dark chocolate may protect DNA from oxidative damage, preventing artery hardening and heart disease, says a new study.

Scots debut whey-omega-3 blend

Scottish omega-3 supplier, Equateq, has added to its range by blending a high-dose EPA omega-3 form with whey in a debut targeting the sports market.

Special Edition: Cranberries

Markets: cranberry goes mainstream

In the first of a four part special edition focused on cranberries, NutraIngredients looks at the market for the berry, with its entrance into the indulgence sectors an indication perhaps...

News in brief

Provexis turns in six month results

UK biotech firm Provexis has released six month results for the period ending September 30 that reveal up to €7.8m in raised capital.

Pine bark extract may boost diabetic eye health

Supplements of French maritime pine bark extract may improve the flow of blood in the tiny blood vessels of the retina, and enhance sight in diabetics with early stage eye...

Maternal folic acid may slash heart problems in children

Folic acid supplements during pregnancy may not only reduce the risk of birth defects but also protect the children from congenital heart defects, says a new study from the Netherlands.

Probiotics: From clinical trial to health claims success

As a raft of non-positive opinions on probiotics floats down the health claims river, questions have been asked of the efficacy of the beneficial bacteria. Two experts discuss where we...

Omega-3 maker reacts to negative health claim opinions

UK-based omega-3 supplements brand, Equazen, says it will amend its marketing materials after negative health claim opinions regarding its products were written into the European Union legislature in October.

Probiotic research needed to fulfill gut health potential

Probiotics should be considered as living drugs rather than “simple good bacteria” in order to become effective treatment options for IBS, according to Joseph Haddad, medical director of Institut Rosell-Lallemand.

Calcium and vit D show promise for colorectal health

Supplements of calcium and vitamin D may promote the health of the cells in the colon and rectum, offering potential protection from tumour development, says a new study.

Symrise to scale up nutraceuticals portfolio

Flavour and fragrance company, Symrise, said is intending to scale up its production of ingredients for the functional food and supplements market with the development of a dedicated global business...

Inulin-rich chicory extract passes tolerance test

An inulin-rich extract that also contains polyphenols and other bioactive compound is very well tolerated, says a new study from France that builds the science behind an emerging product.

News in brief

Aquapharm appointment eyes partnership developments

Scottish marine biotech company Aquapharm Biodiscovery have appointed Jon Williams as business development director, focusing on finding new partnerships.

Soy compounds may offer colon cancer protection

Natural lipid compounds found in soy may prevent the development of colon cancer, the third most deadly form of cancer, says a new study.

Omega-3 plus glucosamine ‘superior’ for joint health: Study

Combining omega-3 fatty acids with glucosamine achieves better improvements in joint health than glucosamine alone, says a new study from Germany.


Krill conflict could threaten omega-3 potential

The krill category and the science backing it are still emerging, but there are many who believe krill extracts have the potential to 'go big' in the healthy foods arena....