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UK food sector ripe for science jobs, survey

New opportunities for food scientists are expected to open up in 2010, according to a recruitment specialist, as the sector has weathered the recession relatively well and is taken advantage...

Special edition: antioxidants

Super veg look set to walk the antioxidant red carpet

“I'm strong to the finish when I eats me spinach,” said Popeye the sailor man, and he could have snatched Olive Oyl from the clutches of Bluto with even more...

Special edition: Antioxidants

Gaining benefits from leaf and bean: Antioxidants in tea and coffee

In the fourth part of our series on antioxidants, NutraIngredients looks at coffee and tea – two products seen increasingly as functional beverages for their antioxidant content.

Science builds for cardiovascular benefits of dairy proteins

A combination of milk proteins may reduce hardening of the arteries, says a new study from Valio that support the cardiovascular benefits of the dairy peptides.

Deal set to push probiotics firm into Japanese baby food market

Bio Gaia has signed an exclusive dealership agreement with Japan's largest food and supplement wholesaler in a move, the Swedish probiotics supplier said, will help open new markets such as...

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Grant to help build new sports nutrition plant

A UK distributor of sports nutrition products has been awarded a grant so that it can bring production in house and open a new manufacturing facility ahead of the Olympics...

Special edition: Antioxidants

Differentiation holds the key to antioxidant success: Expert

In the third part of our series on antioxidants, NutraIngredients talks to Jeff Blumberg, professor of antioxidants at Tuft University, and finds out why we need differentiation in the antioxidant...

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Naturex Foundation reports progress in Morocco, Peru and India

The Naturex Foundation, an initiative of French ingredients firm Naturex, has reported good progress on its three ongoing community projects in places from where it sources raw materials.

EFSA finds no safety concern over food supplement coating

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) found that the use of basic methacrylate polymer (BMC), a substance long used for similar purposes in pharmaceutical products, has no safety concerns as...

EU weight management and sports claims under threat: consultant

Nutrition claims such as low-GI that have not made it onto official annex of the 2006 nutrition and health claims regulation (NHCR) register have technically been illegal since January 19...

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Red yeast rice not a novel food, says EC panel

Fermented red yeast rice can be used in supplements without novel foods approval, says an EC panel following evidence of prior use in Italy.

Lipid Nutrition gains US CLA food debut

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) player, Lipid Nutrition, has launched its first GRAS (generally recognized as safe)-certified food in the US with a yogurt that has launched in the Minnesota area....

Special Edition: Antioxidants

Supply: Beta-carotene club and beyond

In the second part of our antioxidants special, NutraIngredients focuses on the carotenoids where the vitamin A converter, beta-carotene, is still lording it over lutein and lycopene and DSM and...

Ginkgo, ginseng, bilberry claims pulled in UK

The voluntary UK advertising watchdog has pulled up two Guernsey-based supplements manufacturers for making unsubstantiated claims about a host of mostly herbal products including ginkgo, ginseng, bilberry, St Johns Wort,...

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CRN International cements global reach with Swiss HQ

In a move to enhance its long-standing international presence, the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has established a new wholly-owned subsidiary headquartered in Manno, Switzerland.

Bilberry extract shows anti-diabetes benefits: Mouse study

Consumption of bilberries may reduce the levels of glucose in the blood, and provide a means of reducing the risk of diabetes, say the results of a study from Japan.

Vitamin D may cut elderly heart disease and diabetes risk

Middle aged and elderly people with high blood levels of vitamin D may be at a 33 per cent lower risk of developing heart disease, says a new review from...

Mars and Barry Callebaut team up on flavanols

A standard for measuring the antioxidant-rich cocoa flavanols in chocolate products, a broadening of the market for functional chocolate as well as boosting consumer awareness are the objectives of a...

Special edition: Antioxidants

Overview: The (seemingly) unstoppable antioxidant powerhouse

In the first instalment of this antioxidants special NutraIngredients scans a diverse global market that has barely been dented by the recession and continues to flourish amid consumer understanding that...

Probiotics for mum during pregnancy may cut obesity in child: Study

Taking probiotics during pregnancy may lead to less diabetes during pregnancy and reduce the risk of obesity later in a baby’s life, says a new study.

Gel innovation promises weight management pill

A simple pill containing a gel based on cellulose may swell in the stomach and promote the feeling of fullness, says new research from Italy with implications for weight management.

Glucosamine joint health opinion questioned by EC committee

At least one European Union member state has queried a recent reduced cartilage degeneration article 14 health claim submission that was turned down by EFSA partially because the studies submitted...


Do drink makers have stomach for anti-obesity fight?

Bravo! The beverage industry has responded enthusiastically to Mrs. Obama’s campaign to tackle childhood obesity - but there’d better be more than froth behind that sparkling rhetoric.

IADSA to focus on advocacy and emerging markets regulation

Regulatory harmonisation in Asian and Latin American countries coupled with tight monitoring of media content on dietary supplements to offset negative opinion will continue to be the focus of the...

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Provexis and DSM close to global rights deal

UK-based start-up Provexis has signed a Letter of Intent with its biggest shareholder, DSM, that will give the nutritional products division of the Dutch company exclusive global rights to Provexis’s...

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