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Sterols do not affect antioxidant defences: Study

Dietary supplements of plant sterols do not adversely affect our antioxidant defences, says a new study which boosts the overall safety profile of this booming ingredient group.

France: e-commerce and aging population to rescue sales for food supplements

Following years of robust double-digit growth, the market for food supplements in France could fall by 6 per cent this year, predicts market analyst Precepta.

Naturex launches brain health botanical

French botanicals supplier Naturex has launched an American ginseng extract, which a yet-to-be-published clinical trial has indicated can boost short term brain health and preserve mental alertiveness.

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Natreon and pharma firm team up for diabetes project

Supplement ingredient supplier Natreon said it has teamed up with the European pharmaceutical specialty company CM&D Pharma to form Puredel with the aim of delivering Ossulin, a new oral insulin...

Supplement ban may breach EU law, says ANH

The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) has warned the Food Standards Agency (FSA) that the proposed 2010 ban on certain vitamins and minerals contravenes EU law.

Barry Callebaut profits grow as chocolate market shrinks

Chocolate maker Barry Callebaut has reported increased profits and sales volumes for the full 2008/09 fiscal year, despite shrinking global chocolate consumption.

White bean derived supplement may lower GI of bread

The glycemic index (GI) of foods could be reduced through the intake of a white bean derived dietary supplement, claims a new study.

Omega-3 emulsion could boost stability of functional drinks

Dairy and beverage manufacturers can incorporate long-chain omega-3 fatty acids into their products without compromising taste and stability with a new high concentration omega-3 emulsion, claims supplier Lipid Nutrition.

Opportunity remains in dairy bioactives despite departures

Some companies are abandoning research into dairy bioactive ingredients because of high costs and regulatory uncertainty but market growth is still expected to be high, according to new research.

Gut microflora and obesity: Study highlights potential for pre-, probiotics

US researchers have successfully transferred gut bacteria from obese humans to germ-free mice, a breakthrough that will allow a more detailed study of the link between gut microflora and obesity.

Functional water sales grow strongly across Europe

Sales of functional waters are growing strongly in Europe aided by health concerns, clearer marketing, and advances in formulation, according to a new report from Zenith.

Marine collagen big in Japan now going west

Chinese supplier Fenchem said its new collagen peptide extracted from fish scales, an ingredient used in the joint health food and drinks market in Japan, is aimed at food and...

Milk may boost iron uptake from fruit juices

Formulating iron-enriched fruit juices with milk may improve uptake of the mineral, suggests new research that offers a way of boosting iron intake for people at risk of deficiency.

Bilberries may prevent artery hardening, boost heart health

Extracts from bilberry may prevent the build up of plaques in the arteries, preventing hardening of the blood vessels and boosting overall heart health, says a new study from France.


Life in a European health claims wasteland

Ka-CHING! Hear that? No it’s not the sound of overflowing cash registers as consumers throw endless wads of euros at scientifically-backed, healthy foods in greater numbers than ever before.

Call for stricter monitoring of folic acid intake

A potential link between high folic acid intakes and increased risks of cancer can not be ruled out, according to scientists from an EFSA led scientific cooperation project who are...

New NI lycopene targets beverages and bars

BASF is building the use of its nature identical lycopene by introducing a new cold-water dispersible version for use in beverages and food applications.

Nano curcumin could boost spice’s health benefits

Nano-sized curcumin capsules may boost the body’s uptake of the ingredient, and enhance its potential to prevent colon cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, suggests a new study from Japan.

NutraIngredients Health Claims 2010 conference

Where now for EU health claims? The NutraIngredients Health Claims 2010 conference will unpick the problematic and controversial regulation.

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Are EU health claims dooming innovation – Your views

NutraIngredients asked its readers for their views on whether the EU health claims regulation is stifling innovation in Europe. And we received a lot of responses...

Threat of EU health claims legal challenge grows

Three of Europe’s largest food supplement and healthy product trade groups have issued a 17-page paper that lays out its many concerns with the scientific approach being taken by EFSA...

Ageing concerns to stimulate brain food market, report

Rising concerns over dementia, Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline means the brain health functional foods category should be set for strong growth over the next few years, claims a report looking...

Carotenoid-rich broccoli could lead to better extracts

Careful conventional breeding of broccoli may boost the levels of antioxidants in the vegetable, especially lutein – a carotenoid linked to improved eye health.

Green tea extracts may protect against oral cancer: Study

Extracts from green tea may prevent the formation of mouth cancers in people with risk signs of the disease, according to a new study from Texas.

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Blood pressure management ingredient receives industry accolade

DSM’s lactotripeptide blood pressure management ingredient, tensVida, won the Outstanding Application in Nutraceuticals category at this year’s European Outsourcing Awards.