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Krill oil ingredient firm awarded grant towards clinical research

Norwegian firm Aker BioMarine claims a fund from a government agency will go towards the further substantiation of the health benefits of its krill oil extract.

Health claims: How do we define ‘healthy’?

With ‘healthy’ populations identified as the ideal for the European Food Safety Authority’s health claims, NutraIngredients asks Yakult – what exactly is healthy?

What NutraIngredients took away from the NI Health Claims 2010 Conference

As the 100 delegates filed away into the misty Brussels night, Stephen Daniells and Shane Starling took a moment to share their thoughts on the NutraIngredients Health Claims 2010 conference.

Aker's krill oil wins EU novel foods approval

Aker BioMarine said it has won EU Novel Foods approval for its omega-3 ingredient Superba Krill Oil, enabling it to be sold in the 27 countries in the EU bloc.

Coffee may boost prostate health: Study

Increased intake of coffee may reduce the risk of lethal and advanced prostate cancers by 60 per cent, according to new findings from the US.

Health claims science hits the economic bottom line

Producing randomized clinical trials is never an inexpensive endeavour, but increasingly stringent criteria mean companies are facing tough choices on whether to pursuer innovation, says DSM Nutritional Products.

Antioxidants may boost colon health: Study

Selenium-based antioxidant supplements may prevent the development of new colon polyps in people with a history of polyp formation, says a new study.

Study shows link to dietary fats and lower immunity

Fatty food rather than obesity in itself affected the ability of animals in a study to fight off sepsis caused by bacteria, claims a doctoral thesis from Sweden.

PACran gets UTI claim approved in Korea

The Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) approval of PACran cranberry powder’s claim to support urinary health is a positive step in the direction towards achieving a European-wide health claim,...

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Beneo-Orafti gets top marks in safety audit

Beneo-Orafti’s factory in Oreye, Belgium, has received a higher level International Food Standard (EFS) certification after scoring 97 per cent for safety across all its product lines in an audit.

Spices may boost breast health: Study

Compounds found in spices may reduce the risk of breast cancer formation by stopping the growth of the stem cells that spawn the tumours, says a new study.

French supplements industry to act over adverse reporting scheme

Synadiet, the French Dietary and Food Supplements Manufacturers Association, said it is to begin a mainstream media campaign to counter the negative stories that followed the launch of a monitoring...

Leatherhead chief backs health claim process

Leatherhead Food Research chief executive, Dr Paul Berryman, tells Shane Starling that despite a swathe of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) health claim rejections, the positive opinions that have come...

Soy may slash breast cancer mortality: Study

Increased intakes of soy and soy products may reduce the risk of death and breast cancer recurrence, says a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Frutarom launches slimming campaign

Flavour and ingredients company Frutarom has launched a slimming campaign based on what it describes as “highly effective but natural and clean label slimming products.”

Special Edition: Cranberries

Regulation: Making claims on cranberry's future

For a fruit that has had more science conducted on it than most, it is surprising to some that France remains the only country to have approved a long-standing cranberry...

Only one day to go: NutraIngredients Health Claims 2010 conference

The countdown is on – only one day remains before the NutraIngredients Health Claims 2010 conference unpicks the problematic and controversial regulation.

Asian appeal still strong as sterol juice launches in region

The penetration of Asian markets by functional ingredients manufacturers continues apace with the launch of a juice containing cholesterol lowering plant sterols and stanols in the Philippines.

NHS “functional foods” dietician faces incompetence charge

British National Health Service dietician, Katie Peck is facing a disciplinary hearing conducted by the Health Professions Council (HPC) after recommending functional foods and allegedly displaying lack of competence.

Soy waste compound may protect against inflammation

A compound often discarded as waste in soy-processing plants may stop inflammation, and protect against chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease, says new research.

Special edition: Cranberries

Science: The pick of cranberry’s health benefits

In the third part of our special series on cranberries, NutraIngredients looks at the science behind the reported health benefits of the little red berry.


Counting the human cost of recession

Return to profitability. It’s a phrase that businesses have been yearning for, but as more of them are starting to use it, it’s time to ask: At what cost?...

Irish group questions EFSA's reliance on 'gold standard'

The Irish Health Trade Association (IHTA) claims the scientific approach taken by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) in its assessment of health claims for nutrients is seriously flawed.

India calls for Indian probiotic studies and strains

India is developing guidelines that may mean probiotic strains will have to be backed by clinical trials conducted on Indian populations if they are to gain market approval.

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Chromium picolinate gets EU approval and distribution deal

Following approval as an ingredient allowed to be used in food supplements in the EU, Nutrition 21 has announced a distribution agreement for chromium picolinate.

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