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Supplement has a touch too much Viagra

A food supplement for men which claims to help prevent erectile disfunction has been withdrawn from the market because it contains substances similar to sildenafil, the active pharmaceutical ingredient...

Fytexia expands on weight management boom

French herbal supplier, Fytexia, has moved into a new premises at its southern French base as it responds to growing demand for natural ingredients and attempts to gain high-level European...

‘Gut friendly’ pizza – coming to a neighborhood near you

With probiotic yogurt shots beginning to establish themselves on US grocery store shelves, are consumers ready for a gut-friendly pizza?

Vitamin insufficiency may accelerate age-related diseases

Current recommendations for vitamin K are not being met, placing people at increased risk of age-related diseases such as cancer and heart disease, says a new analysis.

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CPL: Deciphering the European cholesterol-lowering market

The European cholesterol-lowering market presents many opportunities for food supplements and functional foods despite threats such as statin drugs and a tough new health claims regime, says Dr Robert Harwood,...

Irish fight food supplements media bashing

The Irish Health Trade Association (IHTA) has begun a mainstream media campaign to promote the positive role food supplements can play in the diet.

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FSA advises on sustainable fish choices

The UK’s Food Standards agency is sticking by its advice for people to eat at least two fish portions a week, of which one should be oily – but is...

Red wine powder gives the benefits without the booze

The health benefits of wine could be available to those who prefer not to drink alcohol, says a German team who are adapting the by-products of red wine production to...

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Dieticians recommend foods for flu prevention

Registered dietitians in the US are recommending that consumers “protect” their family during the flu season with foods that can help boost immunity, including probiotics, vitamin D and garlic.

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Kemin wins global award for satiety potato extract

Market researcher, Frost & Sullivan, has handed Iowa-based Kemin Health its Global New Product Innovation Award in the Appetite Suppressants and Satiety Ingredients category for its Slendesta potato extract.

New high potency ginkgo concentrate launched

Dutch start-up Xenobiosis is promoting a ginkgo biloba extract it says is 16 times more potent than regular versions of the cognitive and energy boosting herb.

ASA rules against ad for weight loss aid

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has decided that an advert for the supplement LIPObind does make a weight loss claim and ruled that it must not be broadcast until medical...

Special edition: Market insights

F&S: The danger of overstepping health claim boundaries

Health claim confusion has never been greater as industry adjusts to the new European health claims process. As part of a NutraIngredients series canvassing analyst insights, market researcher Frost &...

Omega-3 may improve blood pressure in kidney disease patients

A combination of omega-3 fatty acids and coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) may decrease blood pressure and heart rate in kidney disease patients, says a new study.

Current vitamin D doses insufficient for mothers-to-be

Many mothers to be are not getting enough vitamin D, even those taking supplements at the recommended doses, says a new study from Northern Ireland.

Solbar launches calcium-fortified soy ingredient

Israeli soy specialist Solbar has launched a calcium-fortified product, which it claims is a ‘single-pack solution’ for manufacturers of ready-to-drink pH neutral beverages.

Special edition: Market insights

Zenith: European frontrunners in beverage functionality

As Europe continues to play catch-up to American activities in the functional beverage industry, the new health claims regulation is likely to benefit – rather than hinder – the market....

Snack Size Science: Soy’s promise for long-life

NutraIngredient’s Snack Size Science brings you the week's top science every two weeks. This week we look at the potential of soy to slow the ageing process and extend lifespan....

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EFSA botanicals advice does not consider QC, says EHPM

The guidance on the safety of botanicals published last week by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) does not take into consideration quality control measures industry has taken to address...

Apple extracts offer antioxidant promise

Apple cracking specialist Val de Vire Bioactives has developed a natural antioxidant extract for the functional beverages market.

Danes debut healthy ingredients database

A Danish start-up has launched a database of healthy food ingredients and active molecules that food, drink and food supplements manufacturers can tap into when researching and sourcing ingredients.

Special edition: Market insights

Mintel: Preparing for a functional foods turnaround

The intrinsic health benefits of foods are likely to become a key focus of functional food growth in Europe as industry prepares for a major shift in the coming year....

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Ecological Food Manufacturers Association seeks members

Helping food companies meet growing demands for foods and beverages that are safe, nutritious and ecological is the aim of the new Ecological Food Manufacturers Association (EFMA).

Antioxidant-rich melon extract may ease stress, fatigue

Daily consumption of a melon extract rich in the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) may relieve stress and fatigue, suggest findings from a French study.

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Danone-backed Yakult expands in India

Distribution of probiotic one-shot drinks is broadening in India, with a major push occurring in cities like Mumbai, as disposable Indian incomes rise, and more people take an interest in...

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