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Special Edition: Resveratrol

Supply: Resveratrol, from grape to grateful consumer

In the second part of a special series on resveratrol, NutraIngredients looks at the ingredient’s supply. What is it extracted from, how much resveratrol does it contain, and who is...

Menopausal herb wins EU herbal registration

UK start-up, Bio-Health, has won its second herbal products registration in a year for a sage product that reduces excessive sweating in post-menopausal women.

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Danisco backs low-carbon future

Danish supplier, Danisco, has signed the Copenhagen Communiqué on Climate Change, an international measure to coordinate green measures such as carbon cutting.

Omega-3 boom eats into fish stocks, says study

Growing demand for long-chain Omega-3 oils is eating into fish stocks creating a need to regulate and reduce use of fatty acid-rich wild fish in the feed of farmed varieties,...

Health claims focus

European Union health claims: where to now?

By this time next year, one of the central ambitions of Europe’s brand-spanking new nutrition and health claims system may well be in place – a centralised list of approved...

Special edition: Resveratrol

Markets: A global break-down for resveratrol

In the first part of a special series on resveratrol, NutraIngredients looks at the state of the market for the heart-health ingredient. What has driven growth so far, and what...

Health claims focus

Inside Europe’s health claim conundrum

In the third part of this European health claims series we examine some of the key decisions to see where companies have got it wrong – and right.

Researchers partner up to improve health ingredients service

Bio2com and Sagacious have struck up a partnership to prepare new market reports and services that draw on their respective expertise in health ingredients and intellectual property.


Acrylamide: The consumer health scare that isn’t

Consumers love to get their teeth into a good health scare. So how is it that acrylamide has slipped under the radar?

Central and eastern European OTC market grows by 26 per cent

Over-the-counter products are booming in eastern and central Europe (CEE), as consumers increasingly seek non-prescription cold and flu and digestive remedies.

Health claims focus

The evolution of Europe’s health claims system

In part two of a series on the European nutrition and health claims regulation, we take a look into the past to scrutinize the reasons for its inception and wonder...

Antioxidant-rich juices boost heart health: Study

Consuming antioxidant-rich raspberry juice or tea may prevent artery hardening, and lead to improvements in heart health, say results of a European wide research.

KitoZyme wins OIV approval for animal, allergen free wine agents

Belgian ingredients supplier KitoZyme has gained approval from the OIV for two vegetal polymers designed to stabalise and clarify wine, therefore clearing the way for their commercial use.

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Cargill invests for CEE animal protein industry

Cargill has unveiled new investment in its animal plant in Sura Mica, Romania, as it positions to take better advantage of demand for animal protein products in Central and Eastern...

Health claims focus

Timeline of key EU health claim opinions

In the first of a special four-part series, NutraIngredients constructs a timeline of key opinions issued by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) since it got the ball rolling back...

Kids’ beverages target ‘all-natural’, ‘free-from’, immunity

All-natural, “free-from” ingredients perceived as unhealthy and ingredients that strengthen the immune system are the main trends in the kids’ beverages market, according to a New Nutrition Business report.

News in brief

Symposium to tackle new era in soy marketing

Taking place on 5th and 6th November, the second International Symposium Soy & Strategic Marketing will involve soy market updates, case studies on successful product introductions, and the latest on...

Prebiotics may stop early stage colon cancer: Study

The products of prebiotic fermentation in the gut may prevent the growth, and promote the death of cancer cells in the colon, says a new study from Germany.

Folate may improve artery function and heart health

Supplements of folic acid may improve cardiovascular health and reduce the prevalence of peripheral arterial disease (PAD), suggests a new study.

Polyphenols may protect omega-3 formulations

The shelf-life of omega-3 formulations may be extended by adding quercetin, an antioxidant polyphenol found in onion, apples, and tea, suggests a new study.

Early vitamin C deficiency linked to impaired brain development

Vitamin C deficiency in the first weeks and months of life may impair the development of neurones in the brain, and decrease spatial memory, says a new animal study from...

Barry Callebaut builds on Acticoa success

Barry Callebaut’s Acticoa blend of high-antioxidant cocoa and chocolate ingredients is being expanded across a range of products under Prestat’s Choxi+ brand in the UK.

Barry Callebaut builds on Acticoa success

Barry Callebaut’s Acticoa blend of high-antioxidant cocoa and chocolate ingredients is being expanded across a range of products under Prestat’s Choxi+ brand in the UK.

Release novel foods documents, rapped supplements maker tells FSA

A Welsh food supplements company is calling on the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) to release documents that may shed light on why a herb’s novel status was changed shortly...

Australian state ponders energy drinks ban

Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW), is considering a ban on high caffeine energy drinks in the Red Bull-led sector, after its Primary Industries minister, Ian McDonald, highlighted...

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