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EFSA affirms omega-3 can benefit baby brains and eyes

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has confirmed that the omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and ALA, can benefit eye and cognitive development in babies.

Use sustainable palm oil or suffer consequences, warns WWF

Many manufacturers and retailers are not using sustainable palm oil as much as they should to stimulate supply and lead to long-term environmental benefits, says a damning report from the...

Sage product first in UK to show quality mark

Salvian, a sage product from Bio-Health designed to reduce excessive sweating in post-menopausal women, is the first herbal product to display the new Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) mark in the...

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EC expands substance list for nutritionally beneficial foodstuffs

The European Commission has released its updated list of substances that can be added to foods for particular nutritional uses (PARNUTS) under Commission Regulation (EC) No. 953/2009.

Soy isoflavones may slow bone loss for women

Supplementation with soy-germ derived isoflavones may reduce the loss of bone in postmenopausal women, according to results of a new study from the US.

Mum’s veggie-rich diet may protect baby from diabetes

Mothers-to-be should eat a vegetable-rich diet in order to protect their babies from type 1 diabetes, according to results of a new Swedish study.

Nutrient database can assist health claims

Pooling nutrient information is becoming an important and time efficient way for companies seeking scientific data about nutrients – especially those seeking to back health claims under the European Union’s...

Industry split on glucosamine health claim rejection

Industry is divided in its reaction to the recent rejection of glucosamine and joint health claims by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), with one manufacturer advocating a medical licensing...

Vitamin D supplements show anti-diabetes potential

Supplements of the sunshine vitamin may improve insulin resistance and sensitivity, both of which are risk factors for diabetes, says a new study from New Zealand.

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Sanofi-Aventis enters China’s OTC market

Sanofi-Aventis has signed a joint venture agreement with Minsheng Pharmaceutical Group of Hangzhou to exploit the country’s booming OTC vitamin and mineral market.

Pomegranate’s prostate protection potential grows

The anti-prostate cancer effects of pomegranate and its extracts may be related to stopping an enzyme in the liver which processes environmental carcinogens, says a new study.

EU doctors deciding on elderly vitamin D levels

A group of European doctors is moving toward a vitamin D recommended level for the elderly, something that, if implemented, may influence vitamin D levels across the European Union for...

Tate & Lyle backs Asian prebiotic in Europe

A new partnership with chemical group Solvay will enable the distribution of a low dosage prebiotic food ingredient with multiple food and drink applications within Europe, the Middle East and...


Tackling E.coli – legislation or self-regulation?

Everybody wants food to be safe - but the recent slugging match over how best to protect US consumers from E.coli-tainted meat highlights whether legislation or self-regulation is the answer...

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Himalaya International invests in Indian functional foods

India’s burgeoning middle class is opening up opportunities for functional foods, with nut-based products eyed by Himachal based Himalaya International set to open a new functional food project.

Krill oil safe, well tolerated and effective, says study

Daily supplements of omega-3-rich krill oil is a safe and effective way of increasing levels of EPA and DHA, says a new study from Aker Biomarine.

Folic acid over-intake not an issue: Study

Less than five percent of Americans are exceeding safe limits of folic acid despite intakes from a multitude of sources, both enriched and natural, says a new study.

Special edition: Healthy chocolate

Regulation: the rules governing healthy chocolate

In the final part of our series on healthy chocolate, NutraIngredients scans the regulatory landscape to see how the movement towards healthy cocoa offerings is being affected by the rules...

Plant stanol and sterol claims now law in EU

Two of the three article 14 cholesterol-lowering health claim opinions relating to plant sterols and stanols have been written into the European Union legislature – along with 19 other claims.

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HFMA answers supplements doubting professor

The UK Health Food Manufacturers’ Association (HFMA) has responded to a professor who recently claimed, “many people think that they can reduce their cancer risk by taking supplements, but evidence...

Ocean Spray extends Pepsi partnership beyond cranberry

PepsiCo and Ocean Spray have added more single-serve juices and juice drinks to their three year-old sales and distribution agreement.

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GOED continues to push for higher omega-3 DRVs

The Global Organization for EPA and DHA (GOED) continues to fight for higher EU omega-3 dietary reference values (DRVs) of 500mg per day or more.

Leading probiotics researcher slams vaginosis study

Probiotics pioneer, Professor Gregor Reid, has criticised a Cochrane review of science that questioned the ability of probiotic treatments to battle bacterial vaginosis (BV), for including combinations of strains that...

EFSA publishes probiotic guidance

Genetic typing, internationally recognised naming protocols and evidence of consistency in the final product have been highlighted by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as critical factors for probiotic health...

Study fails to find omega 3 benefit for depression

New research, contrary to previous studies, shows augmenting antidepressant therapy with an omega-3 fatty acid supplement does not result in improvement in levels of depression in patients with coronary heart...

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