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National Starch creates animal free emulsifier for instant foods

National Starch has developed a new fat encapsulation system for instant desserts or other dried products that replaces animal derived ingredients like sodium caseinate.

Low vitamin D levels again linked to higher death risk

Low levels of vitamin D may increase the risk of dying from all causes by 150 per cent, suggests a study with over 700 elderly women.

Ultra-sensitive nutrient assays to boost health claim dossiers

UK-based third party testing service, HFL Sports Science, has developed a series of ultra-sensitive lab assays that will allow supplements and functional food manufacturers to more accurately measure molecular profiles...

Fish oil supplements (sans liver) are ok, says UK professor

The UK professor who found himself at the heart of an industry storm after his remarks on the value of food supplements were misquoted in the national press has...

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Fraudsters hit UK food businesses

UK food businesses are being targeted by fraudsters, claiming to represent the Food Standards Agency (FSA), who impose illegal penalty fees for bogus hygiene infringements, warns the agency.

Doctors debate vitamin D levels

The Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) is preparing a vitamin D policy paper it hopes can influence European national associations considering vitamin D medical recommendations.

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Inside Yakult's probiotic science culture

In HG Wells’ The War of the Worlds it is not the almighty weapons of humanity that defeated the invading Martians. It is a lack of immunity to the earth’s...

Industry turning food supplements media bashing around

The positive discrimination food supplements reporting campaign being mounted by the head of the Irish Health Trade Association (IHTA) has had a successful start with Irish and UK newspapers picking...

A chance to milk new developments in dairy

Advances in technologies for the extraction and modification of milk components have opened up new opportunities for the food and nutraceutical industries, say the publishers of a new book.

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Tomato extract maker seeks investor millions

UK fruit extract specialist, Provexis, hopes to raise €5.5 in a deal that may see it offer shares at a significant discount to the current listed price of about €0.10.

Vitamin D may improve colorectal cancer survival

Higher blood levels of vitamin D may double survival rates of colorectal cancer patients, suggests a new study from Harvard researchers.

Kraft moves closer to sterol approval down under

Kraft Foods is a step closer to becoming the first company to win approval to use plant sterols in reduced fat cheese in New Zealand and Australia after a positive...

Special edition: Brain health

Supply: The back-end of brain health

In the third article in this brain health series, we break down some of the key ingredients in the sector.

Irish establish functional foods initiative

Four of Ireland’s biggest healthy ingredients companies have joined with academics to form Food for Health Ireland (FHI), a group that will bring together partners up and down the value...

Royal wedding sparks 'herbal valium' concern

The UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has warned the public of the dangers of Aconite after media reports suggested a celebrity had taken the poisionous plant...

DSM’s fat emulsion appetite-suppressing power pinpointed

The appetite-suppressing activity of Fabuless, DSM’s fat emulsion, may be due to slowing transit through the intestine, says a new study.

EPAX builds its house on low-oxidant fish oils

A supplier of marine-based Omega-3 products to capsule manufacturers is expanding its Norwegian operation with a new operational facility to accommodate a three-fold rise in staff numbers over nine years.

Probiotic-containing apple wedges may offer dairy-free alternatives

Applying probiotic bacteria to fresh-cut apple wedges may offer an alternative way for a daily boost to gut health, and offer a dairy-free alternative, suggests new research from Ireland.

Supplement has a touch too much Viagra

A food supplement for men which claims to help prevent erectile disfunction has been withdrawn from the market because it contains substances similar to sildenafil, the active pharmaceutical ingredient...

Fytexia expands on weight management boom

French herbal supplier, Fytexia, has moved into a new premises at its southern French base as it responds to growing demand for natural ingredients and attempts to gain high-level European...

‘Gut friendly’ pizza – coming to a neighborhood near you

With probiotic yogurt shots beginning to establish themselves on US grocery store shelves, are consumers ready for a gut-friendly pizza?

Vitamin insufficiency may accelerate age-related diseases

Current recommendations for vitamin K are not being met, placing people at increased risk of age-related diseases such as cancer and heart disease, says a new analysis.

Special edition: Market insights

CPL: Deciphering the European cholesterol-lowering market

The European cholesterol-lowering market presents many opportunities for food supplements and functional foods despite threats such as statin drugs and a tough new health claims regime, says Dr Robert Harwood,...

Irish fight food supplements media bashing

The Irish Health Trade Association (IHTA) has begun a mainstream media campaign to promote the positive role food supplements can play in the diet.

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FSA advises on sustainable fish choices

The UK’s Food Standards agency is sticking by its advice for people to eat at least two fish portions a week, of which one should be oily – but is...