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Weight loss products lead Korean approvals

 Body fat burning products intended for weight loss were the largest portion of recent Korea Food and Drug Administration functional foods authorisations.

Green tea may slash lung cancer risk

Smokers who did not drink green tea at all may have a 13-fold increased risk of lung cancer, compared with those who drank at least one cup per day, suggests...

Vitamin E may boost brain health after stroke

Tocotrienols may prevent nerve cell death in the brain following a stroke, suggests new research on this emerging form of vitamin E.

Study: EU vitamin level-setting methods ‘fatally flawed’

Models being utilised by European authorities to determine upper safe limits (USLs) for vitamin and minerals used in food supplements are flawed and should be subject to “proper scientific validation”,...

Heinz infant formula advert misleading, says ASA

A complaint from viewers about a TV advert implying health claims with regard to a follow on formula from Heinz has been upheld by the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)....

Multivitamins may cut lung cancer risk in smokers

Multivitamins, folate, and green leafy vegetables may reduce the risk of developing lung cancer in current and former smokers, says a new study from the US.

Industry views sought on baby milk ingredients

Feedback from manufacturers is being sought on new standards being proposed for inclusion in the Food Chemcials Codex (FCC) which aim to ensure the quality and enhance the safety of...

Poland embraces pre- and probiotic supplements

Gut health, along with weight management, are driving the Polish food supplements market, with pre- and probiotic supplements experiencing strong growth, according to market researcher, PMR.

Pine bark extract may ease haemorrhoid problems

Supplements of French maritime pine bark extract may reduce the intensity and duration of haemorrhoidal pain and bleeding, says a new study.

Czechs: EC must clarify food supplement enforcement policies

The European Commission needs to let the European supplements industry know how the Food Supplements Directive (FSD) will be enforced across the 27-member bloc, as companies deal with existing stocks...

New UK battle to save high dose supplements

Time is of the essence to ensure vitamins and minerals in food supplements across the EU bloc are set at levels that will not decimate national industries and restrict consumer...


Cold snap could last longer for food sector

“More snow on the way.” So say the weathermen, and Europe is stocking up and hunkering down for a long, cold winter. But while the fluffy flakes will halt, at...

Natraceutical: Cocoa fibre shows potential for blood pressure cuts

A fibre from cocoa husks may reduce blood pressure and boost heart health, suggests new research with rats from Natraceutical.

Blueberries may boost memory in older adults: Study

Supplemental blueberries for only 12 weeks may boost memory in older people with early memory problems, says a new study from the US.

Food Supplements Directive: Stay positive (or bans may follow)

Products containing nutrients that don’t appear on the EU Food Supplements Directive (FSD) positive lists are now officially illegal and can be stripped from store shelves after the derogation period...

Brazilian fruit oil shows sports supplement potential

Oil from the pequi fruit may reduce inflammation following exercise, as well as reducing bad cholesterol levels in older men over 45 years of age, says a new study from Brazil.

Food industry ‘too secretive’ about research into nanotechnology

Food manufacturers’ reluctance to disclose what research they are carrying out on products using nanotechnology risks a public backlash similar to that which occurred against genetically modified (GM) foods,...

Grape juice may boost memory in elderly: Study

Daily consumption of Concord grape juice may enhance memory in older people with mild impairment in the brain function, says a new study from the US.

Industry ‘too secretive’ about nanotech research

Food manufacturers’ reluctance to disclose what research they are carrying out on products using nanotechnology risks a public backlash similar to that which occurred against genetically modified (GM) foods, The...

Cognis boosts its Malaysian presence

Cognis has set up an affiliate in Malaysia to maximise what it views as the growth potential for wellness products in that country.

UK FSA updates health claims guidance

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has tweaked its EU nutrition and health claims guidance to take into account deadline changes and clarify how charities and national associations can endorse...

News in brief

EFSA, FDA, Health Canada to discuss health claims

 The European Food Safety Authority, US Food and Drug Administration, and Health Canada will share a platform at an upcoming Cantox-hosted health claims conference.

Pomegranate extract may lower breast cancer risk

Compounds from pomegranate may reduce the incidence of hormone-dependent breast cancer, says a new study from California.

Krill oil – hope or hype for the omega-3 market?

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the nutrition industry’s big fish, and an emerging presence in the market is omega-3 sourced from krill oil. Stephen Daniells casts his net for...

Beneo backs functional price premiums

The recession has not dented the will of consumers to pay price premiums for products that deliver digestive, bone and other benefits, according to European consumer research conducted by global...